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1. Introduction to the Project
1.1 Project Background
1.1.1 Project Planning
Tonghua Baijifeng Mountain Skiing Resort project is located in Tonghua City that is a beautiful and rich, and propitious for giving birth to great men. It is the " Changbai Eco- tourism circle " South Gate , also an important part of "Tongbaiji " tourism circle , an important node city of eastern Jilin leisure tourism , east to the White Mountains , west to Liaoning Province , north to Liaoyuan and Jilin , occupies an important position in tourism development of the area. The snowfall resources are rich. The quality of natural snow is good. The temperature is moderate, and snow season lasts a long time. The overall project covers an area of ​​38,897 mu, total length of ski slope is about 75 km which can accommodate 35,000 people to ski. The ski resort is equipped with advanced equipment and complete functional infrastructures which take world-renowned ski resort as the reference standard. It is a collection of skiing, games, vacation, spa, golf, entertainment, tourism property as one of an integrated tourist a-year-around ski resort complex project. The entire built project will be China’s the largest scale of operation, the highest variety of ski slope, the longest total length of the ski slope, the best hardware, the most advanced service concept, and one of the world-class tourist ski resorts that can hold the skiing competition of the world.
The project is positioned as an international skiing tourist holiday zone with the largest scale, the longest total ski track, the biggest number of ski tracks, the greatest reception capacity, the most supporting functions and the most advanced equipment and facilities in China. It will become the first-class competitive tourist holiday skiing zone so that it will become one of the biggest in China and the first-class competitive skiing tourist holiday zones that can accommodate international competition events after the project is completed. The plan has explicitly set forth the planning thinking for large scale and high quality. Based on the local natural and humanistic environment and the objective conditions indispensable for building large-scale skiing tourist holiday zonez, through scientific and justifiable surveys for site selection, the project area, location and range are determined. The project is planned to contain one belt and five large zones, including the skiing zone, the snow-playing and appreciation zone, the logistics zone, the villa holiday resort, the business and leisure sports zone, the hotel, etc. in the skiing area, etc. When the project is completed, it will become one of the large skiing tourist holiday zones with the largest scale, the highest grade and the most complete supporting facilities in China. Meanwhile, consideration is given to reasonable development of the four-season tourist holiday making projects so as to turn it into a benchmark of the four-season tourist holiday making ecological zones in China.
1.1.2 Market Prospects
After five or six years of rapid development, China's ski market is booming. However, due to the economic benefits, the construction of ski slopes are in a disordered state of confusion, which not only causes the waste and loss of resources, but also seriously damage the ski the overall competitiveness of ski tourism. And it is not conducive to the sustainable development of ski tourism in our country. According to relevant statistics, China's ski slopes, 5% of which are the large ski resorts, and about 15% are medium-sized ski resort, while the remaining 80% are small ski resorts, which has the large gap between Japan or South Korea in the structure. As a sport and recreational activities, the development of skiing is bound to follow the form of space travel of tourists - namely: urban leisure activities, day trips around the city, resort tourism. Currently, 80% of the ski market remains still are day trips ski market. And the demand for city's sports and leisure and vacation travel in the ski market is still not getting a larger release.
With the development of China's economy and the sports and leisure market, ski tourism is bound to transform the current extensive development into a variety of market segments development. So ski vacation travel and the city center indoor ski entertainment markets are bound to get more attention and funding and policy support in the future.
According to the Europe and America, Japan and South Korea's experiences, the brand building period of ski tourism and cultivation stage of development of resort skiing and indoor ski are the core stage of brand building and forming.
The main tourist destination of resort markets are generally in large-scale tourism resources, such as seaside, forests and so on. As a large-scale tourism resource, the snow-capped mountains fully meet the basic requirements of being a holiday travel destination; with China's economic development, this demand will continue to be released, and the demand for resort real estate will also extend to the snow-capped mountain resources.
1.1.3 Advantageous Conditions of Project Construction
 (1) The policy conditions
The province's tourism industry development direction that "Jilin snow tourism industry master plan" put forward: "Jinlin Province should transform the snow and ice resources province into the snow tourism resources province, make a feature of " eco-snow, urban snow, ice humanities ", aims at leading" China ice and Snow Tourism fashion ", and position itself as: a strong province of snow tourism in China, the industry highland of domestic snow tourism, the emerging snow tourist destination in the world." Eleventh five-Year Plan in Jilin tourism development"" Twelfth Five-tourism development plan in Jilin Province "proposed to take full advantage of the unique snow tourism resources in Jilin Province.
