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Jilin Province Re-launches Four People-benefited Measures for Handling Exit and Entry Certificates
Date:2018/05/08 10:16:00 Author: Source:



The province’s exit and entry management department, based on deep survey of contents of the “running only once” system launched by the State Immigration Administration, re-launched four people-benefited measures to effectively enhance the sense of gain and happiness of the masses, such as strengthening guidance of window services, handling certificates at houses of applicants, and recommending places for handling certificates with big data.


First, standardize contents of police affairs disclosed to the public, unify and standardize notices for handling exit and entry certificates and issue it to entry and exit windows throughout the province. Refine and classify contents of “one-time notification form” to ensure the masses to know required submission materials in real time and accurately before handling certificates. Second, strengthen guidance of window services. Take advantage of the “running only once” reform, simultaneously carry out an activity of clearly handling certificates, develop “Jilin Province Entry-Exit Window Service Guidance Standards”, further optimize setting of functional zones in entry and exit windows across the province, placement of various signs, manual guidance methods, acceptance service modes and other work standards and build windows with clear functional areas, clear information items, clear service procedures, and clear service guidance. Third, carry out the activity of handling certificates at house of applicants. From May 2, the province’s exit and entry management department formally launched a six-month activity of “handling certificates at house of 10,000 applicants” for people above 60 years old, the disabled, patients suffering from serious illnesses and needing to go overseas for medical treatment and enterprises and public institutions with a group of more than 20 people to go abroad. Fourth, recommend places for handling certificates with "big data". In light of the fact that there are a large number of exit and entry certificate handling points and a large number of applicants in Changchun, Jilin, and other places, the provincial exit and entry management bureau, through smart analysis of data of online reservation and certificate handing windows’ queuing machines, will recommend the “nearest and most idle” certificate handling point to appointed people via “Jilin entry and exit” official service number to reduce transport costs and on-site waiting time for the masses.

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