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1 . Introduction to the Project
1. 1 Project Background
1.1. 1 P roduct Introduction
Cooperate with Beijing Dreamfox Yutong Bamboo Fiber Research and Development Center, use local abundant natural vegetation resources of Meihekou as raw materials, use proprietary technology to separate and extract organic components of plant including cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin.  
Cellulose is the linear polymer of D2 glucose. Among plant materials, cotton fiber and wooden cotton fiber contains high cellulose content, but the cellulose content in other basts or formation layers ( stalk core ) is about 35%-55% . Substances mainly consisted of extracted cellulose are used in textile and paper-making.
Hemicellulose is a big category of glycan macromolecular substance from the plant glycan, which contains main chain of D- xylosyl, D- mannosyl, D- glucosyl or D- galactosyl, other saccharides can become branched chains and can be connected to the main chain. It is non-cellulosic carbohydrate. In addition to the above-mentioned 4 kinds of glycosyl, single base of hemicellulose also includes L- arabinosyl, 4-O- methyl -D- glucose aldehyde acid base, D-galacturonic acid base, as well as a small quantity of L- rhamnosyl, L- fucosyl and many kinds of neutral glycosyl of oxygen - methyl and acetyl. It is generally composed of 2 - 4 kinds of structural units, belonging to the inhomogenous high polymer with branched chain. Attention should be paid that, pectin does not belong to hemicellulose, which is mixture of araban, polygalactose and polygalacturonic acid.
Lignin is a kind of high polymer with complicated structure and numerous types, having three kinds of major single bases : (1) p-hydroxy phenyl propane ; (2) guaiacol propane ( p-hydroxy phenyl propane has a methyl phenol group, main component of needle leave wood lignin ); (3) syringyl ( p-hydroxy phenyl propane has two methyl phenol groups, main component of broad-leave lignin ) . Lignin is the three-dimensional complicated high polymer with multiple branched chains formed by these single bases and high degree of polymerization. Lignin molecular structure varies according to different plants. Lignin itself is a kind of white or nearly colorless powder. When lignin is separated from plant, according to different separation method, it has grayish yellow to grayish brown color. In general condition, lignin has relative density about 1.35 - 1.50g/cm , refractive index as high as 1.61 , and calorific value 26.0J/g . Generally, weight average relative molecular mass of the extracted lignin is 2800 - 17800 . Glass-transition temperature when lignin is in dry state will vary according to the structure and relative molecular mass ( hereinafter referred to as molecular weight ) , generally 127 - 135℃ , but it is same as ordinary natural fiber, with moisture regain rises after moisture absorption, glass-transition temperature will drop greatly. At air temperature 20℃ and relative humidity 65% , glass-transition temperature will decline by 50 - 120℃ compared with dry state. In complete wetting state, glass-transition temperature is around 0℃ . Lignin is accompanying with cellulose in plant, 23% - 35% content is contained in needle leave wood cambium, 20% - 25% contained in broad-leave wood cambium, 15% - 25% in monocotyledon gramineae plant stem, 5% - 15% in various bast, and it does not exist in cotton fiber and cotton linter.
Green energy biomass organic component separation and extraction technology researched and developed by Beijing Light Green Energy Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. was listed in 2008-2010 National Torch Plan Key Project by Ministry of Science and Technology. This technology bases on patented technology named biomass organic component separation technology method to separate and extract three major components - cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin from green plant , and then conduct corresponding comprehensive utilization and industrialization promotion . N ew technology constructs a direct conversion channel from ordinary green plant to high -value by-product, realizing “transformation from waste to treasure”.
1.1. 2 Market Prospects
Direct products and extended products of this project involve textile, paper-making, energy and chemical industry, building materials, aerospace , military industry, solar energy and micro-electronics field .
