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Changchun New Area Creates a First-Class Business Environment
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On May 2, Changchun New Area (CAN) printed and issued the "20 Measures" for CNA to Create a First-Class Business Environment, further establishing the concept of "business first", benchmarking with international business standards and domestic advanced levels, and striving to create a more convenient, lower-cost and more secure domestic first-class business environment after three years of efforts. Further enhance the regional brand, image and strength to attract more companies and talents to take root. The details are as follows.


The "20 Measures" for CNA to Create a First-Class Business Environment


In order to implement the spirit of the 19th NPC, give full play to its advantages of “taking the lead to pilot innovative development” as a national new area, establish the concept of "business first", benchmark with international business standards and domestic advanced levels, identify crucial reasons, apply comprehensive measures, accurately burst out strength and strive to create a more convenient, lower-cost and more secure domestic first-class business environment after three years of efforts, hereon, the following measures are formulated according to deployments of the province and the city and combining with actual conditions of CNA.


1. Optimize the market access environment and provide government service guarantee for enterprise development.


(1) Further expand use of foreign investment. Relax restrictions on foreign business access. Unless otherwise explicitly restricted by law, a negative list system for market access shall be implemented for foreign-invested enterprises. In accordance with the principle of allowing enterprises to enter all areas not banned, abolish approval without legal basis, investment restrictions and technical review to promote domestic and foreign enterprises to be treated equally and compete fairly. Increase incentives for foreign-invested enterprises. A foreign-invested enterprise, which contributes more than RMB 10 million to the local fiscal revenue of CNA for the first time, shall be awarded at one-time basis according to 30% of its annual contribution.

(2) Comprehensively promote the "only running once" reform. Make full use of "the Internet + government services" and big data and achieve handing all affairs from project establishment to commencement, completion and acceptance on the Internet; achieve "simplifying handling processes and completing handling in a limited period”, re-reduce the time of enterprise-involving verification and approval by more than 40%, and re-simplify verification and approval links and important documents by more than 30%; achieve “handing affairs as unpaid agents” and ask agency staff of the government service center to provide services such as consulting, reporting and agency for enterprises; achieve “joint verification and handling”, adopt multi-rules into one, joint evaluation, joint surveying and mapping, joint survey, joint plan review and joint acceptance, and achieve parallel verification and approval; achieve "on-door assistance" and ask the staff to come to enterprises to assist them to handle verification and approval matters according to their needs and really realize the work goal of letting enterprises “only run once” and even not run for handling affairs in the government.


(3) Deeply promote the reform of "certificate and license separation". Effectively link the “certificate and license separation" platform with the "multi-certificates into one" information collection and management system, implement "32 certificates into one" and realize "dual notification, dual feedback, and dual tracking" of approval results between the two platforms. If CNA-located enterprises add additional general business projects outside their residences and the business premises and their residences are in the same administrative districts, they may apply to the administrative department for industry and commerce for specifying the address of the business premises in their business licenses to achieve one license with multi-addresses and exempt from registration of branches; continue to improve the system for self-declaration of company names. Various market entities within CNA are entitled to apply for registering their names online and are allowed to independently declare and directly apply for registering their names that do not involve pre-approval and prior approval.


(4) Implement a credit commitment system for corporate investment projects. International and domestic well-known enterprises settling in CNA, when documents provided by them are not standard in applying for industrial and commercial registration, can be handled business licenses after they promised to supplement standard documents; after obtaining land use rights and determining construction supervision units according to law, they are permitted to start construction in advance according to the credit commitment system or subsection examination and approval method.


(5) Optimize the examination and approval process for construction projects. Implement classified management of construction projects according to the implementation method and allow internal reconstruction projects to directly apply for construction permits; allow status reconstruction projects to directly handle construction project planning permits; allow new construction and expansion projects to sign construction land use right transfer contracts and re-apply for construction project planning permits and construction permits.


