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Jilin Province Held the High-end Talent Introduction and Exchange Conference
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In order to gather talents and boost the new round of revitalization and development of Jilin, on the morning of June 27, the meeting on introducing into returned overseas Chinese talents and high-end talents & innovation and entrepreneurship exchange in Jilin Province in 2018 was held in Jilin Province Talent Market.136 employing units threw out the "olive branch" to talents and provided 1,236 high-end jobs. 216 people reached employment intention on the spot.


“Our company's demand for high-end talent is still relatively large. We preliminarily planned to recruit about 10 talents for six positions”, said Liang Wei, director of human resources at Jilin Provincial Yadong State Capital Investment Co., Ltd. As a state-owned enterprise, the company has adjusted the pay system, performance appraisal, etc. this year, mainly adopted an incentive mechanism, and made an adjustment of combining with the province and the country’s new policies in recruiting and introducing talents, with a purpose to attract more high-end talents. As a leading enterprise in the industry, Jilin GenSci Pharmaceutical is in urgent need of high-end talents in R&D and technology and the annual salary for technical talents can reach RMB 600,000 to RMB 800,000. Liu Changzhuo, director of the company's human resources department, introduced the company requires young, international, and professional high-end talents due to continuing to expand its business.


Sun Yu, a graduate student of earth exploration and information technology from Jilin University, made full preparation after learning a high-end talent recruitment meeting will be held today. He has been wanting to work in this profession. What he values more is the development prospects of companies and the future planning of companies for individuals. Sun Yu said “at today’s job fair, many positions provided by enterprises are related to my profession and the salary is very good to exceed my expectation. I’ve decided to take root in Jilin in both my job and career."


This talent exchange conference provided not only a good platform for people who are interested in returning to Jilin to take a job, but also a good opportunity for those who want to start a business. At the exchange meeting, 30 entrepreneurial projects were displayed and these projects have a high “gold content” as they have undergone rigorous screening.

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