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Jilin Province Takes the Lead to Launch Remote Handling of Household Registration Certificates within the Province
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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the video conference on implementing the “decentralization, management and service” reform in the public security organs throughout the country, the provincial public security department made every effort to promote the “only running once” reform to develop in depth. Since July 20, the province has taken the lead to launch the remote handling of household registration certificates in the province. Currently, the household registration certificates that can be issued by the police station mainly includes four types, certificate on change of household registration items, certificate of household registration cancelation, proof family relationship and temporary identification paper.


Since today, as long as their information can be found in the relevant system of the public security organ, applicants can apply for handling the above-mentioned certificates to the local police station of the place of residence or the workplace with the legal and valid documents such as own ID cards and household registration books. The legal and valid documents such as own ID cards and household registration books of consigners and consignees are required to be provided when the above-mentioned certificates are entrusted to be handled by others and can be handled once their information are verified to be real. For those their relevant information is not recorded in the system and needed to be verified with paper files, the applicants need to return to the police station where the household registration is located to handle the certificates.


The relevant person in charge of the household administration management team of the provincial public security department, introduced carrying out the work of remote handling of household registration certificates is a concrete measure to promote the people-facilitating management of administrative examination and approval and has a strong role in further strengthening the standardization of household registration windows and reducing the burden of the people. After the implementation of this measure, the masses can handle relevant household registration certificates at the local police station of the workplace, place of residence and the place of handling affairs according to their actual needs and in accordance with the principle of proximity and do not need to come and go between the place of handling affairs and the place of residence. It can greatly save the time cost and expense.

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