In order to solve the present environmental pollution and response the national call for “ energy conservation and emission reduction ”, in order to solve the pollution problem during extraction of “bamboo fiber ”, DREAMFOX Company has spent 8 years to successfully research and develop green energy biomass organic component separation technology ” with zero pollution, zero emission and high utilization rate . According to enough tests, this technology can apply to bamboo, and can effectively separate and extract cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin from wood, fruit spur, shrub, reed, straw and even weed and the contained organic components, and the utilization rate of raw material is as high as 100%. Its extended technolog y involves textile , paper making , energy, chemical industry , building materials, aerospace and military fields . Advent of his technology has removed the technical bottleneck of the traditional acid-alkali pulping method that has been used over a hundred years both at home and abroad. First, it can thoroughly solve “black liquor” discharge problem of pulping and paper making industry the government has made huge contribution to control, and obtain several by-products with value much higher than “ cellulose ”. Major breakthrough of the invented technology will be bound to rapidly facilitate the current “ energy conservation and emission reduction ” and promotion of low carbon circulating econom y, and cause a significant reform in related fields . I ndustrialization and implementation of this invented technology will certainly generate significant economic and social benefits, and enable China to be leading in the world in this development era of technological competition.
Cellulose has wide scope of application. The cellophane made from cellulose is an environment-friendly film material. Cellulose acetic ester fiber is the most leading raw material of the current cigarette filter tip, which will absorb the tar in the smoke, greatly reducing the smoking harm for health. Cellulose nitrate is an important raw material for producing film, spray gluing agent, plastic and explosive. Many cellulose derivatives are used for reactive reality; and used as revolved substance in plastic grafting skeleton cross-linking to enable to form chelating agent after plastic cross-linking; its dielectric property is used as dielectric material; it is used as matrix of photochromism and pH discoloration ( pH test paper), artificial organ material in medical treatment, stabilizer in reaction or fixative of chemical group, oxidizing agent or reducing agent in chemical reaction , denaturant for photo-sensitive stretching, deformation and corrugation, catalyst of chemical reaction , and base material of many chemical products. In addition, it also used as ion exchange fiber, super absorbent, fiber permeable membrane and cellulose liquid crystal material.
Hemicellulose is a supporting material for paper forming and main physical p roperties, greatly influencing paper fiber's combination, improvement of paper strength, bursting strength and folding strength, as well as paper’s opacity, paperboard strength, tearing strength, folding strength and annular pressing ( bursting ) strength. As a chemical product, hemicellulose has caking property, film-forming property, solubility, gel property, thickening property and emulsibility, so it has become additive of many industrial product s, and can be used in the industries of chemical industry, light industry, textile and food. XOS has high selective enrichment effect on bifidobacterium, which is also very difficult to be decomposed by human body's digestive enzyme system, helpful for proliferation of bifidobacterium of human body's digestive system, and becomeing effective digestive food. It can also be used to produce yeast for animal feed. Hemicellulose occupies 50% of components of food fiber mass. After hemicellulose carboxymethylation, hemicellulose can strengthen human body's immune cell activity to increase immunity and anti-tumor effect, and become the important component of medicine. Moreover, hemicellulose can also be used produce xylose andethanol fuel product s.
Lignin has wide scope of application. In general condition, it can be used as adhesive and sticking agent. In many conditions, it can be injected in finished products with fusing injection molding process or dioxahexane solution process, and used as matrix for fiber-reinforced composite. Solvent method plastification condition and melting method injection molding condition have been carefully researched in China. In order to realize proper plastification, oleic acid, benzoyl peroxide, glycerol, potassium permanganate, sorbitol, acrylamide, gelatin, formaldehyde, as well as blended material or synthetic high polymer materials ( such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and polyurethane ) can be added. Meticulous research has also been done for blending temperature, plasticizing time, viscosity and rheology performance . Lignin can also be modified to form derivative for processing, which is also strong absorbent of middle ultraviolet radiation and important raw material of skin care cosmetic. Global annual output of lignin is about 150 billion tons. Annual lignin emission capacity of Chinese paper-making industry is about 10 million tons, and current annual output in China is about 500,000t ( mainly lignin sulfonate ) . It is mainly used as concrete water reducing agent.
In addition, the technology of this project occupies the leading position, and this project has wide scope of application, so this project has promising market prospect.
