1 Introduction to the Project
1.1 Project Background
1.1.1 P roject Background
Changbai Mountain the highest peak in Northeast China, is located in the eastern end of the Eurasian continent, southeast of Jilin Province, border line China and the , the center of the Northeast Asian, Changbai Mountain is the birthplace of Songhua River, Tumen River and Yalv River, which are the main rivers of northeast China. It is identified as the first National Nature Reserve, the first national 5A-class tourist attraction, "Man and Biosphere" natural reserve of the United Nations and the A-class International Nature Reserve. Besides, it is among the lists of Chinese Top Ten Mountains, Chinese Top Five Most Beautiful Lakes, Chinese Top Ten Most Beautiful Forests, and in the year 2012 it was named the traveling destination with the highest potential in China of the annual year. DPRK
The magical and fertile Changbai Mountain has a variety of plant species, about 2,343 kinds. The vegetation is well preserved, known as the "Natural Museum". With a wide variety of plants, lush growth, the edible materials of wildlife are rich. There are 1,179 kinds of animal species, known as "species gene pool", "natural museum". Of the 200 kinds of vertebrates in the Changbai Mountains, the vast majority have breeding habitat here. Mammals include Siberian tiger, sable, black bear, weasel, otter, deer, red deer, wild boar, etc.; birds include Rhododendron, Chinese merganser, mandarin duck, pecking wood seedling, white-bellied blue male bird, cuckoo, and Sambo bird etc..; reptiles include viper, grass snake and lizard etc; the amphibians mainly include Rana (commonly known as the frog); fish mainly include sweetlips fish, philosophy, green fish etc. mountains cold water fish.
During the 12th Five-Year Period, as tourism of Changbai Mountain becomes popular and the number of tourists and businessmen increases, visitors each year has exceeded one million, and increased year by year. Currently when visitors enjoy the natural, they can not enjoy the wonderful world of animals at the same time. So they often arrive in high spirits, but leave with a bit of regret.
The project seizes this opportunity and will build a safari park near the northern gate of Changbai Mountain. This project aims to protect wildlife, and at the same time, let visitors experience the scary but exciting feelings of contacting wild animals at short range and appreciate the unique appearance of wild animals through dissipating into the atmosphere, exhibition hall. Besides, it can fill the blank of tourism of Changbai Mountain and promote the development of potential tourism market.
1.1.2 Market Prospects
1 Prospect of Tourism Source Market
The source market is divided into domestic market overseas market. Domestic market takes up 80% of the market while overseas market takes up 20%.
Visitors to Changbai Mountain in 2015 and 2020 can be predicted. In 2020, the number of visitors is predicted to hit 2.71 million.
Table 1       
Forecast Table of Tourism Source Market Development in Changbai Mountain            
                                              Unit: Ten Thousand People
Visitors in total
Overseas visitors
National visitors
2 Prospect of Tourism Source Market Northeast Asia safari of Changbai Mountain
The tourist source market of the zoo is determined by the location of the zoo and it also has most of the tourist market of Changbai Mountains. Visitors to the north slope of Changbai Mountain take up 55% of the tourist source. Calculating the tourist source of Changbai Mountain according 30% of the visitors to the north slop of Changbai Mountain at the end of Phase 1 Construction in 2015 it is foreseen that the annual visitors will be around 540 thousand, which takes up 36% of the visitors to the north slope after 2020.
Table 2  Forecast Table of Tourism Source Market Development in Northeast Asia Safari of Changbai Mountain
                                     Unit: 10 Thousand People
Visitors in total
Overseas visitors
National visitors
1.1.3 A dvantageous Conditions of Project Construction
1 Policy Conditions 
Forestry Department of Jilin Province attaches great importance to the construction of the Northeast Asia safari of Changbai Mountain and formulated a series of policies to attract investment. It is responsible for forest land use and handling of wild animals introduction, domestication, breeding, performance, licensing procedures, provide some rare wild animals, and to give technical support in the domestication of animals, species introduced from other aspects.
2 Location Advantage
The proposed zoo is located in the eastern Jilin Province, Erdaobaihe town of Antu County, Jurisdiction of Baihe Forestry Bureau, 490 km away from Changchun, 100 km from Changbai Mountain Airport, 210 km from the state capital Yanji of Yanbian, 150 km from Antu County of Yanbian, 30 km from the Changbai Mountain Administrative Committee. Foreign increasingly convenient transport links, high-speed railway nearby Ji-Hun, Changbaishan Airport, Yanji Airport, Heda highway, long pine highway. Traffic diverse, convenient access. Changbai Mountain has been built from the nearby tribal shaman 10 km, 33 km away from the Changbai History & Culture Park, 26 km from the Changbai Mountain Natural History Museum, scenic 3 km away from the big stage, 10 km from Round Pond Nature Reserve, the advantage is obvious.