Tonghua city leaders attach great importance to the project. Tonghua City, "Research Report on Accelerating the Development of Tourism of Tonghua City" put forward: "We should develop winter tourism positively ". Our county has Longtou Mountain, Baijifeng Mountain and other mountains that exceed a kilometers. High- quality snow in winter and long period of snow fall that is suitable for international and domestic high-end ski race and popular winter recreation venues. We have to rely on this resource to fully develop winter tourism, actively develop and build the high area of skiing and other winter tourism projects, to create the winter tourism projects of Tonghua characteristics.
Tonghua Baijifeng Mountain International Ski project has been recognized by the relevant agencies. Municipal government invited well-known ski resort planning and design company to do adequate researches and fieldworks. The International Ski Federation (FIS)’s Senior Advisor Reggae. Magnus thought highly of the project. He believed that the project site has the objective conditions to build a world-class tourist ski resort that can bid for international winter skiing events, and one of the regions that integrated with good condition able to build the world-class ski resort.
(2)Location advantage
Tonghua City is located in southeastern Jilin Province. The location of the proposed ski resort is famous for low temperature in winter, good terrain, rich types of mountains, especially known for high quality of snow, long period of snow fall, the moderate temperature, the long span of resort and magnificent momentum. It owns beautiful natural scenery, abundant resources and large amount of humanities attractions. And it has the objective conditions to build a world-class large-scale ski resort from the natural resources and cultural resources, such as hardware and software. In addition, Tonghua area possesses the unique geographical location and regional economic advantages. The surrounding traffic trunks of Ski resort lead to all direction. It is close to G201 national Road, S30 national Road, therefore the traffic is very convenient, and provides skiers and tourists with good transportation options. The regional economic advantages of the area are obvious. It radiates northeast, north and coastal port cities, is close to the national boundaries, can the radiate surrounding South Korea, Japan and other places. The completed ski resort will become the international athletic and tourist ski resort that attracts overseas tourists and have internationally influence. The completed project will be the international large-scale sports and tourism ski resort that has the characteristics of largest scale at home, largest amount of snow slopes, the longest total length of snow slopes, the most advanced facilities, first-class service concept, collecting skiing , vacation , leisure, golf, hot spring, conference, business, travel , office , sightseeing and shopping in one.
(3)Advantage of industrial foundation
①Natural scenery: Changbai Mountain tourist scenic area, Ji'an tourist scenic area, Huinan longwan National Forest Park tourist scenic area, Tonghua Shihu National Forest Park, Yingebu Reservoir tourist scenic area and other National tourist areas;
②Humanity Heritage Tour: Tonghua Jingyu cemetery, Chibansong ruins of ancient, Jiangkou Neolithic sites, Daan karst cave monuments tour;
③Industrial tour: Tonghua wine industry industrial tours, Tonghua Songhua inkstone Industrial Park, Tonghua pharmaceutical industry tours, tours ginseng industry Tonghua Tonghua Iron and Steel Industry tours;
④Farmhouse pastoral experience tour: Heyun organic garden, Yulong Garden Resort, Yingshanhong resort, the county regional tour;
⑤Red tourism: Baijiabaozi tragedy site, the Du Guanghua revolutionary martyr sacrifices site, the "mass graves" of the Qidaogou iron mine, Shihu anti secret base camp, the Heli anti-Japanese base areas and Heli conference site, Tonghua County Revolutionary Martyrs Monument;
⑥Intangible Cultural Heritage Tour: "Ginseng Road" tour, the "Daquanyuan winemaking techique" tour; analysis: The advantages of the tourism industry provide good resources with the cardinal number of ski tourists, the two complement benefit each other.
⑦The tourist facilities of Tonghua City:, there are ten existing star hotels in Tonghua City, of which the Jianzizhuyuan Hotel is rated as a five-star tourist hotel, Tonghua Wantog Hotel, Daisi Holiday Totel, Sheraton Hotel and other seven hotels are rated as four-star tourist hotel.
1.2 Content and Scale of Project Construction
1.2.1 Scheme and Scale of Product
The overall ski area covers an area of ​​38,897 mu, the total area of ​​snow slopes covers an area of 2,825,380 square meters, the total length of snow slopes is 75.295 km, the maximum capacity of the snow slope is up to 40,880 people. There are three halls of snow equipments with first-class supporting facilities. The overall construction area covers an area of 30,000 square meters, the reception capacity is up to 20,000 people. The transport system consists of 4 box-type cable car, 7 open-type cable car, 5 magic carpets, 2 towing. The overall transport ability reaches 18,735 passengers / hour.
The ski resort is planning to be divided into ​​the five regions,: the ski area , snow area of playing and viewing , logistical infrastructure area, commercial and leisure area and villa resort.
 (1) The ski area. The total area of ​​ski resort is 2,525,340 square meters. The total length of the snow slope is 69,295 meters. Ski slope quantity: 7 high class roads, 19middle class channels, 6 primary channels, 2 u-groove, 2 skiing Parks, 2 moguls, 5 wild snow slopes, 1 high-jump snow, 1aerial platform, 1 cross-country road. 3 ski hall with snow equipments covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters, the theoretical reception capacity of 20,000 people.
