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Bayanqolu Stressed: Constantly Gather the Majestic Power of Comprehensive Revitalization of Jilin in the New Era
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On the occasion when the whole province welcomes the 97th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, on the morning of June 26, the province held a report meeting on comrade Zheng Derong’s advanced deeds in Changchun to deeply cherish the memory of comrade Zheng Derong’s outstanding contributions to studying and spreading the Marxism and hard work to the CPC’s education cause, further learn and propagandize and vigorously promote the great personality and lofty spirit of comrade Zheng Derong, mobilize the whole province’s CPC members and cadres to take comrade Zheng Derong as an example, temper forward and forge ahead and continue to gather the majestic force of comprehensive revitalization and development of Jilin in the new era. Provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

At the report meeting, the report group’s five members vividly talked about the advanced deeds of comrade Zheng Derong from different aspects and their plain language and sincere feelings deeply infected everyone on the scene and aroused applauses at the venue.


After earnestly listening to the reports, Bayanqolu pointed out comrade Zheng Derong is a famous expert in the history of China's CPC, an important pioneer and founder of Marxism in China and a banner of the ideological and theoretical front in Jilin. Comrade Zheng Derong insisted on spreading the Marxism, loyally believing in the Marxism and firmly practicing the Marxism in his life, viewed science as life, devoted himself to the dissemination of scientific truths, inherited the red genes throughout his life, carried out moral education throughout the entire process of training students, tightly grasped the pulse of the times in his life, kept up with the times to explore the true meaning of Marxism, was model of being loyal to the CPC and always maintaining a high degree of consistency with the CPC Central Committee with comrade Xi Jinping as the core, was a model of keeping in mind the purpose and serving the people wholeheartedly, was a model of guarding the truth, the principle of Party spirit and the pursuit of science and was a model of not ceasing to struggle until the end of life.


Bayanqolu stressed comrade Zheng Derong was an advanced model who was born in Jilin, grew up in Jilin, and struggled in Jilin. He was persistent because of his faith and was sentimentally attached because of love and was a model for CPC members and cadres in the entire province to learn. Deeply learning and propagating the advanced deeds of comrade Zheng Derong is the need to deeply study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the 19th NPC and effectively strengthen arming with ideological theories; is the need to arm mind and guide practice with the most lively Marxism in contemporary China and continue to uphold the great banner of Marxism; the need to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the CPC and the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and educate CPC members to not change the original heart and take an oath to struggle; the need to stimulate CPC members and cadres and people of all ethnic groups in Jilin to work hard and condense the power of revitalization and development of Jilin in the new era. The province’s CPC members and cadres must learn his persistent pursuit of cherishing ideas and firming beliefs, learn his struggle spirit of abiding by his faith and going all out in work, learn his people feeling of keeping the purpose in mind and thinking of the masses, learn his innovative spirit of going with the times and having the courage to pioneer, learn his lofty sentiment of being indifferent to fame and wealth and being willing to dedicate, draw the driving force of advancing from the model's advanced deeds, and bring together the majestic power to promote the comprehensive revitalization and development of Jilin in the new era. Need to combine deeply learning and publicizing the advanced deeds of comrade Zheng Derong with deeply learning and publicizing General Secretary Xi Jinping's ideology of socialist with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the 19th NPC and set off a new wave of study and propaganda. Need to innovate in the form of learning and propaganda, make full use of platform carriers such as the institute of learning and propaganda in the new era and “e-branch in the new era” and expand the coverage and influence of learning. Need to organize CPC members and cadres to benchmark with advanced standards, self-exam and thoroughly realize, find gaps, and clarify the direction of their efforts. Need to promote comrade Zheng Derong’s advanced deeds to go into rural areas, communities, schools, organs, enterprises, camps and network and create a strong learning atmosphere.


Before the report meeting, Bayanqolu met with the relatives of comrade Zheng Derong and members of the report group.

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