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Shanghai Young Farmers Become the Main Force of Activating Rural Economy
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Recently, Shanghai young farmer Qing Youqian has reached a cooperation agreement with many young farmers in Jilin Province. A group of Jilin-titled under-forest ginseng, glossy ganoderma, fungus, rice and other agricultural products will be hotly launched by the Northeast’s honest and straightforward "web celebrities on "cunliyouren" community sales platform.


Same as Qing Youqian, with the deepening of the agricultural supply-side structure reform in the province and the increasing attractiveness of rural areas, modern young farmers from Shanghai are pouring into the province to work together with young farmers in the province to deeply change the province's rural areas’ old ideas and old look and become a "new force" to activate the rural economy.


In 2016, Shanghai Municipal Agriculture Commission and Jilin Provincial Agricultural Commission signed the Framework Agreement on Carrying out the Shanghai-Jilin Modern Young Farmer Learning and Exchange. In this connection, the natural advantages and market advantages between the two places, under the impetus of a group of young people, permeated, integrated and cross-regrouped in a completely new way.

Not long ago, 37 Shanghai youth farmer representatives "formed a delegation" to the province for cooperation and exchange.


"If agricultural enterprises want to go further, they must rely on advances in agricultural science and technology and take a connotation-oriented development path." Shanghai farmer Jin Weifeng, after tasting "Jiuyuefeng" rice, worked together with friends of the same profession to conduct a "brainstorm" on how to establish Jilin production base through crowd-funding. Jiuyuefeng family farm in Yilaxi Town, Yongji County not only collaborated with a number of scientific research units such as the National Japonica Engineering and Technology Research Center to preferably select and experimentally plant high-quality, high-yielding and high-resistance seed rice resources every year, but also achieved whole-process mechanization from planting to harvesting.


Driven by rural farmers and new business entities in Shanghai and Jilin, the province’s rural tourism, eco-agriculture, rural e-commerce and other new formats suddenly rise.

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