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Beijing SoEs to Jilin for Project Negotiation and Matchmaking Was Held
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On the morning of March 30th, the meeting that Beijing state-owned enterprises go to Jilin for project negotiation and matchmaking was held at Nanhu Hotel in Changchun. More than 50 enterprises from Beijing conducted face-to-face contact with the province’s cities and prefectures, development zones, bureaus, and enterprises. They talked about projects, learned from experiences and seized new opportunities arising from cooperation between Beijing and Jilin. A group of “tipping points” that haul new kinetic energy on economy in the future will be triggered at any moment.


Currently, Jilin is fully implementing the spirit of the important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the NPC and the CPPCC and vigorously cultivating new industries, new kinetic energy, and new growth poles in accordance with the requirements for high-quality development. Beijing City’s state-owned enterprises, with strong strength, leading technologies and advanced management, are examples of high-quality development. The province has always attached great importance to carrying out cooperation and exchanges with Beijing City. In particular, the two parties signed a "1+8" strategic cooperation agreement this year, which has identified nine key areas of cooperation and broadened the prospects for cooperation between the two sides.


“It is necessary and important for the provincial Party committee and government to build this platform. This matchmaking brings enterprises from different levels and in different fields in Beijing to Jilin and build a three-dimensional cooperation platform for us. Baishan has extensive contacts with companies in Beijing in tourism, energy, transportation, new materials and other areas and reached preliminary intentions.” Baishan City Deputy Mayor Liu Fengchun happily said, next, Baishan will continue to trace scheduling and promote projects to fall to the ground, come into production and achieve efficiency as soon as possible.


Wang Yongzhi, head of the mergers and acquisitions division of the strategic planning department of Beijing Energy Group Co., Ltd., is confident in investing in the province. He said “this time, we have initially docked with Jilin Provincial Investment Group and also docked with Fusong County’s heating project. Let us have a better understanding of Jilin. As a power generation company, we are very willing to contribute to the electric power industry in Jilin Province. We will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with related companies in Jilin Province to achieve a win-win situation."


This meeting allowed companies to conduct group talks and docking around agricultural products, electronics, light industry and other manufacturing topics as well as finance, investment, infrastructure, tourism, culture, software and other modern service industry topics.

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