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1 Introduction to the Project
1.1 Project Background
1.1.1 Product Introduction
This project mainly undertakes technical reformation of GGH in gas water heater industry, replaces the generally-used copper tube fin heat exchanger by the efficient all-welded stainless steel plate assembly heat exchanger and the matched water circulation integrated system, on the premise of keeping high heat transfer efficiency, it saves copper products, and reduces the processing cost of the enterprises.
1.1.2 Market Prospects
The raising of energy efficiency standard of gas water heater makes condensing gas water heater become a hot spot of development. Efficient all-welded stainless steel plate assembly heat exchanger (in place of copper fin heat exchanger as flue gas-water heat exchanger) is applied to condensing gas water heater, which can greatly reduce the production cost of water heater, and save copper. Meanwhile, compared with traditional gas water heater, condensing gas water heater can increase thermal efficiency by 12%-15%, and reduce gas consumption by 13%; at the same time, it can remarkably reduce NOX,SOX and CO in the exhaust fume. If condensing water heater is popularized to 50% of the whole market of gas water heater by government subsidy, (converted according to heat value) about 520 million m3 natural gas will be saved in a year, meanwhile, about 2.763 million t CO2 emission will be reduced. It is thus clear that condensing gas water heater has remarkable advantage in energy saving and environmental protection, and is a new development orientation of gas water heater.
The project with an annual output of 600,000 ㎡ efficient compact plate gas heat exchanger is an energy-saving and environmental-protection project, and corresponds to NDRC Medium, Long-term Plan for Energy Saving, the project has huge market potential.
1.1.3 Technical Analysis
Condensing water heater needs to utilize the latent heat in the flue gas, so the flue gas temperature must be reduced, thus the condensate water will come into being, and the acid gas in the flue gas is soluble in the condensate water, thus acid condensate water will come into being. Therefore, the condensing gas water heater adopting indirect heat transfer has two technical problems different from common water heaters: One is the formation and discharge problem of acid condensate water; the other is the corrosion problem of acid condensate water to the surface of heat exchanger.
(1) When the flue gas temperature cools down to dew-point temperature, the water vapor in the flue gas begins to condensate, dissolve out. Because condensate water is acid, neutralizing treatment must be carried out before it is discharged. In designing and installing the acid condensate water treatment and discharge device, the following principle shall be taken into consideration: ①Be convenient for dismounting, cleaning and overhauling; ②Can collect all the condensate water forming in condensation heat exchange; ③Neutralizer can effectively neutralize acid condensate water, which shall be used throughout the service life of water heater; ④Because the condensate water discharge pipe is set, the flue gas shall not escape from the condensate water pipe when the exhaust gas outlet is blocked up.
(2) Because the flue gas temperature of the condensing water heater reduces, the acid gases of CO2,SOx,NOx etc. in the flue gas will be soluble in condensate water and thus the corrosive substance will come into being. In order to avoid the corrosion of these substances to the heat exchanger, two methods are generally used: ① Carry out surface treatment for commonly used heat exchanger, in general, dipcoat BABSL anticorrosion coating; ② Directly use corrosion-resistant stainless steel etc. as heat exchanger. At present, the former is mostly used.
1.1.4 Advantageous Conditions of Project Construction
(1)Advantageous transportation condition of Siping Heat Exchanger Featured Industrial Park
Siping Heat Exchanger Featured Industrial Park is located in Siping City, Siping City is in the backland of Northeast Asia, and the overlapping zone of Shengyang Economic Circle and Changchun Economic Circle, the favorable position undertakes economic radiation, it is an important nodal city and a major transport hub on Harbin-Dalian main economic artery, and one of the important regional marshalling stations of National Rail, Harbin-Dalian high speed railway for passenger will be opened to traffic, the express ways, railways extend in all directions. In order to accelerate transformation, accelerate catching-up and surpassing, and accelerate uplifting, Siping Municipal Committee, Siping Municipal Government depend on the comparative advantage of Siping, capture its own gap, put forward the strategic positioning of“Linking on the south and integrating on the north” and establish the economic structure of“One-core, three-zone”, take the road of developing peculiar economics, and try to build China’s heat exchanger city, “China’s heat exchanger city” has become an excellent business card with Siping’s feature.
(2)Innovation capacity of technical advantage of industrial park
Jilin Province Public Technology R & D Center in Heat Exchanger Industry has put up its shingle, National Heat Exchanger Inspection Center, Personnel Training Center are under construction, Heat Exchanger Incubation Base (Hongzui University Town) has been completed and goes into service, the guarantee company in heat exchanger industry has gone into service. We energetically lead and promote the cooperation between the leading enterprises and domestic & international first-class technology, first-class enterprises, so as to cultivate“Eight King Kong” of Juyuan, Weix, Dongfang, Ruineng, Zhongbao, Huayi, Ivy, and Jitai. 