(6) Achieve full coverage of business services. Adhere to the principle of “granting whatever is requested and not disturbing for no complaints”, identify service departments for the world’s top 500 companies, industrial enterprises above designated size, retail enterprises above designated size, key service companies, national high-tech enterprises, small-giant science and technology enterprises and other key enterprises in CNA one by one, gradually incorporate all enterprises with mature development, high technological contents, and strong innovation capabilities into the guarantee and security system, implement the enterprise service card system, implement “dual posts and dual duties” for leaders and organ cadres to serve enterprises, help enterprises to solve difficulties and problems in implementation of corporate policies, project approval, factor protection, legal aid and other areas, include it into performance assessment and provide enterprises with face-to-face, point-to-point, full-process, and full-coverage accurate services.


2. Optimize the production and operation environment and provide elements supply and protection for development of enterprises.


(7) Improve the municipal access service efficiency. Municipal public utilities enterprises such as water supply, power supply, and drainage enterprises shall settle in CNA government affairs center to provide "one-stop" services. Enterprises, which apply for electricity and water access for temporary construction, only need to provide project establishment documents, project general plans and company-related materials. Enterprises, which apply for access to water, electricity, gas, heat and telecommunications, can apply at any time according to their needs. When enterprises need to increase supply of electricity and water for its growth and expansion of production capacities, CNA shall be responsible for connecting lines to the enterprises.


(8) Improve the degree of financing convenience for enterprises. Encourage domestic and foreign financial institutions to register their legal person institutions or settle their international and national management headquarters and business operation headquarters in CNA and encourage social capital and private capital to set up financial leasing companies, equity investment companies and management companies in CNA. Promote connection of the government, financial institutions and enterprises and provide enterprises with a series of services such as credit extension, creditor's rights, financing, equity financing, and customized financial products to effectively solve hard-to-finance and expensive-to-finance problems for enterprises. Establish and dynamically update the list of listed companies, conduct counseling for listing, and promote more companies in CNA to list in capital markets and the “new third board”.

(9) Establish a dedicated channel for international Internet data. With industrial parks as access units and enterprises as service targets, improve the network operation speed, effectively reduce the tariff standards, provide high-quality international communication services, provide technical support for industrial clusters such as software and service outsourcing, big data, international financial services, international logistics, medicine research and development and international headquarters office, and further promote development of export-oriented, innovative and digital economy.


(10) Effectively reduce the tax burden of enterprises. Fully implement the national tax reduction policy, improve the list of enterprise-involving charges and the centralized public announcement system, clean up and cancel unreasonable administrative fees, reduce the government-priced enterprise-involving service charges, standardize fees charged by intermediary organizations, and implement administrative accountability and economic penalties on authority-exceeded charges, standard-exceeded charges, self-set chares and repeated charges.


3. Optimize the foreign trade environment and provide customs clearance service guarantee for enterprise development.


(11) Build a platform for opening up and cooperation with the outside world. Relying on Northeast Asia International Logistics Park and Aviation Logistics Industrial Park, support enterprises to carry out international cooperation, attract foreign-oriented enterprises such as international trade, international logistics, cross-border e-commerce, financial leasing, exhibition and transactions, cold chain warehousing and bonded processing enterprises to settle and provide "one-stop" specialized and standardized services for enterprises entering the parks.


(12) Innovate in trade clearance modes. Promote construction of “single window”, improve the efficiency of customs clearance, reduce the logistics costs of enterprises, support enterprises in CNA to “go out”, help enterprises in CNA to explore international business and expand the international market, and improve the level of trade facilitation.


4. Optimize the talent introduction environment and provide intellectual support for development of enterprises.


(13) Improve incentive policies for high-end talents. Deeply implement the "Changbai Smart Valley" talent plan and provide financial support or incentive subsidies for talents selected by the talent plan and senior management talents and advanced technical talents newly introduced by enterprises. Provide outstanding talents and high-end talents apartments for qualified talents and help their children to go to high-quality primary and secondary schools co-run with Northeast Normal University and Jilin University in CNA.