1.1. 3 Technical Analysis
The technical team and enterprise management team led by patent inventor with abundant industrial experience are professionally engaged in using various plant and even weed as raw materials to effectively separate and extract cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and various organic components contained. Main business takes extended development and application of biobass organic product s as core, and the extended technology involves textile, paper-making, energy , chemical industry, building materials and aviation, aerospace, military affairs, micro-electronics and solar energy field s. This technology has three major advantages of zero pollution, zero discharge and efficient recycling . Successful publication of this technology will rapidly promote national policies of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection , bring about revolutionary transformation for relevant traditional industries, and will also certainly trigger an epoch-making significant scientific and technological transformation for related fields. Distribute offices in places with abundant raw material resources around the country, establish many three-element separation industrialization project companies, form technical industrial cluster, establish industrial index with proprietary technology, and drive technical innovation of the entire industry.
Beijing Light Green Energy Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. is the research development center invested and organized by Beijing DREAMFOX Clothing Technological Devel opment Co., Ltd. i n order to strengthen bamboo fiber project research . Light Green Energy Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. mainly consists of technical staff who conduct research and development of natural bamboo fiber new technology, high performance and industrialization project s, and have passed verification and obtained the national high and new -tech enterprise authentication certificate. It is domestic first enterprise using bamboo fiber to manufactur e product s, filling in the international and domestic gap. Beijing Light Green Energy Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. has solid research and development foundation, and successively bamboo fiber new-type fabric, including blending product of bamboo fiber and true silk, fiber and cotton tencel, reaching domestic leading level in the application field of bamboo fiber . Based on comprehensive test.
“G reen energy biomass organic component separation and extraction technology can be used in bamboo, wood, fruit spur, shrub, reed, straw and even weed, which can effectively separate and extract high-purity cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and other organic components, the raw material utilization rate is as high as 98%. This technol ogical breakthrough plays an important role for transformation of paper making enterprise s, thoroughly removed the technical bottleneck of the traditional acid-alkali pulping method that has been used over a hundred years both at home and abroad. First, it can thoroughly solve “black liquor” discharge problem of pulping and paper making industry the government has made huge contribution to control, and obtain several by-products with value much higher than cellulose . Application of products extracted with “ green energy biomass organic component separation and extraction technology can extend to the fields of textile , paper making , new energy, biological medicine, chemical industry , aviation, aerospace, war industry and micro-electronics.
Successful separation and extraction technology of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin is an epoch-making great invention. C ellulose extracted with this technology is ecological and environment -friendly , naturally degradable, recycling and endless, bringing about a brand new development way for major fields of textile , paper making and building materials. In addition, the extracted hemicellulose (pentosan) product contains the third largest organic ingredient of plant, developing a new path for the development of fields related to bio-pharmaceuticals. Successful separation and extraction of lignin is a significant breakthrough of biomass utilization, which can thoroughly solve discharge problem of serious pollution black liquor from the source, and solve energy shortage problem disturbing people's development to the great extent, and open up a new way of plant resource utilization for human society.
1.1. 4 A dvantageous Conditions of Project Construction
(1) Policy condition
It conforms to the national development concept for “energy conservation and emission reduction, and promotion of low carbon circulating economy”. In 2015, the Central No. 1 File Several Opinions on Strengthening Reform and Innovation and Accelerating Agricultural Modernization Construction clearly indicates that, at present, China should intensify innovation and driving effect of agricultural technology. This project will boost high and new-tech industrialization of comprehensive utilization of biomass, take full use of agricultural products, crop wastes, reed and fast-growing woods resources to realize degradable, renewable biomass fiber and industrialization of comprehensive development and utilization, conforming to the instruction spirit of No. 1 File.
In order to enhance investment appeal, it has used the investment attraction policy of 18 counties (cities) in the province to adjust and improve the original policies, issue Preferential Investment Policy of Meihekou including 23 specific regulations for revenue, land, charging, reward and environment, and promise “six-most” to investors, that is: investors of Meihekou can enjoy the most preferential policies, most loose environment, best service, and most popular, respectable and protective feeding. Compared with some counties (cities), the most unique policy advantage of Meihekou City is a platform of provincial-level economic development zone, and enjoys preferential policies of provincial-level development zone. It is one of 11 Grade A development zones in the province, and can provide enterprises with project land, preferential policies and high-quality service .
