Preferential Policies


Focusing on Stimulating Market Vitality

●Jilin Province has the policies for foreign investments in advantageous industries catalog in central and western China. Any foreign investment project under this catalog will have the preferential policies to encourage investments. The in-progress projects under the catalog can be treated according to the policies specified in the catalog.

●Incoming domestic projects will have policies  for  the industrial restructuring guiding catalog in Jilin Province.

●Key equipment manufacturing enterprises  in Jilin Province will have the pilot policies to encourage them in foreign exchange reforms for merging and acquisition attempts.

●We will actively attract eligible private enterprises to act as  initiators  to set up financial  institutions such as private banks on the pilot basis in Jilin Province.

●We will encourage private capitals,  foreign capitals and various emerging social capitals to involve themselves in state-owned enterprise restructuring and reorganization by means of contributions in terms of shares, tender offers, purchase of convertible bonds, finance leases, etc.

●We will deepen PPP pilot projects, set up PPP project reserves, select projects with explicit price adjusting mechanisms and stable cash flows  in urban  infrastructure construction, environment treatment, etc., and actively promote PPP and other models.

●We will  further streamline administration and delegate power to the lower levels, reduce review, approval and filing procedures, deepen the reform of administrative review/approval, improve the administrative review/approval flows, publish standards, flows, time limits and methods, raise review transparency and efficiency, change the review/approval system to the registration system, and adopt the practice of “business license before administrative permits”.

Accelerating Industrial Transformation and Upgrading

●Implementing  the small and medium-sized enterprises growth program. We will support small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt high and new technologies and advanced and applicable technologies to renovate and upgrade the existing technological processes in the direction of “professional, high-end, special and new”. We will implement the training program of “10000 startups, 10000 small business owners and 10000 entrepreneurs”, intensify the construction of startup incubation bases and entrepreneurship parks, and vigorously foster and introduce market subjects, increasing market subject by no less than 10000 a year, to promote growth of the number of enterprises. Centering on pillar, advantageous and emerging industries, we will step up project planning intensity, accelerate the implementation of a number of projects, promote completion of a number of new enterprises, and increase the total number of enterprises.

●Implementing the program to foster mega enterprises. Taking dragonhead enterprises and brand-name products as the core, we will promote the medium-sized and large enterprises in merging and reorganization by means of multi-industry, interdisciplinary, transownership and trans-territorial methods, encourage enterprises to “go global” in an attempt of overseas investments or acquisitions to form a number of mega enterprises and groups. We will actively bring in large enterprises with international competitiveness and encourage eligible enterprises to work together with international large companies by means of joint venture or cooperation. Taking promotion of key enterprises’ update, renovation and regeneration as the core, we will promote the implementation of a number of renovation and upgrading projects for the traditional enterprises with strong motive forces and promising prospects and a number of strategic emerging industrial motivating and guiding projects.

●Implementing the program to strengthen enterprises. We will increase the intensity in hi-tech enterprise nurture, introduction and operation, focus on bringing in a number of hi-tech projects with promising market prospects and high technological contents, and promote increase of the number of hi-tech enterprises. We will implement a number of key projects of technological equipment upgrading, product quality update, basic innovative capacity building, etc. to promote corporate technological upgrading.

●Promoting corporate clustering. Through evacuating from the city and entering the development zone, relocation and renovation, business promotion, capital support, and other measures, we will promote enterprises of the same nature to enter and attract enterprises of the same nature from the outside to industrial parks and industrial clusters with distinct features, and accelerate the infrastructure construction of the industrial clusters to form a number of industrial clusters of certain scale and distinct features. We will accelerate construction and improvement of supporting platforms of public services including financing guarantee, technological innovation, investment consultation, quality testing, talent training, marketing planning, logistics and storage, network information, international commerce and trade, etc., update service functions to the industrial clusters, and increase attraction power of the industrial clusters.

