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Hunchun: the Excellent Soft Environment Brings Development Vitality
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Recently, Mr. Lou who comes to Hunchun to invest and start an undertaking from Shenyang received a business license through Hunchun city government hall’s market window within less than half an hour. "So fast," said Mr. Lou giving a thumbs-up to Hunchun's entrepreneurial environment.


Hunchun’s "decentralization, management and service" reform changed letting the masses "run" to letting cadres "run", greatly facilitating the people, and the reform has benefited millions of households. The work "issuing proofs online" with "online application, online acceptance, and sending with express delivery" as the basic mode is fully promoted. Currently, Hunchun City’s 362 verification and approval items all have settled in the provincial-level whole-process online administrative verification and approval cloud platform, which has handled 13,500 items of various kinds for the masses and enterprises.


In the aspect of optimizing the internal service environment, implemented "one-stop" centralized examination and approval services, established and perfected the system for handling major projects as a leader and agent, simplified 335 procedures and reduced the verification and approval time for 293 items. Promoted the government service "one net" and formed a three-level people-facilitating network with government service halls in urban areas, convenient service centers in towns and convenient service stations in villages. Launched the talent apartment building project, in which the first batch of two doctoral students and 10 master students lived, reducing the burden on enterprises.


In optimizing the external service environment, practice "serving foreigners with foreigners" in an innovative way. Hire foreigners to serve foreigners, receive consultation and complaints with phone, the Internet, new media and other channels and coordinate all parties to resolve contradictions and disputes. With creating "foreigner's house" as the starting point, highlight and enhance entrepreneurship services,life services, information services and rights protection services and optimize four environments, language environment, information environment, consumer environment and medical environment.


As various commercial system reform measures are implemented one after another, market players showed a "blowout" growth. In 2016, market participants in Hunchun exceeded 4,000 for the first time and newly registered enterprises reached 840, with newly-added registered capital of RMB 9.08 billion.


Promoted the price tag activity, carried out enterprise-related charge inspections focusing on units closely related with enterprises and expanded control on livelihood prices. In the past five years, registered, investigated and treated 74 price irregularity cases and levied economic sanctions of RMB 1.7615 million.


Made efforts to build a "highland" for services, a "depression" for attracting investments and a piece of "blessed land" for starting an undertaking. Hunchun City, through a series of reform measures, has effectively broken the institutional barrier of market development and fully stimulated the development vitality.

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