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Bayanqolu Stressed in Surveying Siping: Solidly Do Drought Resistance and Full-seeding Protection Well and Lay Solid Foundation for Full-yr Harvest
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On the afternoon of May 30, Provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu came to Lishu County, Siping City and went deep into the field to inspect and guide the work of drought resistance and full-seedling protection. Bayanqolu stressed, as there are numerous natural disasters in the province in recent days, Party committees, governments, and relevant departments at all levels must resolutely overcome the paralysis thought and fluke mind, strengthen the awareness of preventing major droughts and fighting major disasters, persist in taking multiple measures together, strengthen organization and leadership, and solidly do the work of drought resistance and full-seedling protection well to lay a solid foundation for the full-year agricultural harvest.


Since the beginning of spring, rainfall in most parts of the province was less than normal and soil moisture was poor. Especially since April, effective precipitation in some areas was almost zero and most parts of the province suffered severe drought. From May 27 to 29, there was a large-scale rainfall process in the province, which relieved the severe spring drought. However, the drought situation has not been resolved. According to monitoring of related departments, as of May 29, drought-affected areas in the province were 3.12 million mu, including 93,300 mu heavy drought areas, 860,000 mu medium drought areas, and 1.33 million mu light drought areas.


In Majia Village, Caijia Town, Bayanqolu walked into the field, turned over the soil, carefully observed the situation of drought resistance and full-seedling protection, carefully listened to the introduction by agricultural technicians, and required Party members and cadres and agricultural technicians to go deep into the grassroots to scientifically guide farmers to do the work of drought resistance and full-seedling protection well. In adjacent plots, the emergence rate of maize planted with straw-covered protective tillage technology is very good. After knowing this technology has advantages such as soil moisture conservation, soil fertility, increasing and stabilizing yield and reducing burning of straws, Bayanqolu said need to sum up and promote advanced technologies and successful experiences, strengthen leading with scientific and technological innovation, and increase the level of agricultural modernization.


Bayanqolu pointed out need to make full use of water conservancy facilities and equipment, focus on irrigation in key areas and increase effective irrigation areas. Need to do a good job in investigating the situation of soil moisture content, bud growth and seeding growth and strengthen agricultural technical guidance and field management in accordance with different circumstances. Need to replant and destroy seedlings in a timely manner, scientifically select crops for seedling replanting and destroying and guide farmers to adjust the agricultural planting structure according to local conditions. Need to further increase capital and material investment and guarantee enough oil, electricity and other materials for drought resistance. Need to strengthen dispatching and management of water resources, seize favorable meteorological conditions, and timely and effectively organize precipitation enhancement operation.

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