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The World's First Professional Nightlight Remote Sensing Satellite "Luojia I" Was Successfully Launched
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At 12:13 on June 2, "Luojia I" scientific experimental satellite developed by Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully launched at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China with the Long March II D carrier rocket.


"Luojia I" satellite is the first satellite developed by Changguang through commercial orders for Wuhan University. It is the world's first professional nightlight remote sensing satellite and is mainly used for nightlight remote sensing and navigation enhancement technology validation. The satellite fully inherits the technical foundation of "Jilin 1" satellite, adopts an integrated architecture design, and highly integrates functions. It adopts a large number of innovative technologies such as high signal-to-noise ratio, high dynamic imaging, massive impact isolation, and self-locking and self-deployment of sailboards. At the same time, it adopts high-precision joint orientation of double satellite sensors and other mainstream remote sensing satellite configurations to ensure capture of high-quality remote sensing data.


"Luojia I" satellite weighs only 20 kilograms, carries a large-field-of-view and high-sensitivity nightlight remote sensing camera, has a 130-millimeter-resolution and 260-km-wide nightlight imaging capability and will provide data for macroeconomic analysis based on nightlight remote sensing and other researches. At the same time, the satellite-borne navigation strengthens scientific test loads so that it can perform tests such as improvement of the positioning accuracy of Beidou navigation system.

Next, Changguang will cooperate with Wuhan University to carry out satellite on-orbit testing, make “one map” for nationwide nightlight remote sensing and Beidou navigation enhancement experiment, fully combine the mature satellite R&D technology with the discipline advantages of universities and jointly carry out tackling key research problems and technological innovation.

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