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Jingyuetan Ski Resort’s Primary Trails Are Open to Tourists
Date:2017/11/27 15:52:00 Author: Source:

On November 23, Changchun Jingyuetan Ski Resort’s 70,000-square meter primary trails are fully open. The trails open to tourists include three trails 800, 700 and 600 meters long and one cross-country trail 1,500 meters long. Jingyuetan Ski Resort now has 1,500 skies and can receive 5,000 skiers daily.

In order to welcome the coming of the winter skiing season in 2017, Jingyuetan Ski Resort a week ago started to continuously make snow artificially for about a week, now the trail laying work and skiing operation preparation work is in order, and in order to improve the grade and service quality of the resort, Changchun Jingyuetan Resort this year invested nearly RMB 1 million to upgrade the trail, infrastructure and power supply system, build fences and divide the safe area for primary trails according to the standards of FIS and comprehensively upgrade and rebuild the snowmaking system, providing convenient conditions for making snow each year in the future, greatly increasing the amount of snowmaking and shortening the snowmaking period. In addition, Jingyuetan Ski Resort increased the number of shoe boxes to 800 and set up Changchun City’s only "magic carpet snow ring" project, which makes it easy for tourists to experience snow rings, and "snow turn" that is open will also be a happy paradise for children's skiing.


From November 23 to November 30, Jingyuetan Ski Resort launched special promotions for special groups of people, allowing people winning the title of courageous persons, enjoying Changchun municipal government’s basic living allowances, and who are provincial and municipal model workers to go skiing for free in December with valid documents.

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