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Sinopharm Taiguo Co., Ltd. Came into Being
Date:2017/12/05 10:57:00 Author: Source:

Recently, Sinopharm’s Sino-TCM bought a stake in Jilin Taigu Bioengineering Co., Ltd. and set up "Sinopharm Taiguo Co., Ltd." in Antu. Sinopharm Taiguo, on basis of Jilin Taigu, will integrate funds, research and development, production and other aspects of resources, be committed to the production and research and development of ginseng oligopeptide products and promote the healthy development of the province’s ginseng industry.


Today, Sinopharm Taiguo has basically completed the entire industrial chain layout from ginseng cultivation, deep processing, scientific research, production and sales to derivative product development. In 2018, Sinopharm Taiguo will also build a comprehensive ginseng peptide industrial base with three world-leading fully automated small molecule peptide production lines, annual output of more than 500 tons of collagen peptide and ginseng peptide products and annual output value of over RMB 10 billion.


As the predecessor of Sinopharm Taiguo, Jilin Taiguo has been committed to the production of small molecule peptides, research and development of functional food and production and sales of cosmetics. The ginseng small molecule oligopeptide extracted after a harsh process subverts the malady "easy to get inflamed, easy to waste and less to be absorbed" of the traditional ginseng taking method for thousands of years and the company has explored ginseng’s most active theoretical data. In many years of development, the company has mastered the extraction and mass production technologies of bioactive peptides such as small molecule peptide of ginseng, small molecule peptide of sea cucumber, small molecule peptide of oyster, gelatin peptide, turtle peptide, soybean peptide and bone collagen peptide, is the country’s only ginseng peptide supplier owning SC and has 12 global leading peptide-related patents. In 2014, Jilin Taiguo reached a strategic cooperation with Peking University Health Science Center. In recent four years, Peking University School of Medicine doctoral tutor, the Ministry of Education cross-century talent, the State Council special allowance winner and the State Food and Drug Administration health food review expert Professor Li Yong led his research team to take the first to study and demonstrate 24 ginseng peptide functions and clinical applications starting from safety. In 2015, Jilin Taiguo took the lead to research and develop ginseng small molecule oligopeptide powder winning the globally-protected ginseng peptide production technology patent and became the world's only ginseng peptide production base.


"This is a successful attempt to achieve leapfrog development through resource integration. As one of the four ginseng producing areas in the world, Jilin’s ginseng industry has broad prospects and the high value-added ginseng peptide products developed not only meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, but also enhance Jilin ginseng’s overall competitiveness in the international arena," said Zong Ping, chairman of Sinopharm Taiguo.

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