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1. Introduction to the Project
1.1 Project Background
1.1.1 Project Overview
Baijiyao National Forest Park, both commercial timber base, but also a natural barrier of Tonghua city, plays an important role in regulating climate, water conservation and other aspects. The main landscapes in park include: the Fairy Dressing, the Mallet peak, the Sen Girl bathing, the Former White Chicken, the Back White Chickens, etc. The Fairy Dressing is a natural three-tiered waterfall, located in one kilometer of Wulichang ditch. The inclined length of the waterfall is 32 m, 10 meters wide, 9.1 meters fall, pooled by the mountain streams and springs, waterfalls is perennial, which is very spectacular. There is a legend that the two sides of this ditch has across the heaven in  ancient times, the fairies often came down here to collect, over time this is Xian Qi in this ditch, mortal people come here to seek water. It is said that wash your face and comb your hair with the water here can cure eye diseases and be beautiful, hence the name the Fairy Dressing. The Mallet peak, there are two straight small mountain up from the waterfall, there are pines on the mountain, it looks like the upper half of mallet (ginseng) from a distance. Golden River flows through Baijifeng Mountain, providing a wealth of water resources.
The project builds barrage, spillway, power diversion system and powerhouse, etc. such as the Jinchang River valley is planed be the first stage of hydropower plant, installed capacity of 20,000 kilowatts, average annual generating capacity of 60.45 million kilowatts. It is centered on generating electricity, accompanied with integrated development projects that are prevent and control flood, aquaculture, tourism, local power peaking, belonging to the imperfect annual adjust power stations.
1.1.2 Market Prospects
As we all know, water and electricity is clean and renewable energy that can be sustainable used year after year, which will not affect the river ecological environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which can effectively improve the proportion of clean and renewable energy, effectively promote China's energy structure optimal adjustment. The state encourages the development of renewable energy projects and introduces the relevant policies. With the progress of society, more and more people pay attention to sustainable development, "Population, Resources, Environment" will be the primary topic of social development in the 21st century. Water resources and water environmental issues, are currently the hot spots that the world's scientists, community and government leaders widespread pay attention to. Research on the relationship between water resources, economy, ecological environment is a prerequisite for the further development of hydropower.
Hydropower station construction is inseparable from the watershed planning. Watershed planning should be closely linked to water resources and economic and social development for the development of a comprehensive, scientific management. In other words, the hydroelectric development should be combined with governing flood, drought, soil erosion and water conservation to have more vitality. Currently, the frequent occurrence of floods in major rivers has become a great concern for China's economic development. The hydropower projects with flood control function will be given priority in development.
The immigration problem of hydropower construction has been an important factor affecting the development of hydropower. With the continuous economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, the contradiction of relocation will become more prominent. In the future, the construction of hydropower station that needs to get great migration simply to gain generation electricity benefit will become increasingly difficult.
Hydropower construction in the 21st century will be more emphasis on ecological and environmental problems, the impact of hydropower on the downstream and downstream, the effects on flora and fauna, the impact on land resources, and the impact on the human environment, etc, which are the issue that needs careful study. Here, it is necessary to emphasize the development of small hydropower. In the world, from the perspective of sustainable development, the people give a complete certainty of small hydropower. China is a country that the small hydropower fastest grows in the world. Many countries of the world, including developed countries are learning experience from our country. So our city will continue to give support to the development of small hydropower.
1.1.3 Technical analysis
The main building of the engineering hub consists of asphalt concrete core rockfill dam, open spillway on the right bank, left bank of diversion tunnel, surge tank and diversion type ground plant. Apart from the gravel aggregate that is the natural building materials the region lacks of, the other natural building materials are abundant. The options are the board shihe quarry and garden soil yard. Aggregate and alkaline aggregate are supplied by the small hills hydropower that is about 17km away from the concrete batching system of the project.
The engineering production and living water are taken directly from the Jinchang River. Domestic water needs additional purification. Construction of the power is drawn from the Jinchang River substation, use 10kv overhead line to supply electricity to all areas of construction, which is centered on generating electricity, accompanied with integrated development projects that are prevent and control flood, aquaculture, tourism, local power peaking. The total storage of the substation is 52.96 million cubic meters, average annual flow of 15.60 m3 / s, a dam crest length of 387.58 meters, the height of the largest dam is 47.5 meters, the length of water diversion tunnel is 1085.16 meters. According to "Water Resources and Hydropower Project grading standards" SDJ12-78 and its supplementary regulations, the project is controlled as intermediate projects by storage capacity. The hub building barrage and spillway that associated with the reservoir dam are the three-level buildings, power plants, the conduit system and generating plant that associated with generating electricity is determined by the capacity for the four-level buildings, other temporary buildings are the five-level buildings.
The flood standard of barrage and spillway standards the millennium flood, design flood standard for the fifty years of a flood; the check flood standard of conduct system and the power house is a hundred years of a flood, design flood standard for the two decades of a flood; design flood standard of spillway for the thirty years of a flood standards.
1.1.4 Advantageous Conditions of Project Construction
 (1) The policy conditions
Our government actively encourages clean energy financing in the capital market and directly invested foreign party. Our government actively builds and expands financing channels to promote the commercialization of clean energy by a variety of financing, raising funds through various channels. October 2010, the State Council passed the "Decision of the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries", and clearly expressed that "to promote seven strategic emerging industries that are energy saving and environmental protection, new generation of information technology, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new energy automotive "to further promote the venture capital concern for the green industry.
In addition, price support can bring clean energy clear signal of benefits support, especially has an important guiding role the participation of foreign and private capital to in clean energy projects. In a clear fixed price support, clean energy projects can obtain the expected benefits, which is conducive to active participation and financing of clean energy developers.
(2)Location advantage
Baijifeng Mountain is located in the southeastern Tonghua City, is 25 km away from the Tonghua city center. It is east to Baishan City, west to Liaoning Province, South and North Korea across the Yalu River, north adjacent to Liaoyuan City; is located in Northeast Asia economic hinterland, having the regional advantages of Chang, Jilin and Bai and other three Northeast provinces.
Baijifeng Mountain National Forest Park is located in the southeastern part of Dongchang District Tonghua City Jilin Province, is 25 kilometers away from the city, with an average altitude of about 600 meters. The altitude of the front Baijiyao Peak is 1318 meters, is the highest peak of Tonghua City. Baijiyao National Forest Park, is a natural barrier of Tonghua city, plays an important role in regulating climate, water conservation and other aspects. The Fairy Dressing is a natural three-tiered waterfall, located in one kilometer of Wulichang ditch. The inclined length of the waterfall is 32 m, 10 meters wide, 9.1 meters fall, pooled by the mountain streams and springs, waterfalls is perennial, which is very spectacular. Golden River is abundant in water resources.
(3)Advantage of industrial foundation
The implementation of hydropower projects directly benefit thousands of farmers, increases GDP and per capita net income, promotes the great development of building a moderately prosperous society, is the support and guarantee of consolidating the results of returning farmland to forests and natural forest protection and construction. Hydropower development is the important measure of practicing the central active fiscal policy, expanding investment, boosting domestic demand and promoting the economic growth, which can spur improvement development of medium and small rivers and water conservancy construction in mountain area, and forms virtuous cycle of the "hold the water with forests, generate electricity with water, cultivate water with electricity, start construction with electricity, protect forests with electricity ", to promote the comprehensive development of water resources and sustainable use.
1.2 Content and Scale of Project Construction
1.2.1 Scheme and Scale of Product
Power station consists of the reservoir, power plants and booster stations, etc. The normal pool level of reservoir is 535 meters; the regulating capacity is 770 million cubic meters, the installed capacity of power stations is 200,000 kilowatts.
1.3 Total Investment of the Project Funds Raising
1.3.1 Total Investment of the Project(detailed in table 1)