●Promoting  industrial cluster upgrading. We will give play to dragonhead enterprises’ clustering and leading role, promote establishment of industrial cooperation networks among affiliated enterprises, and attract small and medium-sized enterprises to engage in cooperation and innovation. We will emphatically promote the whole-industrial chain supporting system for automobiles and railway passenger vehicles, and vigorously raise the supporting rate to products, especially to middle and high-end products, within our province. Centering on petrochemical and raw materials, we will vigorously develop deep processing and extend the industrial chain. We will promote industrial clusters to grow in the middle and high-end directions. We will lay emphasis on establishment of national-level new industrialization demonstration bases, upgrading of national-level development zones, and construction of provincial-level industrial clusters and special industrial parks, and promote the high-end development of advantageous industrial clusters with solid foundations for industrial development, environments for quality industrial investments and rather large space for industrial development.

●Promoting construction of  industrial public R&D centers. Centering on the common technical demands for industrial of auto parts, new chemical materials, food biological engineering, high-end equipment, bio-pharmaceutical, etc., we will rely on universities, research institutes, technical centers of dragonhead enterprise, and industrial technology innovation league, and promote constructions of 50 industrial public technology R&D centers. 

●Accelerating construction of  industrial pilot scale testing centers. Laying emphasis on the six fields of bio-industry, high-end equipment manufacture, photoelectron, new materials, green fine chemical and new energy automobiles, we will promote construction of over 15 industrial pilot scale testing centers.

●Encouraging enterprises  in merging and acquisition of foreign scientific and technological enterprises. We will support merging and acquisition of advanced foreign scientific and technological enterprises. We will actively implement the preferential policies of the Jilin Province CPC Committee and the Jilin Province Government on encouraging merging and acquisition of advanced foreign scientific and technological enterprises, focusing on automobiles and parts, high-end equipment of railway passenger cars, bio-engineering, etc., intensify joint venture, cooperation and merging and acquisition of foreign scientific and technological enterprises, and promote the whole-industry cooperation and support in our province.

●Promoting marketization of  technical  resources. We will encourage such universities and research institutes in Jilin Province as Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc., key laboratories, engineering laboratories, engineering research centers,  large scientific instrument centers, industrial public technology R&D centers of relevant entities, etc. to open their laboratories, pilot small scale testing bases and pilot scale testing centers to industries and enterprises for the purpose of sharing technical resources. We will guide enterprises to effectively use these open scientific and technological resources and carry out R&D activities and innovation cooperation. We will encourage enterprises, universities and research institutes to carry out integrated innovations. 

●Promoting production of patented new products and application of new technologies. We will closely follow research progress of new technologies, encourage enterprises to start cooperation with R&D institutes, especially in joint R&D before the patent is given, to master a number of foresighted high and new technologies to seize the technical commanding height. Expediting Development of Industrial Clusters

●We will create an industrial park environment conducive to corporate development. All the industrial parks should raise their own carrying capacities, innovate management systems and mechanisms, step up policies support, etc. to guide industrial clusters in the direction of the industrial parks so that the featured industrial parks will catch up to become main carriers of industrial clusters.

●We will encourage dragonhead enterprises to expand their capacities, increase inter-enterprise linkage within the cluster, promote coordination between the upstream and downstream enterprises along the industrial chain, and raise industrial concentration and competitiveness through alliance, merging and acquisition, tender offers, etc.

●We will actively engage  in business promotions by centering on industrial clusters, attract external such resources factors as capital, management, technologies, talents, etc. with the industrial chains, and form an industrial agglomeration effect. We will update business promotion approaches, carry out trans-regional and trans-department business promotions, and realize the transformation from investments in production monomer to investment in compound types of production supporting service sectors and livelihood service sectors. We will emphatically introduce a number of foreign-funded enterprises, central enterprises, reputed private enterprises and large enterprises of the military industry that conform to the industrial orientation, have promising market prospects and motivate regional growth and industrial upgrading. We will expand the project carriers and intensify the aftereffect for industrial cluster development. We will establish expedite and effective big project coordinating mechanisms, intensify follow-up services to the projects, learn about the project implementation progress in time, coordinate and resolve problems, and accelerate the project implementations.

