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Jing Junhai Stressed at the Second Meeting of the Leading Group on Building Digital Jilin: Systematically and Pragmatically Promote Construction of Digital Jilin
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On December 3, Jing Junhai, Deputy Secretary of Jilin Provincial Party Committee and Governor, presided over the second meeting of the leading group on building digital Jilin. He stressed need to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instruction on building digital China, implement the deployment of the provincial Party committee and provincial government, adhere to the advanced and practical principle, strengthen top-level design, systematically and pragmatically promote the construction of digital Jilin, and foster new kinetic energy for promoting high-quality development and taking a new road of revitalization and development.

The meeting listened to a number of work reports, such as the drafting of the digital Jilin construction plan and the launch of “Jilin Xiangyun” big data platform (phase I). Jing Junhai pointed out that, in recent years, all localities and departments have acted swiftly to comprehensively start the construction of digital Jilin, deepen cooperation with key enterprises, and have done a lot of fruitful work and achieved stage results.

Jing Junhai stressed promoting the construction of digital Jilin is an effective measure to improve the efficiency of dealing with government affairs, optimize the business environment and facilitate the people to handle things. First, need to further improve the ideological understanding. Identify technical paths, integrate shared resources, and ensure information security. On the basis of deepening the most thorough "decentralization, management and service” reform and the most efficient "running only once" reform, accelerate the construction of digital Jilin with the digital government construction as the lead. Second, need to further highlight top-level design. Focus on "construction, use, integration, and management", build communication infrastructure well, integrate government departments, economic sectors, and all aspects of the society by rational use of digital means, strengthen supervision over the digital field, make up for short boards, block loopholes, prevent risks, and promote development. Third, need to further strengthen project planning. Combining with the "one main and six pairs" industrial space layout, carry out dislocation development of the digital economy. Combining with the "four major projects" for industrial transformation and upgrading, realize industrialization of digital and digitalization of industries, enable digital to become the source of industries, and support the new world of digital industry. Combining with the "five cooperation" for opening up, take the road of open cooperation. Fourth, need to further build an intensive platform. Focus on the "one network, one door and one time" government service reform, create a secure and unified government affairs platform, accelerate the construction of a convenient and efficient digital livelihood service platform, grasp the construction of government supervision platforms such as smart politics and law and smart environmental protection platforms, and achieve interconnection and sharing. Fifth, need to further strengthen the protection of factors. Attract and cultivate talents, optimize the development environment, and form a good atmosphere.

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