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1. Introduction to the Project
1.1 Project Background
1.1.1 P roduct Introduction
Tonghua City is the Songhua stone origin, and Songhua stone is well known in the world with the biggest reserve, best quality, thickest heritage; its carving skill is included in the first batch of intangible cultural heritage protection in Jilin; the area is also rich in wildlife pecan, which is suitable for making a variety of crafts.
The project plans to build Songhua stone and pecan craft project in Tonghua City Erdaojiang Economic Development Zone, and it plans to produce Songhua stone, pecan crafts of 100,000 pieces respectively.
1.1.2 Market Prospects
After nearly 20 years’ development of China’s crafts industry, China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of crafts.In 2015, China’s crafts trade will reach $ 420 billion yuan. The arts and crafts industry, closely linked to culture, tourism, home decoration industries, has ushered in a rare development opportunity.
(1) Songhua stone industry
Songhua stone is also known as Songhua jade, named from the source of the Songhua River, thus it gets its name. It is marine argillaceous sedimentary rock. Songhua stone is sedimentary limestone formed hundreds of millions of years ago during the movement of marine seabed deposition of fine clay, after deposition, cover, hard microcrystalline formation suppress and other physical processes. Songhua stone is strange stone formed in the magical carve of nature, with deep skin, fine and strong texture, fresh and rigid mixture, fresh texture, graceful form, storage not dry up, knocking sound resembles copper, and is the latest respected new types of stone in the stone circle. Songhua stone is mainly used for making inkstone ("Songhua inkstone" is one of the ten most famous inkstones in China), but also is an excellent material for making crafts.
Songhua stone is unique valuable resource for our province, and Songhua inkstone has always been favored and collected by people. Through the exploration, organization and creation in many dynasties, Songhua stone art has become an important part of traditional culture in Jilin. Since the reform and opening up, the position of Songhua inkstone rises in the industry, known as one of China's top ten famous inkstones. Songhua stone, with its long history, unique texture and a variety of derivatives, has won widespread concern and attention, and Songhua stone industry has begun to take shape. Jilin provincial government and committee has always attached importance to Songhua stone industry, insisted on the development and protection, and adhered to high standards planning, market operation, and based on characteristics, pushing the province’s Songhua stones special resource advantage to shift to the industrial advantage, create Songhua stone products as the famous culture card of Jilin, and cultivate Songhua stone industry as an important cultural industry in our province.
The most precious of Songhua stone is the natural beauty; its color and its texture gives people unlimited imagination, and the collection prospects of Songhua stone is still very impressive. In recent years, with the increase in the number of collectors, Songhua stone gradually becomes the new darling of collectors, and the price increased by 10 times in five years.
The rapid warming of Songhua stone in the stone industry is also linked with the support and concern of provincial government and committee and local government. In 2007, Songhua inkstone carving skills was included in the first batch of intangible cultural heritage in Jilin Province. In 2010, Tonghua City was named "China Songhua inkstone hometown” by China Light Industry Federation and the Association for Four Treasures in Study. In 2011, Songhua stone and Songhua inkstone geographical indication product protection was approved by the State, further reinforcing the brand position of Songhua stone crafts. According to the strategic requirements of "making the Songhua stone industry as an important cultural industry in our province", Tonghua increased brand development efforts, established industry management association, and built Songhua stone exhibition center, Kanto cultural products market and a number of key projects. Currently, the city’s developed Songhua stone products include souvenirs, handicrafts, ornaments, ornaments, health products five categories, reaching more than 1200 kinds. The Songhua stone hand pieces and ornaments are promoted by the provincial and city as tourism souvenirs, and win prizes in domestic important exhibitions for many times. The number of enterprises engaged in the production and management of Songhua stone in the city is 230. Tonghua City Songhua stone industry has taken the road of brand, intensification and industrialization development, showing strong force and broad prospects for development.
In addition, in order to protect the natural environment and resources, the local government has controlled the exploitation of Songhua stone. Therefore, with the reduction of number, the value of the Songhua stone is bound to rise, "this is the common destiny of most non-renewable resources".
