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Governor Jing Junhai Dispatches a Document in Qiushi Journal: People Are the Key of Northeast Revitalization
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A country flourishes and a government is well administered depending on people. People are the most active, sustainable and effective development factor and the first resource to support economic and social development. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out the key to develop a country is talents. Based on the historical orientation of the new era and shouldering the sacred mission endowed by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on revitalizing Northeast China, we must achieve new breakthroughs in the key element of “talents”, lead revitalization with numerous “talents” and bring talents in the world together to promote the revitalization of Northeast China with a high angle of view of standing tall in the mountains, an urgent anticipation of seeking talents with eagerness and a good environment of loving, cultivating, admitting and using talents.


First, start with emancipating the mind and let people think more of changes.


The successful practices of 40 years of reform and opening up have shown us every step of development, every breakthrough, and every achievement begins with emancipation of the mind. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed the northeast revitalization, no matter analyzing the cause of dilemma or seeking a way to revitalize, must the perspective of mind and thought. From this we can realize the key to constrain the revitalization of Northeast China lies on talents, the key to constrain talents lies on mind, and the key to emancipate the mind lies on advancing with the times and we must allow the mind and the times to develop simultaneously and resonate in the same frequency. Currently, the revitalization of Northeast China has entered a new era. People's mind more needs to enter a new era and we cannot always think and do things in accordance with the old thinking. Northeast China is the region where the planned economy has entered earliest, withdrawn latest and influenced most in the country. The market economy is underdeveloped, the “small peasant” consciousness of being immersed in the status quo is strong and the atmosphere of being active to innovate and start an undertaking is not strong. Therefore, in the new era, emancipating the mind has a special significance for the revitalization of Northeast China. This determines, in order to promote various tasks of revitalizing Northeast China, we must begin and break with emancipation of the mind. If this question is not answered correctly or solved well, it will be difficult to hand over a qualified answer sheet on comprehensive revitalization to the CPC Central Committee and the people of Northeast China.


The key to emancipate the mind is to burst out strength towards the bottleneck constraining emancipation of the mind of “people”, dismiss unsuitable concepts in the “mind”, get rid of shackles, go forward with burdens discarded and enhance the “brain” vitality. The key to emancipate the mind is to burst out strength towards building systems and mechanisms allowing “people” to emancipate the mind, resolutely discard the old ways of life in favor of the new, focus on seeking new ideas and thinking of changes, dare to ask new paths, establish systems conductive to development, conductive to doing things, and conductive to cultivating and absorbing talents, allow those emancipating the mind to have a new world to show their talents, allow people to be proud of thinking of changes and taking actions and be ashamed of being conservative, and create a strong atmosphere of rushing to the force, reforming and making breakthroughs, daring to break through and try and daring to take the lead. Of course, to emancipate the mind, we must pay attention to directivity and purposiveness and must always remain one heart and one mind and the same direction with the CPC Central Committee. We must emancipate the mind for development and the well-being of people. Emancipation of the mind is also regular, cannot be accomplished at one stroke, and must keep pace with changes in the situation, change from time to time and change according to the situation. Through emancipating the mind, create advantages, gain initiative, promote development, and achieve leaps and bounds.


Second, take enhancing awareness as the foundation and make people more confident.


Awareness is the forerunner of action, determines people's beliefs, moral standards, and practice directions, and ultimately affects the success or failure of business. The key to enhance awareness is to enhance the political awareness, overall awareness, core awareness, and keeping-up awareness, which determines the overall situation and direction. As long as enhancing the "four awareness", we can ensure we do not lose our direction, do not deviate from the correct development track, and can build a solid foundation and pool our strength. Whenever and wherever we are, we must resolutely uphold the authority and centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee with comrade Xi Jinping as the core, recognize the core, love the core, maintain the core, defend the core, and keep up with the core. Need to take Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as guidance, arm the mind and guide practice with the Party’s innovation theory, and effectively solve problems such as not new knowledge, lack of ability, and capability panic.


In the new era, we must strive to enhance the service awareness. Need to guide the whole society to develop a good fashion “I am for everyone and everyone is for me”, start from every detail, every person, every industry and every window, and let “running only once” become a solemn commitment and quality and efficiency standard for all walks of life in society.


In the new era, we must work hard to nurture the Internet thinking. Need to expand our space for learning, work, and life in the Internet world. Conduct all economic and social activities on the Internet as long as they can be conducted online, add those able to be added to the Internet to the Internet and combine online with offline. Make good, enough and active use of the Internet and use the Internet to carry out consulting services and two-way communication so that exchanges will be smoother, services will be more convenient, and people will be effectively free from the busy “living space”.