●We will promote merging with  technology-oriented enterprises at home and abroad. The region where the industrial cluster is located should implement the policies of the provincial CPC Committee and the provincial government on encouraging enterprises to merge with technology-oriented enterprises at home and abroad and take effective measures to support dragonhead and mainstay enterprises in the industry to progress on the road of merging and acquisition and technical innovation. We will take advantage of the opportunities of regional industrial transfer from advanced countries and advanced regions of China, rely on the dragonhead enterprises in the leading and emerging industrial clusters to access IPR, technical resources and research results of technology-oriented enterprises at home and abroad through merging and acquisition to rapidly raise dragonhead enterprises’ technical level and strengthen the enterprises’ capacity to access international markets.

●While conscientiously  implementing  the policies of the provincial CPC Committee and the provincial government on supporting enterprises, we will also give more policy support to the development of industrial clusters. The relevant departments under the province shall closely center on the cluster development according to their responsibilities and work divisions, and give more consideration to the industrial clusters in terms of project review/approval, land use, financial support, etc. The governments of the municipalities (prefectures) and the counties (cities) should also promulgate policies to support local industrial cluster development based on their own actual situations.

●The governments at all  levels should actively organize various institution-bank and bank-enterprise cooperation to promote effective linkage between financial institutions and industrial clusters. The projects of important clusters upon approval and filing by the government should have the priority to be recommended to the financial institutions for credit support. Good provincial-level ear-marked funds should have loans with discounted interests. The cluster projects with VC investments should have the priority to be listed in the project plan for government support and have ear-marked funds with discounted interests and subsidies. We will actively promote small and medium-sized enterprises in the cluster  to expand  their financing through being listed, equity investment funds, and many other channels. We will encourage small and medium-sized enterprises in the cluster to actively participate in the shingle financing of the “New 3rd Board” to attract strategic investors to make their main businesses bigger and stronger. We will encourage social capitals to invest in public service platforms of the industrial clusters, special markets, infrastructure and production service sectors.

●The  industrial cluster development  is a systems engineering with extensive areas, strong policy impacts and great difficulties in implementation. The governments at all levels should reach consensus, form synergy and push it with concerted efforts. We will actively implement various preferential policies of the state and the region to support cluster development and upgrade our services to the enterprises in the clusters. We will lose no time to clear various unreasonable charging and policies that have adverse impacts on the cluster development, and we will strictly investigate and punish actions that interfere with the normal operations of the enterprises and infringe legitimate rights and interests of the enterprises in the clusters. We will support and encourage guilds to play a role in intensifying industrial self-disciplines, making sectoral regulations and industrial standards, protecting intellectual rights, exchanging information, expanding market, etc. among the enterprises in the clusters. We will create a strong social atmosphere to support the development of industrial clusters and create ideal environments to expedite the development of industrial clusters.

Highlighting Private Economy

●Relaxing Access and Conditions Jilin Province will adhere to the principle of “entry unless prohibited”, and encourage private enterprises to enter the sectors of basic industries, infrastructure, public utilities, social programs, affordable housing, etc. in the fields of construction, financial services and social services. Jilin Province will allow intellectual property rights, land use rights, equities, bonds, forest rights, etc. to be used as capital contributions, and the total registered investment amount can account for 70% of the total registered capital. Unless otherwise provided by the laws and regulations on business operation venues, residential premises may be used as business operation venues when the stakeholders give the consent. Jilin Province will support individual industrial and commercial households to upgrade to enterprises and still use their original names as long as there is no duplication of names.

●Encouraging All People  to Carve Out Their Businesses.

To the enterprises as a result of business promotion and investment attraction, or to those established by returnee Jilin people and those newly established within the province, the financial authorities at the same level will make funding arrangements to support them within 2 years since these enterprises begin to be in operation. Jilin Province will support the construction of development zone and industrial parks, encourage the development of the featured leading industrial groups and clusters and public service platforms with special funds. It will support various development zones and industrial parks to build incubator buildings, workshops and plants for micro and small enterprise incubation and private enterprises pioneer parks. The new bases and new enterprises in the industrial parks will be supported by the financial authorities at the same level within 3 years with capital subsidies according to their contribution to the governments.

