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Changbai Mountain Ginseng Brand Authorization Ceremony Was Held
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Changbai Mountain ginseng brand authorization ceremony was held on January 18 in Changchun. 37 "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand products manufacturing enterprises and 134 kinds of branded products were officially authorized. This is another important event in the "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand building following the release of the new image of "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand.


China Jilin Province "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" proof trademark was successfully registered in the State Administration of Industry and Commerce in October 2009 to prove the specific quality of "Changbai Mountain Ginseng". In recent years, the province, through implementing the "public brand + enterprise brand" (1 + N) market brand positioning and promotion mode, has integrated ginseng enterprises that conform to standards, form a certain scale of production and have a certain market influence into the "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" public brand to achieve sharing of the specific brand’s resources and value.


In addition to publishing the list of "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand product manufacturers and brand products, this ceremony also promulgated the "Changbai Mountain Ginseng Brand Management Rules", identifying the rules for using the new brand logo. According to the "management rules", for enterprises and products applying for joining in the "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand, their origin of raw materials must be located in the prescribed scope regulated by the "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" proof trademark use and management rules and reach more than 50,000 square meters; franchised products include ginseng food, ginseng health food products, ginseng chemical products for daily use, medicines, Chinese herbal pieces and ginseng primary processed products; brand products must be traceable and accept supervision from Jilin Province Ginseng Industry Association on the source of raw materials, quality and quantity, facilities and equipment, process and quality management and other areas in the process of production and processing of products.


The relevant person in charge of Jilin Provincial Agriculture Commission said the ceremony held after the launch of the new image of "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand aims to further standardize the use of "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" proof trademark, implement standardized production and standardized management, strengthen quality management of brand products and attract more ginseng enterprises to jointly revitalize the province’s ginseng industry.


Changbai Mountain ginseng is an important characteristic and advantageous resource in the province. Promoting the "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand building is an important part for the province to take the lead in realizing agricultural modernization and promoting agricultural brand building .In recent years, through establishing Changbai Mountain brand ginseng planting alliance, launching Changbai Mountain ginseng entire industry chain brand product quality traceability system, and carrying out Changbai Mountain Ginseng Culture Festival and other promotional activities, "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand’s visibility and reputation have continued to improve. At the 2017 China Top 100 Agricultural Brands Conference, "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand stood out with a brand value of RMB 19.048 billion, topping the list of "Top 100 Public Brands in China's Agricultural Products in 2017".




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