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Jing Junhai Stressed in Researching the Development Zone Development in Changchun: Create the Forefront of Reform and the Vanguard of Opening-up
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On January 16, Provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Acting Governor Jing Junhai came to Changchun City to conduct research on the reform and development of the development zone. Jing Junhai emphasized need to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 19th NPC, adhere to the concept of opening up and development in line with the deployment of the provincial Party committee, benchmark with the new era, take a broad view of home and the world, identify the functional localization, speed up reform and innovation, build the development zone to be the forefront of reform and the vanguard of opening-up, the highlight of innovation and the new impetus of development and create a new pattern of development and opening up in the new era.


Jing Junhai came to Changchun New Area Yatai Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Huawei Cloud Computing Center and Changchun Beihu Science and Technology Park to observe the project construction and operation situation. Seeing the rapid progress of these projects, he was very pleased. He pointed out the pharmaceutical and high-tech industries have great potential for development and Jilin Province has resources, talents and conditions for growing bigger and stronger. Need to rely on the development zone, play the incubator platform role, attract pharmaceutical and science and technology companies to gather, and radiate and drive regional economic development. Recently, Jing Junhai also came to Changchun High-tech Development Zone to inspect Kinsey Pharmaceutical, Changguang Satellite Technology Company and other enterprises. He said need to combine with integrating into the country’s “One Belt and One Road” construction, cultivate emerging industries such as equipment manufacturing and remote sensing information and provide support for the development of the development zone.


In Changchun New Area Planning Exhibition Hall, Jing Junhai learned more about Changchun New Area’s development orientation, long-term goals, and planning and design. He said the development zone should speed up development and sustainable development and must adhere to a high starting point and high quality, make overall plans, promote scientifically, improve supporting infrastructure, strengthen public service functions and create a sound development environment.


In the research, Jing Junhai held a seminar and relevant units introduced their work. Jing Junhai fully affirmed the achievements made by Changchun City’s economy and society and the development zone in innovative development. He emphasized the development zone development prospect is bright and promising. First, need to firmly grasp the right development direction of the development zone. Seriously benchamrk with the spirit of the 19th NPC, grasp refining and materializing, and set off a development boom of doing fast, doing solidly and working with added vigor. Second, need to cultivate and develop new kinetic energy. Promote the construction of major projects, extend the industrial chain, foster new growth points and accelerate the development of industrial clusters. Third, need to accelerate the pace of reform and innovation. Give the province’s power to support the development zone development, innovate in systems and mechanisms, and greatly decentralize the power of administrative examination and approval to national development zones so that the development zone’s functions significantly optimized, the business environment significantly improved, the development momentum and enterprise vitality markedly enhanced, and the industrial competitiveness and agglomeration absorption capacity significantly enhanced, forming comparative advantages and becoming a hinterland of talents, industrial height and enterprise cradle. Form a global allocation resources system and ability to the outside and create an experience area with scientific management, smooth running, efficient service, economic activity, distinctive features and strong sustainable development abilities to the inside. Fourth, need to expand opening to the inside and outside. Make good use of advantages, be based on "introducing into" characteristics, expand advantages to "go out", increase investment solicitation and aggregate innovation elements.

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