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CAAS Institute of Specialty Products Provides Scientific and Technological Support for Industrial Revitalization in Jilin Province
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In order to speed up modernization of agriculture and rural areas and realize revitalization and development of rural areas, the Institute of Specialty Products, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) promoted close connection of upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry with scientific and technological innovation and provided strong scientific and technological support for the province’s ginseng, deer and mink industry with annual output value of RMB 100 billion.


The Institute of Specialty Products, located in Jilin Province, is the first comprehensive scientific research institute engaging in protection, development, and utilization of special economic animal resources and has been playing an important role in solving key scientific and technological issues of the province’s three major industrial technologies. In the first year when the province initiated the strategy of village rejuvenation, the Institute of Specialty Products will assist the province’s industrial rejuvenation in three aspects.


Boost the province's industrial rejuvenation with scientific and technological innovation. Lift combined output value of the province's ginseng industry to RMB 100 billion through scientific and technological innovation in ginseng variety breeding, cultivation techniques, deep processing and other aspects. In promoting development and expansion of the deer industry, resolve high value-added issues of the province’s pilose antler industry through scientific and technological innovation and solve the problem of efficacy of pilose antler through scientific research and development. By far, the Institute of Specialty Products has expanded research and development of pilose antler to development of efficacy such as nerve regeneration, angiogenesis, and nerve and blood vessel recovery from the traditional fields and is also seeking cooperation with universities or companies that are interested in cooperation to carry out further scientific research and development and transformation. The mink industry is a very promising emerging industry. After many years of efforts by the Institute of Specialty Products, the mink culture technology has taken a leading position in the world from prevention and control of diseases to nutrition and other areas.


Boost the province's industrial development with science and technology services. In the area of ginseng planting and deep processing, the Institute of Specialty Products has established planting demonstration bases in Fusong, Ji'an and other major ginseng production areas for many years and cooperated with a number of large- and medium-sized enterprises to conduct technical demonstration, promotion, and cooperation. In spotted deer breeding, they cooperated with a number of large breeding households in the province and provided professional training and technical support for them to raise the level of aquaculture. In mink farming, disease prevention and control, feed nutrition and other areas, it also provided multi-level services for big farmers, enterprises, etc.


With establishment of a national-level innovation alliance as the promoter, the crux of “two skins” of the science and technology economy was solved. Recently, the Institute for Specialty Products sponsored establishment of the “National Special Economic and Animal Science and Technology Alliance” jointly participated by national, provincial and prefecture city-level agricultural scientific research institutions, enterprises, and government-related management departments in the province. The alliance integrates superior scientific and technological resources inside and outside the province, builds an open, coordinated, green, and efficient collaborative innovation system, carries out joint research and integrated innovation around key links that restrict industrial development, and conquers a number of key and common technologies. It is expected to cultivate 5 to 8 new varieties, produce a batch of new achievements, products and patents with independent intellectual property rights, provide scientific and technological support for leading enterprises with international competitiveness and small and micro enterprise clusters with innovative vitality, and build “ginseng, deer and mink” to be an advantageous industry with international influences and Jilin characteristics as well as a new economic growth point in the province.

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