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Changchun New Area Launched the "Innovation Coupon" System
Date:2017/11/23 15:44:00 Author: Source:

Changchun New Area took the lead in launching "innovation coupon" in the province, aiming to innovate in the policy support way, reduce enterprises' start-up costs and stimulate enterprises' vitality in a form of buying services by enterprises and paying by the government. Since opening in March, a total of 1,659 coupons have been issued, including 1,497 ones having been used and with a transaction amount of RMB 8.8468 million, which are welcomed by the new area-located enterprises and service agencies and play a promotion role in the new area’s scientific and technological innovation.


"Innovation coupon" is an electronic voucher issued by Changchun New Area to science and technology companies in the area and science and technology companies can purchase different kinds of science and technology services with the "innovation coupon". To this end, the area has specifically promulgated an implementation and management method, clearly stipulating the conditions of applying companies, the coupon’s service type and quota, etc. and opened six categories of services, entrepreneurship service coupon, intellectual property right coupon, research and development service coupon, high-tech company identification coupon, investment and financing consultation coupon and listing subsidy coupon. Among them, the intellectual property right coupon accounted for 85% of the issued coupons, which greatly enhanced the entrepreneurial vitality of enterprises. The research and development service coupon provides an effective scientific and technological support for the new area-located science and technology companies, a total of 21 agencies across the country and key laboratories in the province began to provide intellectual support for the area-located enterprises and more than 200 sets of large-scale optical and electronic instruments and equipment, including nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer and photoelectron microscope, are open to the area-located enterprises, promoting the sharing of scientific and technological resources and speeding up the gathering of scientific and technological elements. In addition, the new area this year will newly add 48 science and technology intermediary agencies, activating the area’s science and technology service industry, and enterprises’ enthusiasm of declaring for science and technology projects grows with it.


Changchun New Area also will combine the operating process of "innovation coupon" with the market-oriented operation of third-party service platforms, achieving the full intelligence, networking and convenience of "innovation coupon". Lu Hong, deputy director of Changchun New Area Science and Technology Innovation Commission, introduced "when enterprises need to conduct research and development testing of products, they can apply for the innovation coupon on the Internet. After passing examination, they can come to service agencies to enjoy services. Finally, ask service agencies to cash funds with the innovation coupon in the area each quarter and cashing funds needs at least 30 working days."


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