1 Introduction to the Project
1.1 Project Background
1.1.1 Product Introduction
Methane chlorides, which refer to the general term of methane chloride, methylene chloride, trichloromethane and carbon tetrachloride, are the important chemical materials and solvents.
1.1.2 Market Prospects
The domestic methane chloride, which has been developed for more than half a century since the industrialization in 1930s, has become an important chlorine consumption product of post-processing of the chloride industry. Methylene chloride is mainly used in the solvent, metal cleaner, medical and film solvent and foaming agent of some foaming plastics such as polyurethane, etc. in the foreign countries; it was earliest used to produce cellulose acetate film base in the country. In recent years, its purposes in some chemical products such as metal cleaner, paint remover and medical foaming agent, etc. have been increased very rapidly. Trichloromethane, is mainly used as R22 material. It is used as methyl tri-ethyl ester, hydrocortisone,    progesterone, alkaloid and natural caffeine extractant, veterinary anesthetic and dye reducing solvent, etc. in the medicine industry. Before 1990s, the domestic production technology was mainly taken, which had a big gap to the foreign advanced technology, that is, the device is small, the energy consumption is high, the product quality is poor, there is a big amount of 3 wastes and the equipment is seriously corroded. Since 1990s, 30000-ton/year methane chloride device of Quhua, Zhejiang, the first introduced domestic methane chloride device has been introduced from the methane production technology of Tokuyama Soda. The technology is characterized as low energy consumption and high product quality. In recent years, Sichuan Honghe and Ningxia Dayuan have taken the foreign technology to complete or build the methane chloride device. Facing the increasingly intensive market competition, all the domestic methane chloride manufacturers are actively seeking the ways, adjusting the material route and product structure and absorbing the foreign advanced production technology, making the domestic production of methane chlorides enter a new stair. According to the investigation, the project has the advanced production technology, good product quality, low consumption of materials and low production cost, so it has the absolute competitive advantages in the sales price and the conditions to occupy the main domestic market and the products can be exported to the foreign countries, with the very good market prospects.
1.1.3 Technical Analysis
The project is planned to take the advanced methanol hydrogen chloridization process: the first step is methanol reacting with hydrogen chloride to generate methane chloride. The second step is methane chloride reacting with chloride to generate methane multi-chloride. Carbon tetrachloride generated in the reaction further reacts to generate chloroform, which prevents the second pollution of environment. Technical characteristics: the technical route is mature, the production process is simple and the product quality is stable.
1.1.4 Advantageous Conditions and Necessities of Project Construction
1 Policy condition advantages
The project meets the industrial policies of Jilin Province and the country and the industrial development of Songyuan City. The project is the key one of inviting businessmen to open companies and capital attraction in the place where the project is located. The project can obtain some relevant preferential policies of establishment of the project, land and tax collection, etc.
2 Human resource advantages
Songyuan City has the sufficient human resources, with the low price. Songyuan Technical College and Songyuan Technical School can provide the intelligent support for the top-grade administrators and senior technical workers needed by the enterprises. Songyuan Municipal Government has signed the personnel, science and technology cooperation framework agreements with Beijing Branch, Shenyang Branch and Changchun Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which provides the scientific and technological support for the development of enterprises.
3 Material resource advantages
Changling County is rich in oil and gas resources. Investigated, demonstrated and explored by the national oil and gas department, it is explored that there are the rich natural gas resources in Changling County. The reserve is 82.5 billion m3. There are about 40 gas wells, with the daily output of more than 1 million m3 natural gas now. It can reach the daily output of 3 million m3 recently and the connection with the trunk line of natural gas has been realized.
The supply of natural gas, an upstream product, is adequate at the price of 2.7 yuan/m3.
(4) Park matching advantages
The plant is located in the natural gas development park. Around the plant are the complete public facilities, with the basic conditions of “6 throughs and 1 leveling” (power supply, water supply, water drainage, heating, telecom, road and leveling of the plant). The good external matching facilities have laid a solid foundation for the project construction and saved the construction investment.
1.2 Content and Scale of Project Construction
1.2.1 Product Scheme and Scale
1. Methane chlorides: annual productivity of 0.12 million tons;
2. Methane chlorides: annual productivity of 0.12 million tons
In the actual production, the product plan can be adjusted at any time according to the production demand, with the detailed products as follows:
Annul output of 0.12 million tons of methane chlorides, including 60135 tons of methylene chloride and 61575 tons of trichloromethane. The byproducts include 78345 tons of 31% hydrochloric acid and dilute sulfuric acid.
1.2.2 Construction Content
The product covers an area of 0.1 million m2, with the total building area of 19000m², purchase 185 sets of new equipment.
1.3 Forecasting of Economic and Social Benefits
1.3.1 Major Indexes for Forecast of Economic Benefits
Operating income
10 thousand yuan/a
Normal year
Total cost
10 thousand yuan/a
Normal year
Total profit
10 thousand yuan/a
Normal year
Investment profit rate
Before the income tax
Recovery period of the total investment (after the tax)
Including no construction period
1.3.2 Analysis of Social Benefits
The project meets the national industrial policy and the plan of the local government as a whole. The project takes methanol and liquid chlorine products as the main materials, with the low production cost and strong product market competitiveness. It can create the good economic and social benefits for the country, the local area and the enterprise.
After the product is put into production, it can employ 70 persons in the local area.
The environmental protection, labor safety and health and firefighting of the project meet the requirements of the relevant national and local specifications and provisions.
1.4 Total Investment and Funds Raising of the Project
1.4.1 Total Investment of the Project
Expense Name
Amount of Investment
Proportion in the Total Investment%
Construction investment
Interest in the construction period
Current fund
Total Investment of the Project 1+2+3
1.4.2 Financing
All the funds needed by the project shall be raised by the enterprise itself.
1.5 Cooperative Ways of the Project
Sole investment, other ways interviewed
1.6 What to be Invested by Foreign Party
Funds, the foreign investment accounts for 100% and other ways interviewed
1.7 Construction Site of the Project
Changling Natural Gas Development and Utilization Park
1.8 The On-going Condition of Project
The project proposal has been completed.
2. Introduction to Partner
2.1 Cooperator
Unit Name: Management Committee of Changling Natural Gas Development and Utilization Park
Unit Address: Shengli Village, Jiti Township, Changling County, Jilin Province
2.2 Overview
Changling Natural Gas Development and Utilization Park, originally built in 2003, was listed as the city-level industrial park by the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government in September, 2004. The original planned covering area of the park is 1.62km2, including the starting area of 0.84km2 and the long-run control area of 0.78km2. With the strengthening of attracting businessmen to open companies and the increasing of the projects entering the park, we have adjusted the planning of the park, the planned area becomes 11km2, including the starting area of 5km2 and the long-run control area of 6km2. There are now 20 enterprises settled in the park, including 13 enterprises above the scale. In 2010, the park realizes the output value of 1.06 billion yuan, added value of 0.31 billion yuan and complete financial income of 38 million yuan and employs 2360 persons. It has preliminarily shown the built-up effect of the oil and natural gas industry, which has played more and more obvious roles in leading and demonstrating the industrial development of Changling County. All the efforts will be made to take 3 years to build Changling Natural Gas Development and Utilization Park into the largest medical article packaging production base in Northeast China. The preferential policy of “discussion of one item” will be exercised in some aspects of land and taxation, etc. for the enterprises settled in the park.
2.3 Contact Method
Contact Person Liang Chenghai
Tel 0438-7773302 13341557838
Fax 0438-7773845
Contact person of the city (prefecture) of the project: Han Baidong
Tel: 0438-2706617   13514384757
Fax: 0438-2706617
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