(3)Advantage of energy saving and emission reduction of industrial park
Heat exchanger is an important industrial product integrating energy saving, environmental protection, high technology content and high value added into a whole, which is an industry encouraged and supported by state policy, according to the overall object of lowering energy consumption, the energy consumption/10,000 yuan (GDP) decreases by 20%, the energy consumption/10,000 yuan (industrial added value) decreases by 30%, the energy consumption/10,000 yuan (added value) in service sector (including transportation, commerce & trade, and modern service etc.) decreases by 15%, and the building energy conservation rate decreases by 15%.
(4)Advantage of perfect informatization of industrial park
In order to boost the development of heat exchanger industry, and improve service function, the telecommunications and other information industries in the park develop in a coordinated manner to meet the construction of information superhighway. Establish the digitized, broad-band, integrated, intelligentized and individualized communication network which integrates voice, data, CATV and image into a whole, the transmission network takes broadband as the principal thins, and microwaves as auxiliary, rationally plan the land for telecommunication equipment, and construct the expedite underground pipeline and microwave system.    
(5)Advantage of industrial cluster of industrial park
Include Siping Juyuan Hanyang Plate Heat Exchangers Co.,Ltd, Siping Weix Heat Exchange Equipment Co.,Ltd., Siping North Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., Siping Zhongbao Heat Exchange Equipment Co.,Ltd., Siping Ivey Energy and Technology Co.,Ltd., and Siping Tiankuo Heat Exchange Equipment Co.,Ltd., the marketing service network is across our country, the products are widely used in mines, metallurgy, oil, chemical industry, machinery, electric power, medicine, food, light textile, papermaking, ship, ocean development, and central heating etc.
(6)Advantage of industrial chain of industrial park
There are a lot of heat exchanger industrial chains, which take the production and processing of complete sets of heat exchangers and spare & accessory parts as the principal thing, the products extending forward include sheet bar, die, end plate, flanged fitting, hydraulic wrench, wattle and sealing element, the industrial chains extending backward include whole machine assembling, system integration, product development, specialized purchase and transportation etc. The demonstration area extends and develops the upstream and downstream equipment manufacturing of heat exchanger industrial chains, elongates the heat exchanger industrial chains, and optimize the industrial structure, so as to provide the optimum industrial environment for the rapid development of heat exchanger industry; it pays attention to the development of the supporting service, provides the reliable manufacturing supplies and services, convenient and fast logistic and transport service for the enterprises, and meets the overgrowing needs for material and cultural life.
1.2 Content and Scale of Project Construction
1.2.1 Product Scheme and Scale
Produce 600,000 m2 efficient compact plate gas heat exchanger every year.
1.2.2 Construction Content
The project covers an area of 50,000 m2. Construct the production area, office area, warehouse area, purchase the production, detection, testing equipment, and 60 sets of special equipment.
1.3 Forecast of Economic and Social Benefits
1.3.1 Major Indexes for Forecast of Economic Benefits (see table 1)
Table 1:     List of Major Indexes for Forecast of Economic Benefits
No.    Name    Unit    Index    Remark      
1    Operating revenue    10,000 yuan/a    60000    Normal year      
2    Total profit    10,000 yuan/a    10000    Normal year      
3    All kinds of taxes    10,000 yuan/a    4460    Normal year      
4    FIRR on total investment    %    18    After income tax      
5    FNPV(Ic=10%)     10,000 yuan    21089    After income tax      
6    Period of recovery of total investment (after tax)    a    6    Include 2 years’ construction period       
7    Investment profit rate    %    18.5    Normal year (after tax)     
Note: "10,000 yuan" in the table refers to RMB
1.3.2 Analysis of Social Benefits
1. Energy conservation
There are very few 1-level energy-efficiency gas water heaters in the market of our country, under the big background of energy saving, condensing gas water heater walks up to the front dresser. It is widely believed that if gas water heater needs to realize 1-level energy efficiency, to develop condensing gas water heater is an exploratory pathway. Therefore, the economic benefits and social benefits of efficient compact plate gas heat exchanger are obvious, so it deserves to be called a down-to-earth project for the benefit of the people.
2. Environmental protection
Condensing gas water heater has obvious advantage for environmental protection, and is a new development orientation of gas water heater. The project with an annual output of 600,000 ㎡ efficient compact plate gas heat exchanger is an environmental program, and links up and coordinates with NDRC Medium, Long-term Plan for Energy Saving, the market potential is large.
