1 Introduction to Project
1.1 Project Background
1.1.1 P roject Planning
The project, taking the concepts of “the modern tourist resort with the priority to ecology, harmonious regional development, radiation and expansion and integrating sports and leisure, ecological sightseeing and holiday tourism”, divides the construction contents into three parts: hot spring, health preservation, entertainment, business, tourist real estate to build the tourist characteristics and attract more tourists.
The project relies on Heping Forest Farm, Guangming Forest Farm, Huangsongpu Forest Farm, which are three national level farms. Adhering to the concept of "ecological priority, regional coordination, radiation and expansion, integration of sports and leisure, eco-tourism, vacations”, it will build Korean Folk Village, skiing base, rafting adventure, hot spring and cold spring project, woodcarving culture, campsites project, forest recreation, interactive entertainment projects etc. to create their own tourist attractions and attract more tourists. Implementation of the project will further improve the service environment Changbai Mountain scenic area, meet the consumption demand of different levels of tourist groups, extend the local tourism industry value chain, enhance the overall service level and income level of the Changbai Mountain scenic area. It has strong practical significance.
1.1.2 Market Prospect
Along with social progress and scientific and technological development, more and more people have more leisure time and leisure money. For most families, they are familiar with the recreational and leisure tourism resources within the urban system. The distant scenic spots and tourist areas have been included in their recreation programs. Thus, the rise of forest tourism has become a symbol of modern mass leisure. This eco-resort not only has low infrastructure costs, but also the ecological environment they rely on meets the need of residents’ returning to nature. Meanwhile, the cost is moderate, which can be accepted by the ordinary working-class. It is anticipated that this form of ecological leisure will have strong vitality, and will develop rapidly in the future 10 years.
At present, China’s national income is in a steady increase period, and the leisure time of residents is also increasing. With the guarantee of basic material life, the surplus purchasing power of consumers has shifted from substance to the pursuit of mental enjoyment. In modern population, mental stress, sub-health state and other "urban diseases" prevail, and more and more people tend to choose leisure, tourism etc. methods to relax. Meanwhile, with the increasing development of China's tourism industry, people have increasing demands for tourism products, and the traditional natural or human scenic tours have been unable to meet the demand for new type of tourism entertainment methods and concept. Based on the gradual enrichment of traditional forms of tourism, the traveling forms of people have gradually shifted to vacation, conference contests and more attention to the harmony problem of man and nature etc. ecotourism direction. Domestic tourism product structure is showing a diversified development, which further expands the new accommodation space of tourism, and provides a good development prospect for domestic tourism industry. New tourism products are facing a huge market demand.
In 2015, China's total tourism trips were 2.899 billion tourists, with annual growth rate of 35.2%; total tourism income is 3.56 trillion, with annual growth rate of 49.6%, accounting for more than 4% of the national economy. In 2011, the tourism revenue of Jilin Province was 98.93 billion yuan, ranking the 23rd in the country, and total tourism trips were 89.413 million. Among them, the total number of tourist trips in Changbai Mountain area has exceeded 2.86 million, and tourism revenue has achieved 2.7 billion yuan. It is expected that after the north scenic area of Changbai Mountain is completed and put into operation, it will receive 1.5-1.8 million visitors annually. Through marketing, promotion and other methods, the number of tourists to the forest resort is expected to be 400,000-500,000. According to 1000 yuan per capita consumption, it can achieve operating income of 500 million yuan, and profits are up to 100 million yuan. Meanwhile, part of the holding properties will be open for rental business, and the estimated annual income is 20 million yuan, which will be increased year by year. The investment return of the project is high and stable, and the market prospect is broad.
The project, with the favorable resource conditions of Changbai Mountain scenic area as the basis, aims at creating a tourist resort environment integrating natural ecology tourism and modern leisure and entertainment. It will fully meet the current needs of the domestic tourism market, and the market prospects are optimistic.
1.1.3 Favorable conditions for project construction
1. Policy conditions
The national economic and social development "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" explicitly proposes to actively develop our tourism industry; national tourism "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" points out to enrich and improve tourism products, accelerate the development of leisure travel products, and guide the development and construction of a batch of mountains, lakes, coasts, hot springs etc. different types of leisure products; national "Northeast Revitalization Plan" proposes to actively develop tourism in Northeast China, including the Changbai Mountain scenic spot, which is listed as the focus of development in the aspects of wetlands tourism and volcanic hot springs tourism; Jilin tourism "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" proposes to list Changbai Mountain natural scenery and leisure and holiday tourism as the main brand, establishes the tourism brand series of Jilin Province, and consider Changbai Mountain ecological tourism and leisure resort as the key tourism product for development and construction.
