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Bank of Jilin Was Approved to Set up a Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base
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Recently, Bank of Jilin was approved by Jilin Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security to establish a postdoctoral innovation practice base, thus becoming the first legal person financial institution to obtain this qualification in the province’s financial system.


The approval of the base is an important measure and result of the bank’s implementation of the “strategy of revitalizing the bank with talents”. After approval, the bank can work together with postdoctoral research stations of universities and colleges and research institutions to recruit post-doctoral researchers to provide a new platform for training and introducing into high-level talents for the bank, lay a solid foundation for the bank to enhance its independent innovation capabilities and build its core competitiveness, and create conditions for applying for a national postdoctoral scientific research station.


The bank attaches great importance to scientific research work and product innovation. In April 2017, the bank initiated the establishment of Jilin Financial Research Center with Jilin University’s Business School and Hana Financial Research Institute. This is also the first financial research center established by multiple parties in the province and is committed to creating a specialized high-end think tank and serving the development of Bank of Jilin and revitalization of Jilin. As the largest legal person financial institution in the province, Bank of Jilin not only has the responsibility to become the financial leader in the province, but also has the obligation to provide advice and suggestions for solving the financial problems involved in the transformation and development of the province. The bank will rely on the base to set up a research team, lead the province's financial reform and innovation, and conduct a thorough and systematic study on major financial issues such as rural financial reform in Jilin Province as reference for decision makers.


Next, the bank will actively communicate with the provincial department of human resources and social security to establish and improve the post-doctoral work management system and join hands with universities and colleges and scientific research institutions inside and outside the province to build the base to be a highland for building talents for the industry, a highland for achievement innovation and a top-class research platform in the industry to help the bank to make a breakthrough in transformation and boost the province’s financial supply side reform.

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