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JPDT’s Science and Technology Project Won the Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress
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Recently, the project of "key technologies of antifreeze durability and ecological protection of expressway in seasonal frozen area" declared by Jilin Province Department of Transportation (JPDT) won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress. This marks the province’s seasonal frozen area road project anti-freeze durability and ecological protection technology has reached the international advanced level.

Seasonal frozen area is the abbreviation of seasonal frozen soil area. The bad climate, large temperature difference and frequent freeze-thaw cycles in seasonal frozen areas cause prominent highway diseases, increasing hidden dangers of driving safety, high cost of maintenance and repair, and improving antifreeze durability of highways, which are difficulties commonly concerned and not solved in the world.

The project research systematically solves technical problems of antifreeze durability and ecological protection of highways in seasonal frozen areas, achieves antifreeze durability of highways in seasonal frozen areas and environmental protection of highways in ecologically sensitive areas, effectively supports expressway construction in seasonal frozen areas and key laboratory construction in the transportation industry, promotes scientific and technological progress in the industry, enhances the country’s highway construction technology’s international influence and has great significance to supporting the construction of national transport infrastructure in seasonal frozen areas along “One Belt and One Road” and promote Chinese standards to go international.

The project is completed by the provincial communications research institute as the first undertaking unit and the provincial high-grade highway construction bureau, Harbin Institute of Technology, the Ministry of Transportation’s scientific research institute, the provincial traffic planning and design institute and Jiusheng Science and Technology Company as participating units. Obtained a total of 36 patents (including 12 invention patents) and two software copyrights, published four monographs and 63 papers, and prepared 12 local and industry standards.

Currently, the project achievements have been popularized and applied in the construction of highways in seven provinces and regions in seasonal frozen areas and will rely on the construction of the province’s 12 expressways with a total length of 1,500 km including Ji’an-Tonghua, Dongfeng-Shuangliao and Songhua-Tonghua expressways to be copied and promoted, with great significance for improving Jilin Province’s green road construction and quality project enhancement and achieving innovation leading and industry transformation and upgrading.







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