 (2) Snow playing area. 1Snow Circle Area, 2 snowmobiling roads, 1 snow playing area, horse-drawn sleigh, a snow viewing area which can meet pleasure of visitors to experience snow playing and snow culture.
 (3) Logistics infrastructure area: Staff dormitory, boiler room, power stations, pumping stations, reservoirs, basketball court, 3 parking lots (39,000 square meters), to meet the needs of the daily operations of ski resort and logistics support.
 (4) Villa resort: the Alps region- style villas satisfy the resort skiers’ needs of accommodations and holidays. It covers an area of ​​767 mu.
 (5) Business leisure sports area: 439 mu (312 mu of golf course). Golf course, lakeside water recreation projects, functional service areas (health care, restaurants, supermarkets, retail), senior clubs, business district, spa, leisure and sports areas, shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment facilities, enrich and improve the entire Ski Resort and supporting functions, to achieve the continuing operations of the four seasons of the entire area.
1.2.2 Content and Project Construction
 (1) The snowmaking area of the entire ski area covers an area of ​​2,525,340 square meters, the ski area can theoretically accommodate 40,880 people.
 (2) Snow playing area in the project is planning to set in the children's entertainment district, snow ring area, snow viewing area, exercise area, horse-drawn sledge and motorcycle area. The snowmaking area covers an area of 95,980 square meters, can accommodate 4,173 people.
(3) Commercial recreational sports area. Golf, A spa, hot spring, bar, KTV; B children's entertainment facilities (recreation area) culture and entertainment items: cultural brand interactive activities of snowmaking equipment, various types of performances, concerts, arts and other seasons entertainment activities, new projects: lawn activities, wilderness sports, rope park, wood DIY paradise.
 (4) Commercial retail project planning. Skiing supplies stores, mobile stall kiosk (selling fruit, crafts, seasonal items, etc.), featured retailers, camp store, coffee shop (Starbucks, Haagen Dazs and other high-quality goods and specialty goods), Cave Restaurant , teahouse, supermarket of living goods, service outlets (provide a flexible leisure activities and detailed family support services).
 (5) The internal transport project planning. The plan of tourism line in snow area should take the effective match of various viewing platforms and spatial configuration of landscapes into account for reasonable arrangements of the route to connect the resort regions and landscapes. Ensure that visitors move within a reasonable line of the resort, walking, viewing for the best results. Transportation: cable, magic carpet, trails.
 (6) Logistics infrastructure. Power distribution room of snow area (the electricity consumption of equipment complex building is about 62,82840kw, 380v electric power, peak of the day is 10400kw transformer with 13000kw); reservoir volume: 480,000 m3, pool with water retention ability should be considered the landscape effect, decorated with landscape stones, pebbles or sand and, etc. Thematic style should be designed on the basic that the needs of using functions in ski resort are to be satisfied. The secondary design should be deepen to infrastructure. Ski Hall: The ski resort offers first-class facilities inside the hall three ski complex building, there are three high class ski hall complex buildings in the ski area, the total building area covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters, which meets the daily reception of the entire ski area; Parking lot: there are three parking lots to meet needs of parking, a total area of ​​39,000 square meters.
1.3 Total Investment of the Project Funds Raising
1.3.1 Total Investment of the Project(detailed in table 1)
Table 1                 List of Total Investment of the Project              unit: 10,000 yuan
Serial No.    Name of expense    Investment amount     % to total investments    Remarks       
1    Construction investment    200000    75          
2    Interest incurred in construction period    1350    0.5          
3    Working capital    68650    24.5          
    Total investment of the project(1+2+3)    270000    100.00         
1.3.2 Funds Raising
Sole investment of the investing company.
1.4 Forecasts of financial benefits and social benefits
1.4.1 Major financial benefits forecast (detailed in table 2)
Table 2        List of major indexes for financial benefits forecast     unit: 10,000 yuan
Serial No.    Name     Unit     Index     Remarks       
1    Operating income    10,000 yuan /a    100000    Normal year      
2    Total profits     10,000 yuan /a    43158    Normal year      
3    Financial internal rate of return of all investments    %    18    After tax      
4    Financial net present value(Ic=10%)    10,000 yuan    38827    After tax      
5    Payoff period of all investment (After tax)    a    7.8    Including 2 years of construction period     
1.4.2 Social benefits analysis
The economic benefits of tourism industry development skiing far exceed that of ski area. For the regional economy, the construction and development of ski tourism industry will lead the whole society development and construction of related industries. It is beneficial to the hotels, guesthouses and other service industries first. In addition, it plays an important role in the development of the construction, transportation, commerce, telecommunications, handicrafts agricultural production, and other industries. And is plays an active role in driving the employment, sharking off poverty as well as promoting economy and increasing revenue of the around poverty-stricken area.
