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1. Project Introduction
1. 1 Project Background
1.1.1 P roduct Introduction
In recent years, with computer, LED , communication equipment and photoelectric device technology developing rapidly, thermal barrier problem has worsened gradually, and has become a key bottleneck for restraining sustainable development of relevant technolog ies. CAS has proposed a ground-breaking brand new concept: use new cooling working medium liquid metal as cooling fluid, and based on fin radiation and convection cooling radiation methods to realize efficient cooling effect, and obtain the first invention patent both in China and abroad.
1.1. 2 Market Prospects
Compared with traditional light source, LED light source is widely used in various fields due to its unique performance like good color rendering and low energy consumption, but junction temperature of LED chip will directly influence its bright dipping e fficiency , service life and reliability. Once the power rises to hundreds of watts or higher, radiation effect will become the bottleneck restricting its performance . Considering the huge and concentrated heat generated when high-power, high-density LED is in operation, all countries in the world have been actively exploring new radiation solutions, but without exceeding traditional air cooling, water cooling, phase change cooling and solid cooling scope. For this reason, domestic and foreign markets can rarely meet the complete high-power LED product s. To meet the urgent requirement for high-power, high-density LED radiation, Institute of Metal Research, CAS has proposed breakthrough LED liquid metal radiation technology concept, and achieved series progress in the aspects of the corresponding theoretical analysis, tests and researches and even the development of new-type materials and device s. The liquid metal radiator industrialization prototype recently developed for 200W LED can ensure LED light source at room temperature and in full load operation, maximum temperature of substrate back is lower than 45℃ . Heat conductivity of liquid metal is much higher than the conventional radiation working medium, liquid metal can always be in liquid state within a wide temperature range ( from room temperature to 2 , 300℃) , and will not easily cause excessive pressure resulting in risk due to gas-liquid phase change like ordinary liquid. In particular, the radiator developed accordingly has very compact structure. The radiation test of laboratory for 200 - 900W power devic e indicates that, liquid metal radiation technology has rapid and efficient heat transfer capacity, representing advantages leading traditional radiation ways, such as stability, reliability and low energy consumption, which can be used as the ideal solution for heat management of top-level LED light source.
Compared with traditional radiators , LED chip liquid-state metal radiator has the following advantage s:
Powerful performance: heat conduction and specific heat ratio of liquid-state metal are much bigger than those of traditional heat conducting agent, and it is no need to worry about the coming high heating chip;
Super silent: liquid metal radiator is driven by special electromagnetic pump, efficient without noise;
Small volume: due to good performance liquid metal , the radiator volume can be reduced further .
On the whole, the technology of this project is advanced, applied in many fields such as computer radiation, illuminating equipment, aerospace, household electrical appliance and military industry, and this project can provide the industry with better product selection. Therefore, this project has excellent market prospects.
1.1. 3 Technical Analysis
This invention uses liquid metal 's high thermal conductivity to effectively solve the thermal resistance problem of contact between high-power LED package substrate and radiator, thus realizing better heat conducting effect, transfer out the heat generated by LED chip , guaranteeing junction temperature of LED chip to be low, and increasing the operation reliability and service life of high-power LED .
1.1. 4 A dvantageous Conditions of Project Construction
( 1 ) Superior location, traffic and circulation advantage. Meihekou City is the key passage connecting Changbai Mountain area to Songliao Plain and entering Bohai Economic Rim, known as “Portal of Changbai Mountain”, embracing over 10 middle large and middle-sized cities of Liaoning Province and Jilin Province within radius 200km, having population of nearly 3 million in the peripheral 50km, and population of 5 million within 100km. Meihekou City is the important railway and highway traffic hub in northeast region, one of seven traffic node cities of Jilin Province, and junction point of Shenyang-Jilin Railway and Siping-Meihekou Railway; national roads Line 202 and Line 303 pass through the entire boader. The city has established the largest nut market in Asia, domestic famous rise market, the second largest building materials market in Jilin Province, as well as over 50 influencing special wholesale and retail markets of agricultural machinery, agricultural trade, snack foods and hardwares in the periphery, radiating radius is 7 surrounding prefecture-level cities, over 10 counties (cities), and radiating area is more than 40,000km2. The area contains a population of nearly 8 million, realizing annual total commodity retail 6.6 billion yuan.
( 2 ) Obvious industrial advantage. Meihekou City has good industrial foundation and complete categories, which has basically formed energy, medicine and food pillar industries as well as advantageous industries of mechanical metallurgy and chemical building materials, having 140 industrial enterprises above designated size. Building materials and chemical industries have tremendous development potential. 200,000t/year Fukang compound fertilizer project and 100,000t/year Fuxia organic compound fertilizer project have been listed in 10 billion kg grain production increase project of Jilin Province.
