Institutional Function

Functions of the Jilin Province Bureau of Economic and Technical Cooperation

I. Implementing development strategies, guidelines and policies of the state on regional economic cooperation; drawing up local regulations and rules for using foreign capital and regional economic cooperation; drawing up implementation rules and organizing their implementation.
II. Drawing up midterm and long-term plans and annual plans for economic and technical cooperation and business investment promotion, and organizing their implementation; guiding the business investment promotion work in Jilin Province, and organizing big events of business investment promotion; tracking and coordinating preparations for big business investment projects, applying for establishment procedures and follow-up services.
III. Responsible for liaison and service to various overseas and domestic business investment activities held in our province; responsible for liaison, coordination and reception of overseas and domestic economic cooperation delegations to our province, organizing relevant regions and organizations to participate in business talks; responsible for liaison, talk and other activities for overseas visits by business investment delegations of our provincial government; organizing participation in domestic and overseas exhibitions and exposition; responsible for implementing the work in our province as part of the regional economic cooperation set forth by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
IV. Organizing the Chang-Ji-Tu planning implementation; organizing and drawing up midterm and long-term plans and annual plans for Chinese-Russian and Chinese-DPRK frontier cooperation, and organizing their implementations; guiding the development and building of the Hunchun Export Processing Zone and the Hunchun Chinese-Russian frontier trade, engaged in frontier international regional cooperation. 
V. Responsible for macro management and guiding of the development zones, industrial clusters and cooperation parks in Jilin Province; drawing up overall development strategies of development zones, industrial clusters and cooperation parks in Jilin Province; drawing up midterm and long-term development plans and relevant policies; responsible for establishment of development zones, industrial clusters and cooperation parks in Jilin Province, and for organizing applications for national-level development zones, etc.; coordinating relevant departments to draw up plans for development zones, reviewing designing plan for important development projects of the development zones; working together with relevant departments to guide the building of development zones, industrial clusters and cooperation parks.
VI. Responsible for services to investment enterprises from outside our province, and making relevant service policies and measures; supervising foreign-funded enterprises in terms of observations of laws and regulations, contracts and articles of association; guiding and managing business investment promotions and foreign-funded enterprises in their operations in our province.
VII. Responsible for economic and technical information exchange and acquiring information on economic and technical cooperation, business investment promotion and regional cooperation at home and abroad, in our province and outside our province; responsible for establishing, managing and network building of the Jilin database on business investments.
VIII. Drawing up relevant policies and regulations on assistance to oriented areas, etc.; organizing the details for our province to support the Three Gorges Construction; responsible for relevant work like liaison to economic and technical consultants of the provincial government.
IX. Organizing any other issues delegated by the provincial government and the national Ministry of Commerce.
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