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Bayanqolu Stressed in Surveying CMMC: Solidly Take the Road of Mutual Complement of Ecological Protection and Eco-tourism
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On December 5, provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu came to survey Changbai Mountain Management Committee (CMMC). He stressed need to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instruction on the revitalization of the Northeast, firmly establish the concept that both green mountains and waters and ice and snow are gold and silver mines, seize opportunities, broaden ideas, innovate in development, ensure safety, develop the snow economy well and solidly take the road of mutual complement of ecological protection and eco-tourism well.

In recent years, Changbai Mountain's unique ice and snow resources have created a “sparkle point” for winter tourism in Jilin Province and have become a “hot tourism industry” in Jilin. Bayanqolu came to the Changbai Mountain Hepingsiji Terrain Park to check the infrastructure construction of the ski resort in detail, have a friendly conversation with the ski instructors and athletes of the national team, who are in training, and take vehicle to the top of the mountain to see the full view of the ski resort. He asked the ski resort to firmly establish the concept of safety first, comprehensively improve the quality and level of service, and create a high-quality winter ice and snow destination. He pointed out that ice and snow is a valuable ecological resource of the province. Need to firmly grasp the historical opportunity of the Beijing Winter Olympics, highlight project driving, integrate ice and snow resources, promote regional linkage, strengthen the ice and snow industry, expand the ice and snow economy, strive to turn "cold resources" into "hot economy", and truly make the ice and snow become gold and silver mines of promoting high-quality development and the masses to become rich.

Bayanqolu came to Crowne Plaza Changbai Mountain and Changbai Mountain Temple Site learn more about the construction of Changbai Mountain volcanic hot spring tribe and the archaeological excavation of the site. He pointed out need to speed up the integrated development of ecology, culture and tourism, further develop and excavate the characteristic cultural elements of Changbai Mountain, innovate in development methods, and enhance the quality of development. There are rich tourism resources along Dunhua-Baihe (Changbai Mountain) High-speed Railway that will form an efficient and convenient fast passenger transportation network to the Northeast and the entire country after completion. Since the construction started last August, it has completed an investment of RMB 3.2 billion, accounting for 30% of the total investment. Bayanqolu is very concerned about the progress of the project. He came to the construction site of the Baihe Bridge of Dunhua-Baicheng High-speed Railway to inquire about the construction situation, and asked all parties to arrange the organization scientifically, strengthen coordination and cooperation, solve problems together, and ensure the safety, quality and progress.

Bayanqolu is very concerned about the ecological protection of Changbai Mountain. In Huangsongpu wilderness patrol point of Baihe Protection Station, he inquired in detail about the protection center’s winter field patrol, feeding and aid, and wildlife monitoring. He was very happy once knowing the number of wild animals such as black bears, brown bears, donkeys and wild boars has doubled. He pointed out that a good ecology is the source of the return of wild animals. Need to further increase ecological protection and make Changbai Mountain a paradise for wild animals. In Erdaobaihe Bridge, he carefully reviewed the ecological restoration and environmental protection supervision and rectification on both banks. He pointed out that Changbai Mountain is a selfless gift of nature and a great treasure of Jilin. Always keep in mind the earnest entrust of General Secretary Xi Jinping, constantly increase protection like protecting your eyes and treating your life, and protect the green mountain and water for future generations.

Hongqi Village, Wanbao Town, Antu County is a traditional Korean village. In recent years, relying on Changbai Mountain tourism and Korean folk culture resources, the village is well-known for the national customs tour. . This year, it has received tourists for nearly 500,000 person times. On the way back, Bayanqolu came here to learn more about the development of folklore tourism, and required the village to combine folk tourism with beautiful rural construction, combine industrial development with enriching of people, and build a distinctive classic scenic spot of Korean folk culture.

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