 1.4 Forecasts of financial benefits and social benefits
1.4.1 Major financial benefits forecast (detailed in table 3)

1.4.2 Social benefits analysis
Whether local, national or international places, are facing the problem of energy shortage, particularly the green energy. The features of water determine its extensity in application domain and the well-formedness markets. After the completion of the plant, will mainly supply Tonghua City with electricity, undertake the task of pitching peak at the local systems, supply the national network with redundant power. It brings considerable economic benefits and good social benefits.
1.5 Cooperative Ways of the Project
Sole proprietorship, joint venture.
1.6 What to be Invested by Foreign Party
Capital is to be invested by foreign party, entire investment in the form of cash.
1.7 Construction Site of the Project
Longtou village Jinchang town Dongchang district Tonghua city
1.8 The On-going Condition of Project
The first draft of "International Health Resort Plan of China • Tonghua Baijifeng Mountain International Health Resort" has been completed.
2. Introduction to Partner
2.1 Basic Conditions
Name: Baijifeng Mountain National Forest Park
Legal address: Longtou village Jinchang town Dongchang district Tonghua city
2.2 Overview
Dongchang Economic Development Zone is an Emerging Economic and Technological Development Zone approved to establish by the provincial government of the Office of Development and Management on November 4, 2005, formerly known as Dongchang Industrial Zone, renamed as Dongchang Economic Development Zone in July 2007. The Planed area is 11.18 square kilometers, of which the initial area is 5.5 square kilometers. After several years of efforts, Jilin Medical Electronics Industrial Park, SME Incubators, Science and Technology Pharmaceutical industrial Park, the Core Area of the National Bio- industry Base , the Pharmaceutical Industry have settled in Dongchang Economic Development Zone in succession Economic Development Zone that passed the provincial government organizations assessment in early 2011, and will soon be recognized as a provincial-level development zones. Dongchang Economic Development Zone regards the establishment of the infrastructure as the entry point of external image and attracting and gathering projects. To make the production area, ecological area, living area, service area, management area of the park match the various infrastructures. And introduce running water and pipelined gas from the urban areas, and perfect road hardening, green environment, communications networks, water supply, drainage and sewerage, and other supporting facilities. Built-up area has achieved the "five-accessible and one-leveilng" objective. The development area zone has further enhanced the attraction of settled enterprises.
2.3 Contact method
Contact person:Zhai Hong

Contact method of city (prefecture) of Project:
Contact Unit:  Tonghua Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau
Contact person: Liu Daoguang
Tel:0435-3650996   18904359157

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