Advantage Industry Catalog
 Jilin Province


1. Water-saving irrigation and dry land water-saving technologies, technical development and application of conservation tillage technologies
2. Meat chickens, meat geese, pigs, beef cattle, mutton sheep and sika deer raising and product processing
3. Development and processing of the Changbai Mountain specialty eco-foods and beverages, such as ginseng, deer pilos antler, mountain grapes, nuts, mountain wild vegetables, fungi, forest frogs, tussahs, honey, etc. 
4. Production of natural mineral water for drinking (shares to be controlled by the Chinese party)
6. Development and integrated utilization of diatomite resources (except surveying and mining)
6. Manufacture of textile, knitting and garments made of deluxe cotton, wool, hemp and chemical fibers
7. Lignite wax extraction
8. Development, conservation and sustainable utilization of flora and fauna medicinal resources (except the restricted and prohibited categories in the “Guiding Catalogue of Foreign-funded Industries”) 
9. Special (super-white, super-thin, online Low-E, hollow, super-thick) quality float glass technology development and processing
10. Production of carbon fiber precursor and carbon fiber, auxiliary materials needed for their production, carbon fiber composites, and their products
11. Production of high-performance radial tire production, including tubeless truck radial tire, low-section and flattened (lower than the 55-series) tire, big-rim high-performance sedan radial tire (over 15 inches), aviation tire and rural-use tire
12. Development and production of medical equipment and its key components
13. Auto parts manufacture: 6-gear and above automatic gearbox, high power density drive axle for commercial vehicles, follow-up headlamp system, LED headlamps, light material applications (high-strength steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, composite plastic, powder metallurgy, high-strength complex fibers, etc.), clutches, hydraulic shock absorbers, central-control plate assembly, chairs, etc.
14. Manufacture of biomass power generation equipment (limited to joint venture and cooperation enterprises)
15. Broadband services and telecom value-added services (within the framework of our country’s commitments to the WTO accession)
16. Road passenger transportation companies
17. Motor financial service
18. Urban fuel gas, heating power and water supply & Drainage pipeline construction and operation (shares to be controlled by the Chinese party in any city with a population of over 500000)
19. Medical and nursing home institutions
20. Animation creation and production (limited to cooperation of broadcast, film and TV animation productions), and development of their derivatives
21. Development of ice and snow resources, and construction and operation of ski resorts
22. Protection, development and operation of tourist attractions, and construction of their supporting facilities
23. Projects of fine and deep processing and follow-up industries in resource-exhausted cities upon approval by the national competent authorities of investments
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