2. Location advantage
Changbai Mountain scenic area is the 5A level scenic spot of our country. It is rich in flora and fauna resources and beautiful natural landscapes, which a good natural environment provides for creating a first-class tourist resort area. Its important position in the domestic tourism industry also provides a natural source of tourists for the project. Meanwhile, the administrative area of
​​ Changbai Mountain scenic area is located in the north-eastern border of our country. It spans Antu County of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Fusong County of Baishan City, Changbai Korean Autonomous County; in the southeast, it borders the DPRK, which provides unique advantages for attracting international tourists. The project site includes three forest farms: Guangming Forest Farm, Heping Forest Farm, and Huangpusong Forest Farm.
Guangming Forest Farm: the site is 1.5 km away from the Changbai Mountain tourism highway, 16 km away from the Changbai Mountain Gate. The topography of the area’s surroundings is "five gorges and one valley". The natural ecology is well maintained; with lush forests, Naitou River runs across the region from south to north. Sandaobai River runs across the south of the region. In the south of the area, there is quality natural mineral spring of Huashu Spring and Guangming Spring, with daily runoff of 10,000 tons. The excellent location makes the development of Guangming Forest Farm tourist project have unique advantage. The area of the forest site is ​​ 21.3 hectares. It belongs to auxiliary production forest land, and other land for development is about 20 hectares. It belongs to forestry land of other uses.
Heping Forest Farm: it is 3 km away from the Changbai Mountain tourist highway, 13 km away from the Changbai Mountain Gate. With lush forests, Sandaobai River runs across the region. Changbai Mountain Heping Tourism Skiing Field is close to the north of the region. In the east, it borders Guangming Power Plant. The development area of the original site of Heping Forest Farm is ​​ 21.3 hectares. In addition, the Heping Skiing Field in the north side of the region, approved by the State Forestry Administration, covers an area of 17.95 hectares.
Huangsongpu Forest Farm: Huangsongpu Forest Farm is located in one side of Changbai Mountain tourist highway. It is only 6 kilometers away from the gate, known as the Changbai Mountain first farm. With excellent location, the tourism resources and environment are rare. In the east side of Huangsongpu Forest Farm, there is Daxitai River runs across it from south to north. In the downstream, the wetland scenery is excellent. Along the river, the primitive forest is lush, and scenery is beautiful. The site area is 20 hectares, which can be used for comprehensive development.
3. Talent advantage
The project relies on the Changbai Mountain Development and Construction Group subordinated to the Changbai Mountain Administrative Committee. Since its establishment in 2005, the Group has been responsible for the integration of tourism resources and management in Changbai Mountain scenic area. It owns a large number of highly experienced travel professional staff and management staff, which provides ample talent pool for the smooth implementation of the project and the normal operation of profitability.
4. The advantage of the industrial base
After years of construction and operation, Changbai Mountain scenic area has had a strong foundation in terms of scale and integration of tourism resources. The industrial development has basically taken shape. Chixi District of the project site is the focus of tourism development of Changbai Mountain scenic area. The project's smooth implementation echoes the existing industrial base, makes the industry chain of Changbai Mountain scenic area more complete and perfect, and creates greater value.
1.2 Construction Contents and Scale of Project
1.2.1 P roject design and scale
1. The Korean Folk Village
Naitou Village is located in the Guangming Forest Farm of Baihe Forestry Bureau. The villagers are Korean Indigenous inhabitants. It is planned to construct Naitou Village into a village with strong Korean characteristics, excavate and re-build the Korean cultural elements, such as dance culture, food culture, customs, etc., and carry out Korean villages visits and life experience etc. tourism projects.
2. Skiing Base
Naitou Mountain, with high altitude, big snow volume, and excellent snow quality, the annual snow cover period is from mid-October to mid-June of next year, as long as eight months. The skiing base relies on the unique snowy mountain resources of Naitou Mountain as the basis, and along the natural streamlined mountain of Naitou Mountain, it plans natural skiing slopes. Efforts will be made to build it into a resort area in winter skiing, and it will actively carry out snow appreciation, snow play, and skiing etc. projects.
3. Rafting adventure, hot spring and cold spring project
Naitou River has rich river water resources. It can develop and utilize forest rafting, fishing and other swimming interactive projects. The size and shape of the rapids of Naitou River varies. This unique river provides the most natural venue for rafting expedition. The Naitou River is surrounded by hot springs, cold springs, which are the best resources nature has given us.
4. Woodcarving culture
Changbai Mountain Forest Resort consists of three forest farms: Guangming Forest Farm, Heping Forest Farm, and Huangpusong Forest Farm. The plenty of forest resources can provide a lot of raw materials for woodcarving culture. At the same time, it takes advantage of the vacant space of forest and builds artistic and featured wood carvings.
5. Campsite project
Based on the natural scenery of the forest farm and the Naitou Mountain, it will build beautiful camp site that is far away from the city, and close to nature, and try to provide people with free, relaxed and casual entertainment experience that is different from the city's fast-pace.
