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Jilin’s Famous Brands Came with Honor in CSAE
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From June 14 to 20, the provincial department of commerce organized 34 famous special agricultural products enterprises in the province to Kunming, Yunnan Province to participate in the 5th China-South Asia Expo & the 25th China Kunming Import and Export Commodities Fair (referred to as CSAE hereinafter). During the expo, the province’s enterprises sold all exhibits out, signed orders of RMB 20.5 million and intention orders of more than RMB 30 million, and achieved obvious exhibition results.

At the CSAE, the province concentrated on selling more than 500 categories of famous, excellent and special products of Jilin Province in an exhibition area of 200 square meters, covering rice, miscellaneous grains, delicacies, edible fungi, flavorings, health drinks, etc. During the event, the provincial department of commerce also organized and held a promotion and negotiation seminar of key enterprises and famous products in Jilin Province. A total of 150 guests from 11 chambers of commerce and associations and nearly 100 foreign companies from 14 countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Laos attended the seminar. The atmosphere of the seminar was very enthusiastic. Many enterprises in the province reached an intention on economic and trade cooperation with domestic and foreign buyers. The economic and trade exchanges between the province and southwest China and South Asia, Southeast Asia and other international markets have made a positive progress.

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