(2) Pecan crafts
Walnut is auspicious object, walnut’s homophonic word is "and (together)," thus it is the symbol of family happiness, peace and happiness, Friendliness is conducive to business success, home and everything. Pecan crafts take full advantage of wild pecan’s hard shell, beautiful interior pattern, simple style characteristics; it is made through technology treatment, coupled with cutting, grinding, polishing, bonding, fine carving etc. dozens of refining processes. All kinds of crafts adopt wild pecan for molding, and product appearance is elegant, with rustic color. With natural hollow patterns and distinctive design, the perfect combination of traditional art, nature and humanity is shown. In revealing its beautiful posture, the products also exude natural walnut fragrance, giving rise to not only enjoyable, pro-nature beauty, but also heralding the good luck of auspicious peace, booming business, making plenty of money, and prosperity. So it has high collection and commemorative value.
In today's craft market, the pecan crafts of Jilin Tonghua become a business card for external publicity of Tonghua. Tonghua City makes the little pecan industry become a big industry, becoming new opportunities for local masses to increase revenue. In recent years, along with the rising of a variety of collections boom, the ornamental walnut, because of low investment, strong health performance characteristics, has become the focus of attention around the collectors. Insiders predict that the health care performance and ornamental value of walnut determines its collection value, with considerable space for appreciation. Walnut crafts, as high-end ethnic arts and crafts products integrating artistic, practical, and collecting value, after being packaged in elegant gift box, it will become the first choice of gifts to relatives and friends, business contacts, interior decoration, home display.
1.1.3 Technical Analysis
This project technology comes from the traditional craft techniques, and source of technology is relatively mature.
1.1.4 A dvantageous Conditions of Project Construction
(1) Policy advantages
In 2009, Jiangyuan District Government of Tonghua City established Songhua stone industrial development office, strengthened development efforts, regulated operation orders, established strange stone cultural city, unified scattered business, and formed an organized industrial chain. The formation of the chain developed the Songhua stone industry, and lay a foundation for sustained development. Jilin Cultural Department and Jilin Natural Land Resource Department jointly issued “development planning of Songhua stone industry of Jilin Province during 2012-2020”, based on the principles of “orderly development, effective utilization, and scientific management”, it took government-led, policy support, market operation, implements enterprise leading and platform support, created a complete industrial chain integrating creation, production and sales, accelerated the transformation of Jilin Songhua stone from the characteristic resources to large scale, intensiveness and brand industrial advantages. From two perspectives of "culture" and "industry", it will promote Songhua stone industry development "driven-by two wheels". It will focus on cultivating "one belt, three zones, five base", namely: Changbai Mountain Songhua stone industrial belt; Tonghua gathering area, Baishan gathering area, Changbai Mountain Administrative Committee gathering area; Tonghua city, Tonghua County, Ji'an City, Baishan Jiangyuan District, Antu County five functional bases; it will make Songhua stone industry become a key characteristic resource industry for promoting the development of service industry in Jilin Province. It will dig the cultural connotation of Songhua stone, vigorously cultivate the Songhua stone cultural brand, improve the cultural value of related products, and form cultural industry chain. It will strive that to the end of “12th Five-Year”, the number of large scale enterprises of Songhua stone industry in the province will reach 100, and number of sculptor, appraisal and technician will reach 3000, all kinds of Songhua stone products reach 200 kinds, the total output value reach 5 billion yuan, and practitioners personnel reach 80,000. By 2020, the output value will reach 30 billion yuan, employing 150,000 people
(2) Raw material advantages
Tonghua City is an important producer of Songhua stone, known as the "China Songhua stone hometown", "China ornamental stone hometown", and it is an important distribution center of strange stone in the Northeast region, with a wealth of Songhua stone resources.
Pecan crafts have a long history. It has sophisticated skill, and the rich pecan resources within the region can meet the needs of this project. Tonghua City Erdaojiang District successfully declared "Changbai Mountain wild pecan carving technique" municipal intangible cultural heritage, which fills the gaps of non-heritage in the area.
(3) Advantages of public supporting facilities of project
Tonghua City Erdaojiang Economic Development Zone has adequate supply of power, and rich water resources. After the completion of the project, it can self-build deep well, or introduce the urban tap water as production and domestic water.
(4) Location advantage
Tonghua Erdaojiang Economic Development Zone is located in the southeast of Jilin Province, the western foot of Changbai Mountain, midstream of Hunjiang, with a planning area 16.06 square kilometers; it is located in the middle reaches of Hunjiang River, and Mei-Ji, Ya-Da railways run through the area, Heda grade one highway (State Road 201), Tong-Hun road and rural roads connect into a network, thus the traffic is very convenient.