Jilin Province will encourage the development zones and the parks to provide public service platforms for financing guarantees, R & D, technical testing, personnel training, etc. to create good conditions for the development of private enterprises. It will encourage chambers of commerce, associations, and other social groups, and trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federations and other mass organizations to provide services to all the people in business. Governments at all levels will provide support with special funds as well.

●Supporting Scientific and Technological Innovation

Jilin Province will encourage enterprises to merge and acquire foreign advanced science and technology enterprises and employ foreign experts. When the provincial departments in charge have confirmed the merger or acquisition, the government will offer 10% of the M & A and employment costs as incentives, which will be allocated from the provincial and local governments from the special funds.

Jilin Province will vigorously promote technological resources marketization. It will encourage universities, research institutes and large enterprises to open their laboratories as professional and technical resources, and the financial authorities at the same level will subsidize them within five years according to their foreign service income contributions they make to the local governments.

Jilin Province will support the construction of enterprise technical centers and public technology service platforms, and use the provincial special funds to subsidize them when they reach the provincial level. The governments of the locality where the enterprises are located will offer counterpart support.  It will scientific and technological development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and encourage the enterprises to develop new products and apply new technologies. The Jilin Province will encourage the leaders and important participants of service inventions to acquire shares with technology investments, which may be done through local governments’ incentives and borrowed advance funds. The borrowings may be gradually repaid from the shareholder dividends. The local governments may offer awards to R&D personnel who have made special contributions and the R&D personnel who invent the first set of equipment in China and in Jilin Province according to their contributions.

●Fostering and Opening Markets

Jilin Province will support large enterprises to take their bulk material procurement and product supply as the orientation, and attract and found private ancillary enterprises by means of joint-stock and other forms. The local government will make arrangements for capital incentives to large enterprises according to their annual contributions to the locality. 

In procurement and tender, the governments at all levels will actively purchase products and services from private enterprises, increase the transparency of government information, and reduce the costs of enterprises for gaining access to information and participation in the tender.

The governments at all levels will actively create demands, encourage the establishment of community enterprises for community policing, traffic coordination, food and drug safety production problems detection, floating population management, service for the aged, etc. so that community service will become a new realm for private enterprises to enter.

The governments at all levels will support enterprises to take advantage of a variety of platforms to develop new markets, and provide the enterprises with subsidies of booth fees and meeting fees for them to organizations to participate in domestic and international famous exhibitions and expositions. It will support the development of modern service clusters, the headquarters buildings and building economies, etc. with the physical market, allocate special supporting funds. It will encourage enterprises to create brand names and trademarks, and offer incentives to the enterprises with newly recognized Chinese brand-names and well-known Chinese trademarks.

●Strengthening Financial Services

Jilin Province will support private enterprises to get listed and issue bonds. The governments at all levels will offer financial subsidies to the enterprises that are newly listed or have recently issued bonds.

Jilin Province will give play to the role of various types of investment funds, in particular, the funds set up by the government for small and medium-sized enterprises and private economic development to support the development of private economy. The local government will offer appropriate incentives to the enterprises that have contributed greatly to the local economy.

Jilin Province will vigorously develop small loan companies and rural banks. The shareholding quota of the largest shareholder or the main initiator of the small loan company may be raised to 50%. In case of the registered capital being more than 500 million Yuan, there will be no such shareholding quota. It will support small-loan companies to set up branches and bet listed.

Jilin Province will actively develop security companies, support to broaden the range of pledge of accounts receivable and other movable property guarantees, encourage lowering guarantee fees, and actively support the financing of private enterprises.

Jilin Province will guide financial institutions to support private enterprises with loans. The local government will offer some incentives to those whose annual loan balance has increased by more than 10% over the previous year.

