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"Crust 1" Sets a New Record on Continent Scientific Drilling in Asia
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On June 2, at the “Crust 1” 10,000-meter drilling rig exchange meeting held in Anda, Heilongjiang Province, Jilin University announced the “Crust 1” 10,000-meter drilling rig independently developed by them had successfully accomplished a number of tasks of “the second well of scientific drilling in the Songliao Basin” and completed a drilling depth of 7,018 meters, a new record on scientific drilling in Asia, and making the “the second well of scientific drilling in the Songliao Basin” become the deepest drilling well in 22 years since the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program was launched.


This is a moment enough to go down in history. The successful application of “Crust 1” has made China become the third country in the world owning dedicated equipment and related technologies for implementing the 10,000-meter continental drilling program. It also expanded the new space for exploration and development of clean energy, such as deep shale gas and geothermal energy, in the Songliao Basin, and significantly improved China's international influence in the study of paleoclimate in geological history.


In 2009, the country launched the "special project for deep exploration technology and experimental research" and the ninth item "research and development and experiment of key equipment on deep detection” was led by Professor Huang Dainian, a well-known strategic scientist in China. The fifth topic of the project “research and development of deep continental scientific drilling equipment” was led by Professor Sun Youhong of Jilin University. The main task of this topic was to develop a 10,000 meter drilling rig to meet the demand for high-end equipment for deep drilling in deep exploration missions in China. Under the cooperation of Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. and other departments, in 2013, Sun Youhong’s team successfully researched and developed China's first dedicated equipment for 10,000-meter continental scientific drilling, “Crust 1”, forming high-performance deep scientific drilling equipment and related equipment with independent intellectual property rights, filling up the country’s blank in the deep continental scientific drilling equipment field and greatly improving the technical level of ultra-deep well scientific drilling equipment in the country.


In October 2013, “Crust 1” was transported to Anda City and was put into the second well of scientific drilling in the Songliao Basin. For more than four years, "Crust 1" has undergone severe tests, worked for 1,163 days once, and achieved a failure-free time utilization rate of 97.63%, a new record in China-made similar equipment and reaching the international advanced level. It has completed a number of complex tasks such as large-diameter comprehensive drilling, coring drilling, pigging drilling, and reamer drilling. The maximum daily penetration rate is 265 meters and the fastest mechanical drilling rate is 28.8 meters per hour, both the domestic records and effectively ensuring the successful completion of the second well of scientific drilling in the Songliao Basin.


By far, the related technological achievements of "Crust 1" have been widely used in deep oil and gas drilling rigs, offshore drilling rigs and drilling packages and other aspects. Li Yuanyuan, president of Jilin University, said the development and application of “Crust 1” marked a major phased progress in the “drilling into the ground” program of deep exploration of the earth in China’s geosciences field. In the future, the university will use this as an opportunity, organically integrate it with the university’s construction of “a world-class university and world-class disciplines”, strive to achieve being independent and controllable in more core technologies, and boost the country’s innovation-driven development strategy.

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