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Bayanqolu Stressed at the Province’s Video Conference on Dispatching Flood Control: Make Concerted Efforts to Ensure the Province to Safely Pass through the Flood Season
Date:2018/08/20 09:26:00 Author: Source:



Affected by typhoon “Capricorn”, heavy rain and torrential rain continued to occur in most parts of the province recently. On the morning of August 14, Provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu came to the provincial flood control and drought relief command center to urgently convene the province’s video conference on dispatching flood control to re-dispatch, re-arrange and re-implement the province’s flood control work.


In the provincial flood control and drought relief command center, Bayanqolu learned in detail about the province's rain condition, flood situation, and flood control of large and medium-sized reservoirs and listened to the reports on related situations from the provincial flood control and drought relief command center, the provincial meteorological bureau, Jilin City, Siping City, Tonghua City, Liaoyuan City, Panshi City, Huadian City, Yitong County, Dongfeng County and other places and departments.

After fully affirming the previous stage of flood prevention work by all localities and all departments, Bayanqolu pointed out, since the beginning of the flood season, the whole province, in accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the work requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, has always put flood control and flood prevention work in the prominent position, actively taken action, solidly worked, and been strictly on guard and defended to the last so that the province's flood control work has achieved solid results. Currently, the province's flood control work is at a critical juncture. Need to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping on flood prevention and relief work, always put the people's lives and safety in the first place, persist in fighting against big flood, resisting big disasters and dealing with big emergencies, resolutely overcome paralytic thought and fluke mind, make full efforts to do each work on fighting against flood, resisting disasters and dealing with emergencies well and ensure the safety and social stability of the province during flood season.


Bayanqolu stressed principal responsible comrades of Party committees, governments and relevant departments at all levels should hold the front line of flood control, strengthen being on duty, think of and do work ahead, and reach having the responsibility, being responsible for and being conscientious for defending the territory. Need to adhere to scientific dispatch, pay close attention to changes in the rain condition and flood situation, conscientiously do a good job in analysis and judgment, forecast and early warning, focus on grasping work in dangerous sections, dangerous reservoirs and other key links, solidly do prevention work for small reservoirs, small watersheds and other weak links well, scientifically command and dispatch and ensure the orderly advancement of flood prevent and control. Need to uphold the supremacy of life, always put the people's lives and safety in the first place, earnestly transfer and resettle people in dangerous areas, further implement responsibility and strengthen contracting, and ensure no dead ends are left and all are put in place. Need to make good preparation for defense. Meteorological, water conservancy, land and other departments must strengthen routine scheduling, strengthen preparation in personnel, materials and other aspects, and prevent and act early. Need to release relevant information and the situation of preventing flood in a comprehensive, timely and accurate manner and maintain the overall stability of the society. The civil affairs, finance and other departments must make good plans to ensure the threatened personnel are transferred and properly resettled in a timely manner and have food, clothing, clean drinking water and reliable places of residence.

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