6. Forest recreation, interactive entertainment project
Based on the beautiful forest environment, it will build forest leisure huts, waterside fishing corridor, American country house, children's animal park, forest development training course and other facilities. During the play, visitors can feel the green tress, grassy lawn, birds singing, bright sunshine, fresh air, as exposure to the picturesque ideal world, making people relaxed and happy.
1.2.2 Construction Content (Detailed in Table 1)
Table 1:         List of subprojects and construction area
Serial No.
Name of the item
Cover area hectare
Construction area (㎡)
Korean Folk Village
Skiing Base
Rafting Adventure, Hot Spring and Cold Spring Item
Woodcarving Culture
Campsites Item
Orest Leisure, Interactive Entertainment Project
1.3 Total Investment of Project and Funds Raising
1.3.1 Total Investment of Project (Detailed in table 2)
Table2          List of Total Investment Summary           Unit: 10,000 Yuan
Name of expense
Percentage to total investment
Construction investment
Interest incurred in construction period
Capitalized interest
Working capital
Total investment of project 1+2+3
Note: the “10,000 yuan” in the table is RMB.
1.4 Financial Analysis and Social Evaluation
1.4.1 Major Financial Indexes
It is expected that after the construction and completion of the north scenic area of Changbai Mountain, it will receive 1.5-1.8 million visitors annually. Through marketing and promotion etc. methods, the number of tourists to the forest resort is expected to be 800,000-900,000. Calculated according to 1000 yuan per capita consumption, it can achieve operating income of 900 million yuan, and profits are up to 500 million yuan. Meanwhile, the annual income of the rental business of parts of the holding properties is estimated to be 50 million yuan, which can increase year by year. The project has high and stable investment returns.
Table 3  List of Major Indexes for Financial Benefits Forecast
Operating income
10,000 yuan/a
Normal year
Total profits
10,000 yuan /a
Normal year
Financial internal rate of return of all investment
After income tax
Financial net present value Ic=10%
10,000 yuan
After income tax (Operation period is 10 years)
Payoff period of all investment (after tax)
Including construction period of 2 years
Remarks: the “10,000 yuan” in the table is in RMB.
1.4.2 Social Evaluation
Changbai Mountain scenic spot is precious natural ecological tourism resource of our country. The successful implementation of this project can improve and enhance the conditions and level of regional infrastructure, improve the service functions of tourism service base, enhance the reception capacity and bearing capacity of Changbai Mountain area tourism, and provide carrier space for the Changbai Mountain protection and tourism development. On the basis of achieving "regional travel, outside services" principle, the project meets the consumption demand of different levels of tourist groups, extends the local tourism industry value chain, enhances the overall service level and income level of Changbai Mountain scenic area. It can better establish the image of Changbai Mountain scenic spot at home and abroad, increases its visibility and attracts foreign tourists, and promotes the improvement and healthy development of product structure in China's tourism industry.
The project can accelerate the development of advantageous tourism industries in Jilin Province, increase the economic contribution of the tertiary industry to economy, drives the economic development of Jilin Province, and optimizes the industrial structure. At the same time, it is able to provide a large number of local jobs, improve the local economy, improve people's living standards, and has a positive meaning for the maintenance of social stability and promoting social harmony.
1.5 Project Cooperation Method
Joint venture; other ways can be negotiated face to face.
1.6 What-To-Be-Invested by Foreign Party
1.7 Construction Site of Project
Chibei District of Jilin Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone.
1.8 Progress of Project Construction
The project has been approved, and the project’s feasibility study report is being prepared, and it plans to commence in April 2014.
2. Introduction to Partner
2.1 Basic conditions
Name: Management Committee of Jilin Province Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone
Address: Chibei District of Jilin Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone (the previous Erdao Baihe Town)
2.2 Overview
The Management Committee of Jilin Province Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone (referred to as "Changbai Mountain Management Committee") is the agency of Jilin provincial government. It practices "unified planning, unified protection, unified development, unified management" to the economic and social administrative affairs of Changbai Mountain. The area of the planned management area is 3278 square kilometers. It sets up Chibei, Chixi and Chinan three county-level tourism economic zones.
Changbai Mountain Airport has opened airlines to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Dalian, Changchun, Yanji etc., and a number of domestic and international routes such as Wuhan, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hong Kong etc. will also be opened one after another.
The expressway leading to Changbai Mountain is under construction. The opening of Changbai Mountain ring tourism road will include the north, west and south three scenic areas of Changbai Mountain into the "one hour" tourism circle. The high-speed rail leading to Changbai Mountain has been included into the “Twelfth Five-Year” Development Plan of Jilin Province. The fast and smooth transport network provides a strong impetus for the tourism investment and industrial development of Changbai Mountain.
2.3 Contact Methods:
Contact Person of Project City (Prefecture): Liu Yi
Tel: 0433-5710078    13704339880
Fax: 0433-5710196
Website of City and Prefecture:
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