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Jing Junhai Presided over the Provincial Government’s Executive Meeting: Study and Formulate the Enterprise Wage Payment Method and Other Work
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On December 7, provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai presided over the 26th executive meeting of the provincial government in 2018 to study and formulate the enterprise wage payment method.

The meeting discussed and passed the Enterprise Wage Payment Method of Jilin Province, the Implementation Plan for Improving and Promoting the Consumption System and Mechanism to Further Stimulate the Consumption Potential of Residents, the Implementation Opinions of Jilin Province on Accelerating the Innovation-driven Development of Counties, the Implementation Opinions on Implementing the Certain Opinions of the State Council on Comprehensively Strengthening the Basic Scientific Research, etc. and decided to report or issue it according to procedures. The meeting listened to the work report on the special action of combating fraud of the medical security fund.

The meeting pointed out the formulation of the enterprise wage payment method is of vital importance to the working people. Need to standardize the wage payment behavior of enterprises, improve the wage guarantee system for migrant workers and the law-abiding management system for corporate wage payment, and form a legalized, standardized and normalized system protection, Strengthen monitoring on the payment of enterprise wages, clarify the disciplinary mechanism, severely crack down on malicious wage arrears, and ensure the payment of wages for key groups such as migrant workers.

The meeting stressed improving the mechanism and system of promoting consumption is conducive to stimulating the consumption potential of residents and expanding the new growth point of consumption. Need to follow the trend of consumption transformation and upgrading, carefully carry out the promotion activities of various festivals and commercial complexes well, and do everything possible to promote the consumption in culture, tourism, health, pension, sports and other fields to upgrade quality and expand capacity. Strengthen market supervision and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

The meeting pointed out accelerating the innovation-driven development of counties is an effective way to improve the quality and efficiency of county-level economic development. Need to adhere to innovation driving, leading by talents, demand orientation, and adapting to local conditions, focus on distinctive industries and scientific and technological resources, build innovative towns, and promote the transformation and upgrading of industries in counties.

The meeting stressed strengthening basic scientific research is the driving force behind the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy. Need to follow the law of scientific development, introduce into and cultivate innovative talents, and improve the research level. Based on the development needs of Jilin, increase support to advantageous and distinctive disciplines and consolidate the foundation of innovative development.

The meeting stressed combating fraud of the medical security fund is related to maintaining the safety of the medical insurance fund and safeguarding the well-being of the people. Need to deeply carry out the special action of “looking back”, strengthen supervision, fill shortcomings, block loopholes, prevent risks, establish a long-term mechanism, cut off the interest chain, make unannounced visits and open investigations, and severely impose heavy penalties to form a powerful shock. Strengthen the management of medical insurance payment, adhere to the combination of payment with investigation and investigation with combating, explore the establishment of a credit rating system for medical institutions, and advocate law-abiding and integrity management.

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