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Jilin Province Will Firmly Implement the Innovation-driven Development Strategy
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Learned from the province’s science and technology work conference held on March 30, the province will firmly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, highlight the main line of leading the supply-side structural reform and supporting industrial transformation and upgrading with science and technology, accelerate promoting the strategy of strengthening the province with scientific and technological innovation and plan to increase the province's contribution rate of scientific and technological progress from the current 55.5% to 61%.


Since the 18th NPC, the province’s science and technology front has been and progressing hand in hand so that the scientific and technological undertaking has discard the old ways in favor of the new and changed rapidly. The province ranked 17th in the country by the index of promoting economic and social development with science and technology, 19th by the comprehensive scientific and technological innovation index, 12th by the proportion of added value of the high-tech industry in total of the industry, and 14th by the output of science and technology activities. Obtained more than 3,500 scientific research achievements; won 15 prizes of the National Natural Science Award, the National Technology Invention Award, and the National Science and Technology Progress Award; got 1,433 provincial awards. The number of high-tech enterprises has doubled to 524. The total turnover of technology contracts exceeded RMB 40 billion. The contribution rate of scientific and technological progress has increased to 55.5%.


In the next five years, the province's scientific and technological work will start with serving the needs of Jilin's economic and social development and resolving major conflicts, focus on upgrading regional scientific and technological innovation capabilities and driving transformation and rejuvenation, greatly enhance regional innovation capabilities by strengthening top-level design, continuously optimize the ecology of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate transformation of government functions from R&D management to innovation services, firmly establish new development concepts, clarify development ideas, and launch implementation of the “123N+” development strategy. It is planned, by 2022, the structure of local regional innovation ecosystem will be basically established, a self-adaption policy mechanism will be established and the capacity for independent innovation will be greatly enhanced. The main body of innovation will be full of vitality, the innovation chain will be organically connected, the innovation governance will be more scientific, and the efficiency of innovation will be greatly improved. The province’s ranking by overall strength in science and technology in the country will be advanced.


This year, the province will focus on promoting regional coordinated development, take into account national strategies and local characteristics, give consideration to development needs and strategic guidance, and strengthen top-level design of the science and technology work. Launch the third province-ministry consultation. Accelerate demonstration for constructing "Changchun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone" and promote "Jilin Province Changchun-Jilin-Tumen National Science and Technology Achievement Transfer and Demonstration Zone" to be approved as soon as possible. Actively develop new market-oriented R&D institutions and innovate in operating methods and modes. Give more income rights and decision-making rights in scientific research achievements to leaders of scientific research units. Promote the “plan on implementing the special action on transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the northeast” and other policies, start the legislative process in the people’s congress for the “regulations on promoting transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Jilin Province” as soon as possible and reconstruct new competitive advantages of Jilin. Promote construction of "Changbai Mountain Wetland and Ecology State Key Laboratory" and build eight key provincial laboratories. Dock with the country's 2030 key projects. Around the development of pillar industries and strategic emerging industries in the province, focus on major technological bottlenecks, organize and carry out collaboration among production, learning and research to tackle problems on major technologies and equipments, and deploy a number of major projects with strategic importance to the province’s development. Accelerate introduction of a number of world-class scientists, scientific and technological leaders and high-level innovation teams. Launch and implement the “rain forest program” for Jilin’s science and technology talents and highlight the excavation, cultivation, and training of local innovative talents.

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