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Jilin Province Party and Government Delegation Went to Jiaxing to Visit Red Boat on the Southern Lake
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On April 24, the Party and government delegation of Jilin Province that was in a study and inspection tour in Zhejiang Province made a special trip to Jiaxing City to visit Southern Lake Revolutionary Memorial Hall and look at Red Boat on the Southern Lake with reverence to review the Party’s history and accept education on the revolutionary spirit.


It is breezy and the scenery is pleasant in the Southern Lake of Jiaxing in April. Accompanied by Zhejiang Province Party Secretary Che Jun, Jilin Province Party Secretary Bayanqolu, Jilin Province Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai and other members of the delegation first came to Southern Lake Revolutionary Memorial Hall. This memorial hall was laid the foundation by Xi Jinping when he was Zhejiang Province Party Secretary on June 28, 2006 and was competed and open to the public on the eve of celebrating the 90th anniversary of Party building in 2011. In the round lobby of the memorial hall, exquisite Red Boat sculptures are vivid and huge sickle and hammer patterns are vivid and colorful, through which the delegation entered the exhibition hall themed with “Creation of the World” and successively watched thematic exhibitions such as “Exploring the Path to Save the Country so that It May Survive” and “Founding of the CPC”, and the pictures, material objects and videos concentrated the magnificent struggle of the Party. In the solemn and sacred atmosphere, everyone had a deeper feeling of the Party’s arduous struggle and further strengthened their belief of fighting for the Party’s cause in all their life.


At the beginning of August 1921, the first NPC of the CPC closed in a cruise ship in the Southern Lake of Jiaxing and declared the birth of the CPC. Hence, the cruise ship was called “Red Boat”. The delegation arrived at the heart island of the Southern Lake and looked at the Red Boat with reverence to review the spirit of Red Boat.


“In the vast water, Red Boat is still the same; in spite of change of the times, the spirit is eternal.” Standing on the shore, the delegation gazed at the Red Boat that has driven through countless storms. Bayanqolu said the spirit of Red Boat is the source of the Chinese revolutionary spirit and has always shined on the glorious history of the Chinese revolution in 97 years, called upon generations of communists to remember their initial intention, remember their missions and make up their mind to struggle, and become the spiritual mother and red gene passed by communists. We must thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s ideology of socialist with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th NPC, resolutely safeguard the central authority and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee with comrade Xi Jinping as the core and consciously act as a model of loyalty, cleanliness, and responsibilities. We must always regard the spirit of Red Boat as a beacon of forging ahead, not forgetting the initial intention and keep in mind our missions, inherit the red gene of being absolutely loyal to the Party, further promote the spirit of pioneering, fighting, and dedication, defy hardship and danger, be bold in reform, dare to innovate and bestow more contents of the times to the spirit of Red Boat. We must continue to draw power of truth, power of innovation, and power of practical work from the spirit of Red Boat, unite and lead people of all ethnic groups in the province to make up their mind to struggle, effectively turn the spirit of Red Boat to a powerful driving force of determining the victory of comprehensively building a well-off society and building happy and beautiful Jilin, and work together to write a new chapter of revitalization and development of Jilin in the new era.

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