Application for Verification of Investment Projects
 Application for Verification of Investment Projects
 (I) Project name, operation time and basics about the investor(s)
(II) Project implementation scale, major construction contents and products, main technologies and processes to be adopted, target markets, and planned number of workers
(III) Project site, demands for resources like land, water, energy, etc., and consumptions of main raw materials 
(IV) Environmental impact assessment
(V) Prices of public products or services
(VI) Total investment in the project, registered capital, contribution of each party, funding methods and financing plans, equipment to be imported and its value
The project application to be submitted to the DRC should also contain the following documents:
 (I) Both the Chinese and the foreign investors’ enterprise registration certificates (business licenses), business registration certificates, audited latest corporate financial statements (including balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements), and capital credit certificates issued by the banks
(II) Letter of investment intent and Board of Directors resolutions on capital increase and merger & acquisition projects
(III) Financing teasers issued by banks
(IV) Environmental impact assessments issued by the provincial or the national environmental protection administrative authorities
(V) Letter of opinions issued by the provincial planning authorities on site selection
(VI) Letter of initial review opinions issued by the project or national land resources administrations
(VII) Confirmation documents issued by the competent authorities in case of contributions by means of state-owned assets or land use rights
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