(2) Related techn ical advantages
This technology has “zero pollution, zero emission and efficient recycling” advantages. Successful advert of t his technology can rapidly promote the national policies of “high efficiency , energy conservation and environmental protection ”, bring about a revolutionary transition for related industries, and will certainly trigger related fields to generate an epoch-making significant technological reform. Arrange branches in the places with abundant raw material resources around the country, invest and establish several “ cellulose, hemicellulos e and lignin separation industrialization project companies, and form technolog ical industrial cluster. Use patented technology to establish industr ial index, and drive technological innovation of the entire industry. In the current severe situation of increasingly destroyed ecological environment and increasingly exhausted energy , environmental protection and energy conservation have become the development trend of all walks of life. Successful advert of “ green energy biomass organic component separation and extraction technology will open up a new way for human being to reasonably use the god-given green biomass wealth. T his technology will be bound to trigger an epoch-making change of related fields. Promotion of thi s technology will certainly get power support of the State.
(3) Resouce advantage
Biomass organic component separation and extraction technology can effective separate and extract original cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and other organic components from all green plant resources formed in the effect of photosynthesis, and finally transform into many kinds of products with high additional value . Meihekou region is rich in natural vegetation. T his technology can substantially increase the economic income of local forest workers and peasants, and drive the development of local economy.
(4) Geographical advantage
Meihekou City is located in the southeast of Jilin Province , north of Tonghua City, west foot of Changbai Mountain , upstream of Huifa River , and transition zone between Songliao Plain and Cha ngbai Mountain area . It neighbors Shuangsheng Village of Xinhe Town and Huinan County at downstream of Yitong River to the east, borders Fenshui Ridge, Xinkai Ridge, Pandao Ridge, Jiguanlazi Mountain and Liuhe County to the south and southeast, connects opposite bank of Baiyin River, upper source of Yangshu River, western Huashu Village of Shancheng Town and Qingyuan County of Liaoning Province to the southwest, adjoins Dongfeng County to the west and northwest, and neighbors Liangzi River and Panshi City to the north and northeast .
(5) Industrial foundation
Meihekou City has good industrial foundation and complete categories, which has basically formed energy, medicine and food pillar industries , advantageous industries of packing material and commercial logistics, as well as characteristic industries of mechanical metallurgy and chemical building materials, having 77 industrial enterprises above designated size.
(6) T raffic advantage
Meihekou City is the traffic hub in the southeast of Jilin Province and one of important traffic hubs in the northeast . Shenyang-Jilin, Siping-Meihekou and Meihekou-Ji'an railway lines, Heihe-Dalian [ called Aihun-Dalian in October 1989] and Ji'an-Xilinhot national roads , as well as Shenyang-Jilin, Ji'an-Shuangliao, Fushun-Changchun and Yingchengzi-Dongfeng-Meihekou expressways cross through the city . Meihekou Railway Station is the intersection of Shenyang-Jilin and Changchun-Tonghua lines , and starting station of Meihekou-Tonghua, Meihekou-Siping and Meihekou-Shansonggang lines . Major highways in the border take Meihekou as center , appearing radial shape, and connecting Shenyang, Changchun, Jilin , Siping as well as center of Changbai Mountain. Highways at provincial, municipal and county level are 500km long . Meihekou City has convenient traffic and fast communication, highways and railways extend in all directions . Meihekou Railway Station is one of 48 nationwide Grade I marshalling stations , with daily handling capacity of 159 passenger and freight trains . The highway network is developed , National Roads 202 and 303 and Siping-Baicheng Grade I highway pass through the border, and the daily traffic flow is 13 , 500 trains .
1.2 Content and Scale of Project Construction
1.2.1 P roduct Scale
At the raw material producing place ( transport radius 150km ) , establish 200,000t/year industr ialization project .