( 3 ) Abundant resource advantage. Meihekou City is honored as “Town of Hundred Lakes, County of Thousand Warehouses, Home of 10 Thousand Egrets, and Land of Abundance”, which has sufficient mineral resources, mainly including 20 kinds such as coal, oil shale, diatomite, mineral water, gold, iron, graphite and quartz.
( 4 ) Preferential policy advantage. In order to strengthen investment appeal, the city has referred to the investment attraction policies of 18 counties (cities) in the province to adjust and improve the original policies, published Preferential Policies for Investment of Meihekou to give specifications for revenue, land, charging, reward and environment. In addition, it has promised six-most to investors, that is, investors in Meihekou can enjoy the most preferential policy, most relaxed environment, most quality service and feeling of most popular, most respected and most protected. Compared with some counties (cities), Meihekou City has the most unique advantage - a provincial-level economic development zone as platform provides preferential policies for provincial-level development zones. The development zone is one of 11 Grade A development zones in the province, and can provide enterprises with project land, preferential policies and high-quality service.
1. 2 Content and Scale of Project Construction
1.2. 1 P roduct Scale
This project has annual production capacity of 50,000 high-power LED chip liquid metal radiators.
1.2. 2 Construction Content
Floor area 6 , 000m2 , including building area 3 , 000m2 .
1. 3 Total Investment of the Project and Capital Raising
Total investment of the project is 100 million yuan , including construction investment 85 . 5 million yuan.
Table 1: Summary Table of Total Investment of the Project    Unit: 10, 000 Yuan
Expense Name
Amount of Investment
Proportion of Total Investment %
Construction investment
Interest incurred during construction
Circulating capital
Total investment of the project (1+2+3)
1.4 Financial Analysis and Social Evaluation
1.4.1 Main Financial Indexes
After the project reaches the production capacity, it will realize annual sales income 112 . 8 million yuan , profit 35 . 905 million yuan , payback period 3 years ( after tax , including 1 year of construction period ) and ROI 31% .
Table 2: List of Major Indexes for Forecast of Financial Benefits
Sales income
RMB10, 000/a
Normal year
Total profit
RMB10, 000/a
Normal year
FIRR of all investments
After income tax
FNPV ( Ic=10% )
RMB10, 000
After income tax
(operation period 10 years)
Period for recovery of all investments (after tax)
Including 1 year of construction period
Note: "RMB10, 000" in the Table shall be RMB.
1.4. 2 Social Evaluation
After the project is completed, it will form complete industrial chain, promote industrial upgrading, drive the development of downstream industries and local employment, greatly facilitate the development of local society, and properly promote pillar industry progress of Meihekou City.
1.5 Cooperative Ways
Technical transfer and cooperative development.
1. 6 What to be Invested by Foreign Party
CAS provides technology, and foreign party provides capital.
1. 7 Construction Site of the Project
Industrial Park of Meihekou Economic Development Zone.
1 .8 The On-going Condition of Project
Cooperative plan for the project has been prepared.
2 . Introduction to Partner
2. 1 Basic Conditions
Name: Jilin Meihekou Economic Development Zone
Address: No. 2008, Renmin Street, Meihekou City, Jilin Province
2.2 Overview
Meihekou Economic Development Zone is a provincial-level economic development zone established in 2002 with the approval of the Provincial Government , at vice-county level. Its main functions are investment attraction , project construction , fixed assets investment and infrastructure construction. It has successively evaluated as “Potential City Invested by Enterprises from Shenzhen and Hong Kong” , “National Industrial Park with the Best Investment Environment” , and “China's Industrial Park with the Biggest Development Potential” . In December 2008, the development zone and Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established the first county-level high and new-tech industry transform station in China. The development zone has planning area 8.54 km2, and 236 enterprises including 14 foreign-funded enterprises. It has 5 industrial zones involving biological medicine, nut food, light industry machinery, metallurgical chemical engineering, and commerce and trade logistics; the world's largest tree-grown nut production processing collection and distribution center, Asian largest corn-transformed superior edible alcohol production plan, nationwide largest goose and duck liver production center, nationwide largest oilfield oil well pump production center, Northeast important titanium sponge production center, green superior rice production processing collection and distribution center in the southeast of Jilin Province, largest energy production gathering center in the southeast of Jilin Province, and traditional Chinese medicine and biological pharmaceuticals production base in the southeast of Jilin Province. In the region, Xinlida Agricultural Vehicle Transaction Market ranks the second in the northeast, Changbai Mountain Building Materials Town ranks the second in Jilin Province, and Jinduo Agricultural Trade Wholesale Market is among top 100 comprehensive wholesale markets of agricultural products in China.
2.3 Contact Method
Contact Person: Zhang Guangcheng, Li Dawei
Tel: 13324458618 13844568829
Fax: 0435-4230035
E-mail: mhkldw@163.com
Contact Method of Project City (Prefecture):
Contact Unit: Economic and Technological Cooperation Bureau of Meihekou City
Contact Person: Li Zhengda
Tel: 0435-4222939   15643573333
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