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The "2018 Global Promotion of Jilin Province - Foreign Envoys to Jilin" Will Be Held
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On the morning of August 14, the provincial government news office held a press conference, saying the province will hold the “2018 Global Promotion of Jilin Province – Foreign Envoys to Jilin” from August 17 to 21. The event was jointly organized by Jilin Provincial Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and undertaken by Jilin Provincial Foreign Affairs Office. The event will last for 5 days and invite some foreign diplomatic envoys in China, senior executives of multinationals, representatives of international chambers of commerce and associations, and representatives of overseas Chinese media to enter Jilin to start a wonderful trip in Jilin.

This activity aims at focusing on the center, serving the overall situation, focusing on development, and promoting openness, carefully design the overall idea for the activity, carefully plan the study trip of envoys, strive to make foreign envoys and international guests feel "four haves" in Jilin, namely, having stories, scenery, characteristics and sentiment, and truly let foreign envoys and international guests appreciate the wonder of Jilin and deeply brand wonderful Jilin in heart. The theme of the event is “China in the New Era: Wonderful Jilin Embraces the World”. The overall idea of the activity is concise into 12 words, such as visiting 3 cities, watching 5 wonders, saying things seen and heard and promoting cooperation. These four links are closely linked, complement with each other, are in good order and can best show wonderful Jilin in the shortest time.

In order to realize the original intention and goal of showing the most wonderful Jilin in the most exciting way, the province has set up a leading group and made a lot of solid and effective preparation work. At the same time, all member units attached great importance to it, acted quickly and are orderly promoting each preparatory work such as invitation, promotion, publicity and reception in an orderly manner, laying a solid foundation for ensuring the success of the event.

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