(14) Improve the degree of visa and work convenience for foreign talents. Talents selected into the "Changbai Smart Valley" talent plan and foreign senior management or technical staff of scientific research institutions such as key laboratories accredited by Jilin Province shall be included in the scope of foreign high-level talents, and they can apply for permanent residence in China directly; ordinary foreigners, who have worked in CNA for 4 consecutive years and stayed in the territory of China for not less than six months a year and whose annual wage income and annual personal income tax paid have reached the required standard, can apply for permanent residence in China and their spouses and non-adult children are allowed to accompany and apply; foreign Chinese with a doctor’s degree can apply for permanent residence in China; foreigners, who have applied for work permits in CNA twice and did not violate laws and regulations, are allowed to apply work residence permits with a valid period of 5 years in the third time; foreign students, who hold a university diploma in China, can apply for private residence permits with a valid period of 2 to 5 years (annotated with "entrepreneurship"); foreign technology talents and senior management talents selected by companies in CNA can directly apply for work or talent visas in the province’s visa-issuing port agencies with their work permits or letters of invitation.


5. Optimize the market regulatory environment and provide legal service guarantee for development of enterprises.


(15) Strengthen protection of intellectual property rights. Strengthen national intellectual property rights demonstration zone functions, implement the intellectual property rights quality improvement project, increase rewards to necessary patents of international standards, patents of key technologies and characteristic cultural creativities and provide financial aid for maintenance of high-value core patents; provide assistance services for safeguarding intellectual property rights for high-tech enterprises and “innovation and entrepreneurship” enterprises and establish and improve the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice convergence mechanism.

(16) Establish and improve the property rights protection mechanism. Implement national laws and regulations on protection of property rights, carry out special inspections on a regular basis, and strengthen protection of economic property rights of all kinds of ownership systems. Provide legal services for enterprises, standardize disposal of case-involved properties and effectively protect properties of corporate legal persons, individuals and family members from infringement.


(17) Strictly regulate market supervision. Rationalize the market supervision system and implement comprehensive law enforcement. Accelerate realization of full coverage of "double random and one open" supervision, strictly regulate enterprise-involved inspection behaviors, and all departments shall formulate inspection plans for administrative law enforcement on an annual basis, which cannot be implemented until approved by the management committee. Strictly regulate free discretion and implement a collective discussion and filing system for major punishment to enterprises. Any punishment imposed to enterprises, such as levying large fines, confiscating illegal income and illegal goods, suspending business, and revoking permits or licenses, is required to be submitted to the same-level legal institute for filing within 15 days and the public punishment results are required to be publicized on the government affair website of CNA.


(18) Accelerate construction of "credit new area". Play the role of credit information platforms and credit websites, promote collection, use and “double publicity” of credit information, improve and perfect the government integrity and commitment fulfillment mechanism, strictly honor the government commitments, and perform various types of contracts that are legally signed during activities such as investment solicitation, project construction, enterprise development, talent introduction, and government cooperation with social capital. Establish and improve the credit system and gradually realize credit information sharing, inquiry and application. Build special mechanisms such as credit classification supervision and joint rewards and punishments, implement “green channels”, key support, preferential choices and other incentives in such public management areas as fiscal fund subsidies, government procurement, government procurement of services, and bidding for state-owned land use rights and mining rights, restrict or ban illegal and untrustworthy subjects from entering and form a social atmosphere of benefiting those which are trustworthy and restricting those who are untrustworthy.


(19) Improve the mechanism for resolving civil and commercial disputes. Strengthen review of contracts by law, improve the mechanism of diversified resolving of civil and commercial disputes and protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises from infringement.


(20) Strengthen supervision and inspection of the business environment. Carry out special supervision and inspection of the business environment on a quarterly basis, carry out daily supervision over important departments and key positions, promptly accept and handle complaints to the business environment, establish an accountability mechanism for the business environment, give Party discipline and government discipline violation punishment to behaviors influencing and undermining the business environment as well as directly responsible leaders and staff members, and investigate the criminal responsibility of those, who are suspected of committing a crime, according to law. Strengthen propaganda of the business environment, create a good atmosphere, and strive to create a first-class business environment in China.

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