In addition, in a certain period of time, the integrity of the northeast society is widely criticized. Good faith can bring prosperity. We must promote construction of the social credit investigation system and comprehensively promote the awareness of integrity in the society. Perfect the “red and black list” of honesty and credit. Through implementation of the cross-regional, cross-department and cross-field joint credit incentive and punishment mechanism, allow social subjects with good faith to proceed without hindrance and those breaking faith to be promote the formation of a good social practice of keeping promises and faith.


Third, take enhancing quality as a guarantee and make people wiser.


The quality of people determines the quality of development to some extent. The current era is an era in which science and technology are changing with each passing day and development models are emerging in an endless stream. To adapt to the new era, we must improve people's quality. Need to establish a concept of lifelong learning, strengthen construction of a learning society, make lifelong learning not only necessary, but also possible, and constantly improve skills and cope with changes in the situation with the tenacity of lifelong learning. Jilin is establishing a training system based on colleges and universities and supplemented by the society to open regular courses to serve a small number of out-of-job learners as well as night-time and weekend courses to serve a large number of on-job learners, aiming to allow cadres and people from all professions and trades in Jilin to have a place to learn, renew knowledge and show talent and fully enhance the quality of workers.


Accelerating the revitalization of northeast China must adapt to the shift from a "demographic bonus" to a "talent bonus" and pay attention to playing the leading role of high-level innovation teams. Jilin has 62 colleges and universities and 106 state-owned research and development institutions as well as a large number of outstanding experts and talents. Need to make use of the favorable opportunity of promoting construction of universities with “first-class levels and disciplines” and “double features” in a coordinated manner, support Jilin University, Northeast Normal University and other institutions to build first-class teaching staff and cultivate top-notch innovative talents, and let high-level innovation teams lead Jilin's revitalization and development. Highlight the support role of high-quality labor forces, promote the reform of discipline setting based on the needs of revitalization and development of Jilin Province, and guide a group of regular undergraduate colleges and universities to transfer to applied technology-featured colleges and universities that match with the economic and social development of Jilin. Explore ways to open up communication between ordinary colleges and vocational colleges and raise the awareness of the whole society about vocational education. Expand the pilot scope of modern apprenticeship and explore establishment of a lifelong learning and education mechanism that is integrated with professions. Actively learn from Germany’s “dual system” vocational education mode and cultivate more high-quality industrial workers to provide inexhaustible motive forces for revitalization and development.


Fourth, take improving the spirit as the lead and make people more upward.


Without a good spirit, it will be difficult to develop confidence and vigor. What kind of spiritual outlook is taken to enter the new era is related to the new round of northeast revitalization, especially the overall revitalization and development of Jilin. Practice has proved the more difficult the situation is, the more energy we should have. At the crucial period of rolling stones uphill and climbing over ridges, we must be more uplifting and moving forward. The outsiders who see Jilin first look at the spirit of Jilin people, while Jilin wanting to develop is also based on the spirit of Jilin people.


In the face of the current revitalization and development situation, Jilin people must comprehensively improve their own style, make being upward, upright and good become their true color and make being diligent, hard work, and striving to be the first become their spiritual pursuit. Pay close attention to solving problems such as helplessness and losing faith and allow the requirements of taking the initiative to do and tackle tough to be deeply rooted among people. Excavate and regain the “spirit of braving the journey to the Northeast” and make being proactive and enterprising become the mainstream of society. Seize the crucial minority of leading cadres, establish a sound forced mechanism, and mobilize the passion and motive force of serving revitalization and development. Educate and guide the broad masses to maintain a spirited, upward, and never-slacking state of mind, put up sleeves to work hard, hurry to advance, and build up a good foundation in the great practice of the new round of revitalization and development. Make comprehensive use of the mainstream media in the country, widely publicize a number of outstanding talents such as Huang Da Nian, Wang Erkang, academicians Dong Shaojun and his wife, Xu Ruren and Leng Chunsheng, bring together spiritual strength and fully demonstrate the new look of Jilin people in the new era.


Fifth, take stimulating vigor as an orientation and make people more creative.


Development depends on hard work. To revitalize the Northeast, we should spend efforts on “hard work” and guide the cadres and masses to focus their attention, cohesion and creativity on hard work, grasping implementation and promoting development.


