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Jilin and Zhejiang Carry out Counterpart Cooperation in Agriculture
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Recently, Jilin Provincial Agriculture Commission signed an agreement with Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture on agricultural counterpart cooperation between the two provinces. The agreement calls the two places to continue to innovate in the counterpart cooperation mechanism centering on revitalizing agriculture with quality, revitalizing agriculture with green and strengthening agriculture with brand, strive to create “Jilin-titled” agricultural product brands and meet the needs of Zhejiang’s consumers for good-quality and safe agricultural products.


Since counterpart cooperation between Jilin and Zhejiang Provinces, the agricultural departments of the two provinces have made joint efforts to organize a series of activities such as exchanges, docking and discussions, project investigation and research, brand strategic planning, special agricultural products exhibition and promotion, and agricultural product production and marketing. They also guided and promoted agricultural counterpart cooperation between cities to enhance the level of development of agricultural brand building, expand agricultural products’ sales channels in the Zhejiang market and promote agricultural production enterprises to conduct deeper cooperation with Zhejiang’s distribution companies and e-commerce enterprises.


This year, the province will continue to deeply carry out promotion of branded agricultural products and connection between production and sales. Organize enterprises to participate in Zhejiang Agricultural Expo and hold the province’s quality agricultural product exhibition and promotion week; organize agricultural management cadres and new-type agricultural management subjects and farmers to come to Zhejiang for study and training and strengthen talent exchange; focus on deep processing of agricultural products, marketing, brand building, etc., promote pragmatic cooperation between cities and provinces in the province and localities in Zhejiang; focusing on construction of projects such as ecological recycling agriculture, green development of animal husbandry, standardized production and processing bases, places of origin and markets, guide competent enterprises in the province to cooperate with related companies in Zhejiang and promote transformation and upgrading of the province’s agricultural product processing industry.


In the future, the two parties will jointly promote construction and upgrading of the province’s agricultural product market, promote establishment of the province’s advantageous specialty agricultural product area, guide and promote all kinds of subjects to build production bases for green organic agricultural products such as high-quality rice, corn, grains and beans, edible fungi and livestock providing direct supply for Zhejiang in the province, improve the standardized production level of bases and the construction level of agricultural products quality and safety retrospection, and support Zhejiang Province’s leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization and various market players to carry out deep processing of agricultural products in the province.

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