Many examples at home and abroad reflect a philosophy that "A construction of a field (ski) brings fortunes to a village." Such as Nozawa Onsen hot spring village in Nagano of Japan, Minsk of Austria, Yabuli town of Heilongjiang Province in China, Wulihe town of Jilin Province, Chongli County of Hebei Province, Bin Country of Haerbin Province, Yanqing County of Beijing,etc, have played a special role in the local Tourism and economic development.
Even in the initial stages of ski area operation, it may gain little profits or no profit, but many industries in the location of the ski area gain a lot benefits from it.
In this case, although it is not the intention of the developers, but the development and operation of ski will play a significant role in driving the development social economy. Therefore, it is highly valued by the local government departments. Several ski resorts have been established around Beijing, each counties has a "trump card resort," which will not only form a competition among each resort, but the broader competition reflectes on the location of the resort area.
The development and construction of the ski resort will be the window of the location of ski resort and foreign economic and social contacts. It promotes cooperation and exchanges of economy, technologies and culture between local and overseas, and broadens the sources of information, significantly enhances its visibility, thus creates more favorable conditions of attracting the talents, properties and material resources for the region, and speeds up the modernization of the region.
Skiing is elegant, stylish sports physical exercise. Apart from economic development purposes, the objective of developing the ski area is to enable visitors to benefit in terms of mental and physical condition and cultivate character, inspire enthusiasm. Meanwhile the people surround ski resort will also be stipulated and influenced by a modern high-grade, deep cultural level things, not only will enrich the content of the winter life, but also improve social climate in the region due to they are well-informed, and updating the concept,  and civilized thinking.
In terms of ecological and environmental benefit, the development of ski resort needs deforestation and earthworks, which will somehow damage the vegetation and environment. But from a development perspective, the ski resort operations itself needs a beautiful natural environment in winter and summer, therefore it is necessary to protect and beautify forest, grassland, surface and landscape, and to trim and afforest patches of crushed surface of the earth, and to minimize the water and soil erosion. Just strengthen environmental awareness and responsibility, the advantages that the scientific development of ski resort brings to the environment will far outweigh the disadvantages.
In the ski resort and the ski industry development process, the direct economic benefits are the all targets of private investors, the investment of the government and state-owned enterprises will be mixed with the public nature. The local government that builds the snow resort will have a broader and deeper needs, and will encourage investors to profit, and operate the ski resort continuously; and promote the development of local skiing industries by the developing the ski resorts, and to fully pull starting and development of the "social and economic benefits", "social benefits", "travel benefits" and other aspects, to achieve common prosperity of all industry.
1.5 Cooperative Ways of the Project
Joint venture, sole proprietorship, other ways can be negotiated by face to face.
1.6 What to be Invested by Foreign Party
Capital, other ways can be negotiated by face to face.
1.7 Construction Site of the Project
Dongchang district Tonghua city
1.8 The On-going Condition of Project
The proposal of project plan has been completed.
2. Introduction to Partner
2.1 Basic Conditions
Name: Baijifeng Mountain National Forest Park
Legal address: Longtou village Jinchang town Tonghua city
2.2 Overview
Dongchang Economic Development Zone is an Emerging Economic and Technological Development Zone approved to establish by the provincial government of the Office of Development and Management on November 4, 2005, formerly known as Dongchang Industrial Zone, renamed as Dongchang Economic Development Zone in July 2007. The Planed area is 11.18 square kilometers, of which the initial area is 5.5 square kilometers. After several years of efforts, Jilin Medical Electronics Industrial Park, SME Incubators, Science and Technology Pharmaceutical industrial Park, the Core Area of the National Bio- industry Base , the Pharmaceutical Industry have settled in Dongchang Economic Development Zone in succession Economic Development Zone that passed the provincial government organizations assessment in early 2011 , and will soon be recognized as a provincial-level development zones. Dongchang Economic Development Zone regards the establishment of the infrastructure as the entry point of external image and attracting and gathering projects. To make the production area, ecological area, living area, service area, management area of the park match the various infrastructures. And introduce running water and pipelined gas from the urban areas, and perfect road hardening, green environment, communications networks, water and electricity supply, drainage and sewerage, and other supporting facilities. Built-up area has achieved the "five-accessible and one-leveilng" objective. The development area zone has further enhanced the attraction of settled enterprises.
2.3 Contact method
Contact person:Zhai Hong

Contact method of city (prefecture) of Project:
Contact Unit:  Tonghua Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau
Contact person: Liu Daoguang
Tel:0435-3650996   18904359157

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