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Bayanqolu Stressed in Surveying Dunhua City: Emancipate Mind, Deepen Reforms, Forge Ahead and Accelerate High-quality Development of Jilin
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On December 4, provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu braved the cold to survey Dunhua City. He stressed need to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the revitalization of the Northeast, fully implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 11th Jilin Provincial Party Committee, emancipate the mind, deepen reforms, forge ahead with pressure, further optimize the business environment, promote innovation and transformation, promote high-quality development and accelerate the comprehensive and all-round revitalization of Jilin in the new era.

Dunhua-Baihe (Changbai Mountain) High-speed Railway is a southward extension of Changchun-Hunchun High-speed Railway. After completion, it will end the history of no direct passenger train between Dunhua and Baihe, and make the cities along the line directly enter the high-speed rail era. Bayanqolu came to the project manager department to learn more about the progress of the project. He pointed out Dunhua-Baihe High-speed Railway is one of the important railway transportation channels for Changchun-Jilin-Tumen Development and Opening-up Pilot Area and is of great significance for promoting the province to deeply integrate the “One Belt and One Road”, driving the regional economic development, and especially promoting global tourism and ice and snow economy as well as exchanges in regional economy, trade, culture, etc. Under the premise of ensuring quality and safe production, scientifically arrange construction, speed up the construction progress, and provide a strong transportation support for the revitalization of Jilin in the new era.

Bayanqolu has successively come to Jilin Province Deyun Electric Co., Ltd., Aodong Industrial Park, Jinsai Pharmaceutical Industrial Park and Changyou Food Co., Ltd. to learn more about their production, operation and innovation development. In Deyun Electric, he carefully inquired the company about the operation, if reaching environmental protection standards, and safe production. He hoped the company will seize the opportunity of open cooperation, actively explore the international market, adhere to the bottom line of safe production and ecological environmental protection, and further grow stronger. In Aodong Industrial Park, he walked into the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse and production workshop to learn more about technology research and development, transformation and application of results, etc. and encouraged the company to put independent innovation in a prominent position, further increase investment in science and technology, continuously enhance the core competitiveness and promote more products to step towards high end. At the project construction site of Jinsai Pharmaceutical, he encouraged the company to speed up the construction process and ensure the project to come into production and reach production efficiency as early as possible, and require the local Party committee and government to give full play to resource advantages, optimize the development environment, improve the service level and guide pharmaceutical companies to develop in the direction of clustering.

Changyou Food has sold its products across the country and the world, including South Korea and the United States. He walked into the production workshop to understand the development of the company, expressed his appreciation for the company's focus on the industry and main business as well as on brand cultivation. He encouraged the company to further expand the e-commerce marketing channels, ensure product quality, expand the industrial scale and increase the income of the masses.

In the survey, Bayanqolu stressed promoting high-quality development is the "golden key" and "bovine nose" of revitalization of Jilin Province in the new era. We must unite the consensus of the province and gather the strength of the province to vigorously promote the construction of leading and original projects, accelerate the cultivation and development of emerging industries, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and promote the dynamic change, quality change, and efficiency change in the revitalization of Jilin Province in the new era. Need to comprehensively deepen the reform and opening up in the new era, unswervingly encourage and support the development of the private economy, resolutely reinvigorate the environment, and accelerate the establishment of systems and mechanisms and a development environment conductive to high-quality development. Need to continue to deepen the work style construction, and cadres at all levels must take tangible actions, achieve the first-class results and first-class level, and take solid steps in high-quality development.

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