1.2.2 Construction Content
This project proposes to cover an area of 500 mu, which will be completed in two phases . Phase I will establish 50,000t/year industrial line, and propose to invest about 100 million yuan, requiring land 200 mu.
1. 3 Total Investment of the Project and Capital Raising
Total investment of the project is 400 million yuan , including construction investment 334 . 8 million yuan.
Table 1: Summary Table of Total Investment of the Project    Unit: 10, 000 Yuan
Expense Name
Amount of Investment
Proportion of Total Investment %
Construction investment
Interest incurred during construction
Circulating capital
Total investment of the project (1+2+3)
1.4 Financial Analysis and Social Evaluation
1.4.1 Main Financial Indexes
After the project reaches the production capacity, it will realize annual sales income 408 . 4 million yuan , profit 125 . 8 million yuan , payback period 3.2 years (after tax, including 1 year of construction period) and ROI 31% .
Table 2: List of Major Indexes for Forecast of Financial Benefits
Business Income
RMB10, 000/a
Normal year
Total profit
RMB10, 000/a
Normal year
FIRR of all investments
After income tax
FNPV ( Ic=10% )
RMB10, 000
After income tax
(operation period 10 years)
Period for recovery of all investments (after tax)
Including 1 year of construction period
Note: RMB10, 000 in the Table shall be RMB.
1.4.2 Social Evaluation
“G reen energy biobass organic component separation and extraction technique” can obtain high-purity lignin used in the high technology field . L ignin product can be applied in energy and chemical industry , aerospace , military industry and micro-electronics fields . Successful extraction of high-purity can bring about a new way of transformation and upgrading for Chinese relevant traditional industr ies , and this technology conforms to the national development concept of “energy conservation and environmental protection” .
1.5 Cooperative Ways
Technical transfer and cooperative production .
1.6 What to be Invested by Foreign Party
Buy shares with regional exclusive permission of proprietary technology . The partner should own capital land or other resources required for the project company .
1.7 Construction Site of the Project
Meihekou Development Zone .
1.8 The On-going Condition of Project
Cooperative plan for the project has been prepared.
2 . Introduction to Partner
2.1 Basic Conditions
Name: Jilin Meihekou Economic Development Zone
Address: No. 2008, Renmin Street, Meihekou City, Jilin Province
2. 2 Overview
Meihekou Economic Development Zone is a provincial-level economic development zone established in 2002 with the approval of the Provincial Government , at vice-county level. Its main functions are investment attraction , project construction , fixed assets investment and infrastructure construction. It has successively evaluated as “Potential City Invested by Enterprises from Shenzhen and Hong Kong” , “National Industrial Park with the Best Investment Environment” , and “China's Industrial Park with the Biggest Development Potential” . In December 2008, the development zone and Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established the first county-level high and new-tech industry transform station in China. The development zone has planning area 8.54 km2, and 236 enterprises including 14 foreign-funded enterprises. It has 5 industrial zones involving biological medicine, nut food, light industry machinery, metallurgical chemical engineering, and commerce and trade logistics; the world's largest tree-grown nut production processing collection and distribution center, Asian largest corn-transformed superior edible alcohol production plan, nationwide largest goose and duck liver production center, nationwide largest oilfield oil well pump production center, Northeast important titanium sponge production center, green superior rice production processing collection and distribution center in the southeast of Jilin Province, largest energy production gathering center in the southeast of Jilin Province, and traditional Chinese medicine and biological pharmaceuticals production base in the southeast of Jilin Province. In the region, Xinlida Agricultural Vehicle Transaction Market ranks the second in the northeast, Changbai Mountain Building Materials Town ranks the second in Jilin Province, and Jinduo Agricultural Trade Wholesale Market is among top 100 comprehensive wholesale markets of agricultural products in China.
2.3 Contact Method
Contact Person: Zhang Guangcheng, Li Dawei
Tel: 13324458618 13844568829
Fax: 0435-4230035
E-mail: mhkldw@163.com
Contact Method of Project City (Prefecture):
Contact Unit: Economic and Technological Cooperation Bureau of Meihekou City
Contact Person: Li Zhengda
Tel: 0435-4222939   15643573333
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