3. Arrange for employment for a lot of surplus labor force to exclude the difficulty and anxiety for the government.
1.4 Total Investment and Funds Raising of the Project
1.4.1 Total Investment of the Project
Table 2:             List of Project Investment Estimate
No.    Name of expenses    Unit    Amount of investment    Proportion      
1    Scientific research investment    10,000 yuan    2000    5%      
2    Investment in civil works of production base    10,000 yuan    16000    40%      
3    Construction of public works    10,000 yuan    2000    5%      
4    Total investment in processing equipment    10,000 yuan    6000    15%      
5    Circulating fund    10,000 yuan    14000    35%      
    Total project investment    10,000 yuan    40000    100 %     
1.4.2 Funds Raising
1.5 Cooperative Ways of the Project
Sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation
1.6 What to be Invested by Foreign Party
Fund, other ways can be negotiated.
1.7 Construction Site of the Project
3166 Northern Xinhua Street, Tiexi District, Siping
1.8 The On-going Condition of Project
The proposal for the project has been drawn up.
2. Introduction to Project Undertaker
2.1 Basic Conditions
Undertaker: Siping Circular Economy Demonstration Zone Administration Committee
Legal address: 3166 Northern Xinhua Street, Tiexi District, Siping
2.2 Overview of Project Undertaker
The total planning area of Siping Circular Economy Demonstration Zone of Jilin Province is 50 km2, it takes resource utilization and cyclic utilization as the core, “reduction, reuse, recycle” as the principle, and “low consumption, low emission, high efficiency” as the basic feature. In December, 2008, Jilin Provincial Economic Committee approved to establish Siping Heat Exchanger Featured Industrial Park, the construction site is Tiexi District, Siping, after several years’development, the industrial park has formed a larger industry scale, has had a very strong influence, has formed the regional characteristic brand, and has become a heat exchanger production base for the whole country. The industrial park has also established Hongzui Heat Exchangers Park covering an area of 6.4 km2 with 7 billion yuan of investment, and Juyuan Bic Heat Exchanger Park covering an area of 4.8 km2, with 1.3 billion yuan of investment. By the end of 2015, the park had completed 3.09 billion yuan of investment in the fixed assets, 770 million yuan of infrastructural investment, had constructed 86 projects, and attracted 76 enterprises including 30 heat exchanger enterprises, the park had realized 5 billion yuan of production value,  1.25 billion yuan of profit and tax, the employment had reached 12,000 persons.
In order to boost the development of heat exchanger industry, improve service function, the six public service platforms of Jilin Province Public Technology R & D Center in Heat Exchanger Industry, National Heat Exchanger Inspection Center, Heat Exchanger Logistics Center, Heat Exchanger Information Center, Heat Exchanger Financing Center, and Personnel Training Center are under construction. Construct the infrastructure of thermal property and fluid resistance lab, sample library, reception service center, checking information center, boiler room, substation etc. with 90.18 million yuan of total investment, Heat Exchanger Information Center will be put into operation. The project (100 million yuan of total investment) of the logistics services platform of the heat exchanger park will start, after it is completed, the annual distribution capacity can reach 2 million tons. The information center will be put into operation, Heat Exchanger Incubation Base (Hongzui University Town) has been completed and gone into service. The guarantee corporation in heat exchanger industry has opened the business. By the end of 2015, 35 heat exchanger enterprises had entered the park, plate heat exchanger, pipe heat exchanger, spiral plate heat exchanger, lamella heat exchanger, air cooler etc. are widely used in oil, chemical industry, power station, heat supply, metallurgy, and food industries. THT-brand heat exchanger of Juyuan Corporation, “Xueshan”-brand heat exchanger of Weix Corporation have been used in domestic Gezhou Dam Power Station, BEPC, and Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant Project etc., which fill a domestic gap. Every year, 4 million ㎡plate heat exchanger, 200,000 t pipe heat exchanger, and over 2,000 sets heat exchanger units are sold from Siping to all parts of the country, and are exported to Russia, France, Vietnam, Pakistan, Mongolia, and Hong Kong etc., the demand exceeds the supply, the market share is high. Plate heat exchanger takes up 37.1%, pipe heat exchanger takes up 20.2%, heat exchange unit takes up 16.3%, spiral plate heat exchanger takes up 9.6%, air heat exchanger takes up 3.0%, and other types of products take up 13.8%. Compared with the industrial structure of heat exchanger industry of our country, Siping has a large proportion in plate heat exchanger, heat exchange unit and spiral plat heat exchanger with certain advantage, shell-and-tube heat exchanger products have a huge promotion space.
2.3 Contact Method
Postal Code: 136000
Contact Person: Zhang Bo
Tel: 0434-3273276

Contact method of city (prefecture) of project:
Contact Unit: Siping Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau
Contact Person: Song Qingxin
Tel : 0434-3266211  13844482608


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