Must establish a correct personnel use orientation. If the environment is good, people will gather together and the business will flourish. If the environment is not good, people will fall apart and the business will decline. Need to overhang the “sharp sword” of administering mediocre, lazy and slack actions, improve the fault-tolerant and error-correcting mechanism, protect the responsibility-bearing spirit of cadres, and allow cadres wanting to do things, able to do things, able to accomplish things, unable to be daunted and warding off the corrosive influence to really come to the forefront. Need to unify ideas and actions to the revitalization and development, use skills in overcoming difficulties, and devote efforts to implementation.


Must attract and retain talents. The more talents we are absorbing, the more talents you will have and the converse is also true. Currently, there are still some deep-rooted contradictions and problems in the talent work in Jilin. The total number of talents in Jilin accounts for a relatively low proportion of the country. Most of the people who outflow every year are college graduates and higher-level experts and scholars and the most basic is the young and old labor force. We must intensify reforms and innovations, improve policies and measures for promoting transformation of scientific and technological achievements on the spot, build a career development platform, retain talents relying on career and strive to achieve "absorbing geese flying south to return to the nests". Resolve the hard-to-implement problem of policies, such as rewarding post inventors according to a certain proportion of net income of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, disposal of achievements and distribution of equity income, allowing talents to “gain both fame and wealth”. Firmly establish the thought that talents are the first resource, talents are the first capital and talents are the first driving force, widen the road to attract talents, fully implement housing, medical care, children’s education and other related treatments, simplify the settlement procedures, solve family considerations of talents and enable talents to seem to be at home in Jilin.


Must build a mechanism of grasping implementation. The key of hard work is grasping implementation. Need to pay attention to grasping implementation in a consistent and persistent way, promote the spirit of nailing and never give up without success. Focus on highlighting details, grasp implementation from easy to difficult, from the near to the distant, from point to line and from line to face, and highlight solving the “last mile” problems. Pay attention to problem orientation, exclude difficulties and anxieties for grasping implementation, rise the wind of investigation and research, and more come to places with big difficulties, complex situations and sharp contradictions to solve problems. Pay attention to overall promotion, make up short boards to grasp implementation, and not only promote industrial development, project construction, rural revitalization, three major tough battles, county economy, ecological protection, livelihood guarantee and other key work in an overall and coordinated manner, but also solve problems such as not good industrial structures, not strong innovation abilities and lack of personnel protection capabilities well. Focus on formation of a long-term mechanism, improve the inspection and implementation mechanism, make long-term efforts to grasp implementation and carry out supervision and inspection throughout the entire process of work.


Sixth, take promoting development as an end-result and make people happier.


Realizing, safeguarding, and developing the fundamental interests of the broadest masses of people is fundamental to all of our work. In order to achieve revitalization in the Northeast, we must always adhere to the people-centered development concept, take enhancing people's well-being as a starting point and foothold, put promoting people’s all-round development in the first place and achieve development is for people, development depends on people and development results are shared by people. Currently, Jilin's realistic development foundation has a quite large gap with new expectations of the broad masses. The contradiction between people’s ever-growing needs for a better life and the unbalanced and inadequate development is particularly acute.


In the new era, Jilin should make efforts in the fields of medicine, food, housing, education, entertainment, and improvement of life quality and make a breakthrough in realizing the livelihood objective of providing education for kids, teaching for learning, payment for work, medical treatment for illness, pension for the old, houses for the needed and help for the weak. Need to expand preschool education resources for general use and promote coordinated development of all kinds of education in an overall manner. Deeply implement the employment and entrepreneurship action plan and make efforts to achieve urban and rural residents’ income growth is basically synchronized with economic development. Fully implement the plan for universal participation in insurance and make efforts to improve the social security capabilities. Accelerate establishment of a housing system with multi-subject supplies and multi-channel guarantees and allowing both rent and purchase and comprehensively improve the housing conditions for urban and rural residents. Resolutely fight to win the tough battle of getting rid of poverty and ensure no one to be left behind in the well-off society. Firmly establish the concept green waters and mountains are gold and silver mines, highlight protection of green waters, green mountains and black land, speed up building green Jilin and beautiful homeland, and strive to let people breathe fresh air, drink clean water, eat safe food, use environment-friendly products and live in a livable environment. In particular, need to abandon systems and mechanisms that restrict people, reconstruct policy initiatives that facilitate people, improve people and allow people to fully display talents, and make people more literateconfident, more capable, more energetic, more beneficial and happier.

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