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Changchun City Rural Financial Reform Made New Achievements
Date:2017/12/01 10:51:00 Author: Source:

Learned from the news conference on Changchun City’s carry-out of the rural financial comprehensive reform test on the morning of November 30, Changchun City, with enhancing financial support for moderate scale operation ability and related industries’ transformation and upgrading ability as the main line, focuses on cracking system and mechanism obstacles constraining financial services for the development of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and makes new results in building a modern rural financial system with multi levels, broad coverage, sustainable development, moderate competition and controllable risks.

Build an agricultural

financial institutional framework system and Changchun’s five agriculture-related counties (cities) all complete the rural credit cooperative reform; achieve full coverage of village banks in agriculture-related counties (cities); agricultural cooperatives’ mutual fund assistance steadily pilots; agriculture-related financial services institutions continue to be rich. Enrich the agriculture-related financial products business system and promote the pilot of mortgage loans for land management rights and house site use rights; expand the pilot operation of "food bank"; play the guarantee and small loan-to-agriculture role. As of the end of September, Changchun small loan companies granted 1,577 loans, with total amount of RMB 3.611 billion, growing 27.1% year on year. Expand the agriculture-related financial capital market system and Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank successfully listed; six agriculture-related enterprises listed on the "New Third Board"; promote the regional rural property exchange market construction. Improve the agriculture-related financial services system and accelerate the establishment of rural property companies; promote the construction of rural financial service stations and popularize basic rural financial services; promote the integration and application of rural credit information. Establish a financial support system for agriculture-related key areas and set up an agricultural development fund; set up a special fund for agricultural industrialization and set up a special fund for agricultural industrialization of about RMB 12 million each year. Increase investment in the cultivation of agricultural products brands. Improve the agriculture-related financial policy support system.


Last May, the province promulgated "Jilin Province Comprehensive Rural Financial Reform Experiment Implementation Plan". In October of the same year, "Changchun Municipal Comprehensive Rural Financial Reform Experiment Implementation Plan" was released. Around six categories of 30 specific tasks, conducted the comprehensive rural financial reform experiment in an all-around way. Next, the city will mobilize and inspire all parties’ enthusiasm of participating in rural financial reform and innovation, strive to crack the hard-to-borrow problem for peasants and promote the rural property market and rural credit system construction, agricultural insurance products research and development, etc.

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