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Jilin Provincial Procuratorate’s Public Interest Litigation Team Won the "Collective First-class Merit"
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Recently, the Supreme People's Procuratorate decided to award the "collective first-class merit" to the provincial people's procuratorate that has played a positive role and made significant achievements in piloting public interest litigation and made outstanding contributions to the performance of legal oversight functions. In the Supreme People's Procuratorate’s commendation decision, call on procuratorial organs and procurators throughout the country to learn their reform spirit "daring to be first, daring to assume the responsibility, taking the initiative to pilot and boldly practicing".


In July 2015, the province’s procuratorial organs were identified as national public interest litigation pilot units. In the past two years, the province’s procuratorial organs not only handled a number of cases that have a significant impact, such as the first administrative incidental civil public interest litigation, maintained public interests, explored and established a series of public interest litigation systems, fostered an administrative procuratorial force "able to handle cases, able to command, able to research, able to coordinate and able to teach", organized and carried out Changbai Mountain region ecological environment and resource protection and other "1+4" special procuratorial and supervision actions and formed "Jilin sample" on public interest litigation.


Ranked first by the number of mechanisms built in the country, ranked first by the number of prosecution cases decided to support by courts, took the first to issue procuratorial suggestions to the provincial government, took the first to handle administrative incidental civil public interest litigation cases, took the first to handle public interest litigation support prosecution cases in the consumption sector, took the first to achieve full coverage of before-litigation procedure case handling, took the first to achieve more than 60% litigation rate by pilot grassroots procuratorate, and promoted the provincial Party committee to issue the opinions on supporting comprehensively carrying out the procuratorate prosecution conducting work and promoting legal JIlin construction, the country’s first document issued by a provincial Party committee to specially supporting procuratorial organs to conduct prosecution.


In the past two years, the province’s procuratorial organs’ nine pilot areas’ 663 grassroots procuratorates have found a total of 1,123 clues and handled 665 pre-trial procedural cases, and 86.2% of public interest lawsuits were solved before prosecution. Brought public interest lawsuits of 111 in accordance with the law, the court has judged 72 ones and totally supported procuratorial organs’ prosecution requests, and took a leading position in the country’s 13 pilot provinces by the number, quality, efficiency and effect of cases handled.


In this award, Yan Ruiming, vice director of the civil administration procuratorial department of the procuratorate of Jiangyuan District, Baishan City, was awarded the second-class merit and Li Ying, assistant procurator of the administrative procuratorial department of the provincial procuratorate, was awarded.




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