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Jilin Provincial Party Committee Held a Standing Committee Meeting
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On December 6, the provincial Party committee held a meeting of the standing committee to convey the spirit of the important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the occasion of the Fifth National Constitution Day, and discussed the Thirty Opinions of the Political and Legal Organs of Jilin Province on Safeguarding the Healthy Development of Private Enterprises and the "Digital Jilin" Construction Plan. Provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

The meeting pointed out, since the 18th NPC, General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to comprehensively governing the country by law, put forward a series of new concepts, new ideas and new strategies, clarified the guiding ideology, development path, work layout and key tasks for comprehensively governing the country by law, and provided a fundamental basis for us to comprehensively strengthen the study, propaganda and implementation of the Constitution and accelerate the construction of legal Jilin. Need to establish an awareness of the Constitution. Leading cadres at all levels must strictly exercise their powers, perform their duties, and carry out their work in accordance with the Constitution and law, and take the lead in set a model of respecting, studying, abiding, and using law. Need to ensure the implementation of the Constitution, regard the Constitution as the fundamental basis for comprehensively governing the province, promote scientific legislation, strict law enforcement, fair justice, and law abiding by all the people under the leadership of the Party, strengthen supervision of the Constitution, safeguard the dignity and authority of the Constitution, and ensures the full and effective implementation of the Constitution. Need to carry out propaganda and education, deeply carry out publicity and education activities of respecting, learning, abiding and safeguarding the Constitution, carry forward the spirit of the Constitution, and carry forward the awareness of socialist rule of law so that the broad masses and cadres will loyally advocate, consciously abide by and firmly safeguard the socialist rule of law.

The meeting pointed out that the formulation of the Thirty Opinions of the Political and Legal Organs of Jilin Province on Safeguarding the Healthy Development of Private Enterprises plays an important promotion role in rebuilding the environment and promoting the high-quality development and sustainable development of the province's private economy. The political and legal organs of the province should improve their political position, strengthen the sense of responsibility, adhere to equal protection and active services, standardize law enforcement, strengthen publicity, actively play the role of rule of law in protecting property rights, stabilizing expectations, and stimulating innovation, and create a good rule of law environment for the development of the private economy.

The meeting pointed out, to speed up the construction of "Digital Jilin", we must persist in highlighting the construction of digital government and speed up the improvement of government governance capabilities and standards; must adhere to the direction of digital economy, accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and promote high-quality development; must insist on fully exploiting our own advantages, give full play to the role of market players and inject new vitality into the revitalization of Jilin in the new era. Need to do a good job in integration, promote the comprehensive and deep integration of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with the industry, agriculture, and service, actively foster and develop new formats and new modes, and create new economic growth points. Need to highlight project leading, seize time to plan and start a number of key projects and strive to promote these projects to start construction and achieve results as soon as possible. Need to strengthen basic support, accelerate the construction and application of infrastructure, strengthen key links of work, such as basic theoretical research, core technology research, scientific and technological application development, and talent team building, and consolidate the foundation of digital Jilin construction.

The meeting also studied other matters.

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