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Jilin Province Carried out the World Environment Day
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On June 5, in order to promote the 47th World Environment Day, the “Beautiful Jilin, we are in action” June 5 World Environment Day propaganda activity, organized by the provincial department of environmental protection, was launched at the provincial museum of natural history.


The event consisted of four parts, the signature activity for implementing the "environmental code of conduct for citizens" initiative, visiting the event’s exhibition boards and the museum of natural history, watching the ecological cultural arts report performance and holding green riding and walking activities. At the event site, an environmental protection propaganda matrix consisting of 53 exhibition boards covers the achievements made in the province's environmental protection work, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s ecological philosophy and environmental protection science knowledge, environmental code of conduct for citizens, general investigation of pollution sources, environmental protection industry, and science and technology on environmental protection. The relevant person in charge of the provincial department of environmental protection introduced he hoped to allow the entire society to actively participate in the ecological environment construction, work together, respect nature, conform to nature, protect nature, and accelerate the formation of green production methods and lifestyles through such an activity so that the sky will be bluer, mountains will be greener, waters will be clearer and the environment will be more beautiful.


At the site of Baishan City's theme publicity activity, there were 21 publicity exhibition boards covering environmental protection laws and regulations, popular science knowledge, general survey of pollution sources, and health and protection measures and 8 consulting desks. They distributed 1,000 reusable shopping bags and more than 5,000 pieces of promotional materials to the passing people, presented the initiative "beautiful Baishan, we are in action" to citizens and accepted consultations and complaints related to environmental protection from the masses at the site.


At the People’s Square in Liaoyuan City, the launch ceremony for environmental protection law volunteers in Longshan District was carried out in full swing. More than 700 environmental protection law volunteers participated in the environmental protection signature activity and watched the environmental protection-themed blackboard newspaper. On the same day, all towns and villages, communities, departments, and volunteer associations of Longshan District also carried out a variety of publicity activities, such as “public welfare without extra trouble”, lectures on environmental protection, and printing and producing publicity banners on environmental protection, to further create a good atmosphere, popularize environmental protection knowledge and personally strive to protect the green home.


At Songyuan Times Square, Songyuan City Environmental Protection Bureau joined hands with Songyuan City Committee of the Communist Youth League, PetroChina Jilin Oilfield Company, Songyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Jinzuan Community on Yanjiang Street in Ningjiang District and Banfu Community on Binjiang Street in Ningjiang District to carry out a “beautiful China, I am an actor”-themed environmental protection publicity activity. At the site of the event, 18 banners written with environmental slogans were hanged, 80 exhibition boards on environmental protection policies, environmental laws and regulations, environmental protection science knowledge, and environmental protection work results were placed and an environmental protection consulting desk was set up. During the event, more than 200 people, including workers of departments and units and environmental protection volunteers, jointly distributed more than 10 kinds of environmental protection propaganda materials, such as “environmental protection regulations handbook”, “ecological civilization knowledge handbook”, “civil environmental behavior handbook”, “100 questions on environmental protection knowledge”, “questions and answers on popularizing environmental protection laws” and “water source protection knowledge handbook” to the passing people, including 3,000 leaflets, 600 booklets, and 900 environmental protection shopping bags, answered questions on environmental knowledge for the masses who came to consult and also organized the on-site audience to participate in the “beautiful China, I am an actor”-themed environmental protection publicity activity.

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