●Strengthening Financial Support

In 2013, the sizes of the special funds to small and medium-sized enterprises and private economy and the development funds will reach 1 billion Yuan. The municipalities (prefectures), the Changbai Mountain Development Zone, and the counties (cities) will also set up the corresponding special funds to small and medium-sized enterprises and private economy and the development funds. The special funds to small and medium-sized enterprises and private economy are mainly used for scientific and technological innovation, public service system, incubators and business parks, mergers and acquisitions of science and technology enterprises, opening up technical resources, market development, personnel training, financial services and other aspects. The development funds to small and medium-sized enterprises and private economic are mainly used for equity investments, venture capitals and technological achievements commercialization. By means of equity participation, they will actively guide the social funds in the restructuring of private enterprises in revolving development. The governmental funds at all levels will treat all types of investing subjects equally.

The local financial authorities will offer funding incentives to newly established private enterprises in community service within three years after their founding according to their contributions to the local government.

●Improving Development Environment

Establishing a standard and service-oriented government of integrity. Jilin Province will reform its administrative review and approval, and delegate the approval authority. It will standardize administrative review and approval and enforcement actions. It will improve the administrative review and approval processes, and improve efficiency. It will sort out and to reduce the administrative, institutional, operational and service charges. The terms committed by the government must be fulfilled; the contracts signed by the government and enterprises must be fully implemented; the obligations of the former government must be continued by the successive governments. The governments at all levels will organize institutions and employ intermediaries to provide private enterprises with tracking services, and timely coordinate and solve problems encountered by private enterprises during development.

Jilin Province will fully respect private enterprises’ dominant position in the market and the law on equal status. It will actively guide and promote private enterprise to operate in compliance with the law, good faith and trustworthiness, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of their employees.

The soft environment offices at all  levels will set up a public phone to oversee the implementation of government policies at all levels, handle and to solve reasonable and legitimate demands from enterprises, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, supervise the construction of soft environment, and strictly investigate and deal with cases involving software environment.

Preferential policies of Jilin Province for introduction of talents

●Financial aid

Any enterprising talent (team) to start up technology-based enterprises shall have  the financial aid of 1 million Yuan from the Jilin Province Financial Department. Any innovative talent or modern service industry talent (team) shall have the financial aid of 500,000 Yuan.

The talents ranking in the national “1000-people Program” will receive the 500000-1000000 yuan subsidy/per person granted by the Central Finance. Any incoming talent to be engaged in research development projects, after deliberation and approval, shall have no less than 1 million Yuan as startup investment, according to the need for project investments, by means of venture company investment, warranty, etc. by the industrial park, where the enterprise is to settle down.

●Preferential tax

The subsidies offered to recruited talents shall be deemed as the provincial-level bonuses and be exempted from individual income tax in accordance with relevant regulations.

●Support to enterprise startups

No less than 200 square meters of workplace and no less than 150 square meters of residential houses shall be provided for research-based enterprise startups, and the rental of three years shall be exempted.

For intellectual property right as equity, the evaluated amount may reach 70% of the registered capital of the company.

When the talent’s R&D products are industrialized and in the stage of scale production, he or she can apply for the capital for research result conversion according to relevant regulations. The project in line with the regulations shall be given loan interest subsidies for loans within 3 million Yuan due in three years.

We will give priority to recommending applications for the national scientific and technological programs. Various provincial-level scientific and technological programs will give priority to supporting R&D projects implemented by recruited talents as leaders and research result commercialization projects. We will give priority to recommending talent recruitment programs to domestic financial institutions and venture capital firms. 

●Livelihood treatment

In accordance with the policies of the state and the province, we will properly resolve problems concerning household settlement registration, insurance, taxation, spouse arrangement, children schooling, etc. of the recruited talents.

Any institution or enterprise with business operational incomes should give the talent who is employed to meet specific needs or who has made great contributions subsidies for housing, medical care, insurance, etc., and the subsidy amount will be subject to the entity’s decision.

The house purchase subsidy, settlement allowance and research startup fund from the enterprise can be included in the cost accounting.

●Recognition awards

Giving priority experts with outstanding contributions to the state, experts with the special allowance from the State Council, and provincial-level senior experts for being recommended as candidates for membership of academicians of the two academies of China.


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