3 Human Resource Advantage
Changbai Mountain is the birthplace of manchu. NvZhenRen of Jin Dynasty established her regime in the northeast, and regard Changbai Mountain as "land of State", "old town of state", She was the granted as the king at the beginning and the emperor later on. A temple was built to protect the manchu customs carried on by the local residents until now. Changbai Mountain is the gathering place of Korean with many representative Korean villages surrounding. The rich Korean folk culture endows Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve with a beautiful landscape. Its unique national customs and cultural history, with thick human history and culture, is the basis of developing national customs travelling and national culture research.
The zoo is near Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve its forest resources is closest to the original forest. The zoo is the main area of the distribution of first-class broad leaved korean pine forest. The zoo has towering trees, abundant species, diverse landscape, fountain flowing, clear water, undulating terrain, which forms the best wildlife habitat. The zoo construction is based on the rich tourism resources in Changbai Mountain, allowing visitors to explore and enjoy the natural landscapes while watching the various kinds of representative animals from the world. The visitors would easily see the harmonious landscape of the integration of people, animals and nature that is disparate to other sights. The landscape is much different from the existing tourism resources. With its unique features, it possesses the advantage of attracting more visitors.
1.2 Content and Scale of Project Construction
1.2.1 Construction Content
The project covers an area of 400 hectares. It is planned to be a comprehensive wildlife zoo that integrates the functions of breeding protection, sightseeing and entertainment, science research and leisure in China and Northeast Asia.
1.2. 2 P roduct Scale
The zoo can showcase more than 5000 animals of over 170 various kinds.
1.3.1 Total Investment of the Project (detailed in table 3)
Table 3 Summary Table of Total Investment of Project     Unit: 10 Thousand Yuan     
Serial No.
Type and Source of Capital
Capital amount
Percentage to Total Investment (%)
Construction Investment
Building fee
Original equipment cost
3.2 %
Installation fee
Other cost
Working capital
Total Investment of the Project 1+2+3
1.3.2 Funds Raising
Jilin Northeast Tiger Park is responsible for the forest royalties, part of the endangered animals introduction fee, which takes up 40%. The other charges will be solved by funds raising, which takes up 60%. 
1.4 Financial Analysis and Social Evaluation
1.4.1Detailed in table 4 Major Financial Indicators
Table 4       List of Major Indicators for Financial Benefits Forecast
Serial No.
Operating Income
Ten Thousand Yuan /year
Normal year
Total Profits
Ten Thousand Yuan /year
Normal year
Financial Internal Rate of Return of All Investment
After income tax
Net Financial Present Value Ic=8%
Ten Thousand Yuan
After  income  tax
(Operational period :10 years)
Payoff Period of All Investment (After Tax)
A year
Including construction period of 2 year
1.4.2 Social Evaluation
The completion of the project will be beneficial to extend tourism industry chain of Changbai Mountain. Also, it can promote industrial upgrading, development of related industries, development of local social economy and, development of pillar industries in Jilin Province. Implementation of the project will solve the problem of re-employment of some laid-off workers, help maintain social stability, promote the development of local soft environment, improve the quality and standard of living of local people.
The joint stock cooperative system
1.7 Construction Site of the Project
In the construction site of Baihe Forestry Bureau, near the north gate of Changbai Mountain Scenic Spot
The project has been listed in the tourism development plan of Baihe Forestry Bureau, and the feasibility study report is designing.
2. Introduction to Partner
Undertaker of the project Jilin Northeast Tiger Park Co., Ltd.
Legal address No.10500, Jingyue Street, Changchun
2.2 Overview
Jilin Northeast Tiger Park Co., Ltd. is located in Moon Lake National Forest Park in the southeast of Changchun. The park is a large-scale place that integrates rescue, breeding, wild running and viewing of Siberian tigers and other endangered wildlife animals, and is also the first eco park themed with cage-free farming.
Jilin Northeast Tiger Park Ltd. has various types of animal cages covering an area of 2,200 square meters, animal stadiums covering more an area of more than 67,000 square meters. The entire park is divided into six functioning area, including science area, rescue and breeding areas, interactive performance area, car dealers backyard area, walk backyard area, and birds singing area. Not only Siberian tiger, African lions, black bears, brown bears and other wild beasts, but also Buddha's sheep, sika deer, Eugene kangaroos, ring-tailed lemurs and other small animals live in the park. Besides, more than 2000 birds including oriental white stork, red-crowned crane, demoiselle cranes, and swans habitat in the park. Among all of the animal kinds, six belong to First-Grade State Protection animal, and 24 belong to Second-Grade State Protection animal.
2.3 Contact Methods
Address No.10500, Jingyue Street, Changchun
Contact Unit Jilin Northeast Tiger Park Co., Ltd.
Postcode 130122
Contact person Jiao Weiyi, Liu Cunfa
Phone Jiao Weiyi, 0431-84558100, 18904312661
       Liu Cunfa, 0431-84558600, 13756883818
Contact Unit: Investment Bureau of Changbai Mountain Administrative Committee  
Postcode 133613
Contact person Liu Yi
Phone 0433-5710078 
Fax 0433-5710078
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