(5) Talent advantage
Tonghua City integrates all kinds of talents integrating scientific research, engineering, consulting services etc., forming a complete training, growth system. The labor resources in Tonghua have obvious advantages, and the proportion of skilled workers occupies a high level in the northeastern city group. The labor force is in dividend period, with relatively low costs. A large number of high-quality industrial workers can meet the needs of all types of enterprises.
1.2 Construction Content and Scale
Project construction scale: cover an area of 200 mu, purchase equipment of 20 (sets), annually produce Songhua stone, pecan crafts of 100,000 pieces respectively.
1.3 Total Investment and Financing
1.3.1 Total investment
The total investment is 100 million yuan, of which 80 million yuan is in fixed assets investment.
Summary list of total investment of projects     Unit: ten thousand yuan
Name of Expense
Investment Amount
Percentage to Total Investment
Construction investment
Interest incurred in construction period
Working capital
Total Investment of the Project 1+2+3
Note: the “ten thousand yuan” in the table is in RMB.
1.3.2 Financing
Self financed.
1.4 Financial Analysis and Social Evaluation
1.4.1 Main Financial Indicators
After completion, it will realize annual sales income of 200 million yuan, profit of 22 million yuan, the payback period of 4.5 years (after tax, including construction period of one year), the investment profit margin of 22.2%.
List of key indicators for financial efficiency forecast
Sales income
ten thousand yuan/a
Normal year
Total profit
ten thousand yuan/a
Normal year
Financial internal rate of return of all investment
Financial net present value Ic=10%
ten thousand yuan
Payoff period of all investments (after tax)
Including construction period of 1 year
Profit margin of investment
Note: the “ten thousand yuan” in the table is in RMB.
1.4.2 Social Evaluation
(1) This project makes full use of local resources and labor resource advantage and favorable conditions for the development of local industry. The project has adequate supply of raw materials, products have broad market, with high technology level, low production costs, relatively good economic and social benefits, and the indicators have reached the advanced level, and it has important significance for the employment of local people.
(2)The implementation of the project solves the re-employment problem of some of laid-off workers, which is conducive to social stability and unity, and promotes the development of local soft environment, and is conducive to improving the quality and standard of living of the local people.
(3) The project uses the traditional techniques combined with modern precision equipment. In the project development process, it will develop the competitive industries in Jilin Province, promote the economic reasonable use of tourism resources in Jilin Province, and promote economic development in the region.
(4) The project site has stable power resource, and the environmental protection in the project location is good, thus it is a good place for construction project.
(5) The products of this project can adapt to and meet the needs of market development, cultivate new economic growth point in Tonghua, increase national income, and inject new vitality into the industry of Tonghua City, thus it is bound to bring immeasurable social benefits to the rural urbanization construction of Tonghua City.
1.5 Ways of Cooperation
Joint venture, sole proprietorship.
1.6 What to Be Invested by Foreign Party
1.7 Construction Site
Erdaojiang District of Tonghua City
1.8 Project Progress
Project cooperation plan is being prepared.
2. Introduction to Partner
2.1 Basic Conditions
Name: Erdaojiang Economic Development Zone
Address: Health Industry Park of the Development Zone (composed of Huashu, Gejiatun, and Dongxire three blocks)
2.2 Overview:
The total planned area of the development zone is 670 hectares zone, and there is expanded area of 40 hectares, with 659 hectares of available space. Erdaojiang District, in accordance with the "industry cluster, enterprise cluster, the prominence of main industry and distinctive features" target and positioning, strategically plans metallurgy, building materials, energy, chemical industry, medicine, food, refractory materials, recycling economy and auto parts "six characteristic industrial parks”, and builds a restructuring and development leaped development new industrial system.
The Health Industrial Park, relying on Tonghua bio-industry base industrial base, drug resources and technological advantages, focuses on the development of modern medicine, chemical pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and other pharmaceutical and health care products, cosmetics, medical devices, and health recuperation industry. At present, the park has been settled by Tonghua Jinma, Wantong Tianlu and other enterprises.
2.3 Contact:
Contact: Erdaojiang District Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau
Contact: Gao Ying
Tel: 0435-3712697
Fax: 0435-3715128
Contact Methods of the project city (prefecture) :
Contact Unit: Tonghua Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau
Contact person: Sun Xiaodi
Tel: 0435-3650957 13843515611
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