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Bayanqolu and Liu Guozhong Inspected CNAE’s Pavilions and Exhibition Areas
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On September 4, provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu and Governor Liu Guozhong inspected China-Northeast Asia Expo’s pavilions and exhibition areas and visited and sent condolences to the frontline staff, volunteers and police officers on duty. Photo by Song Kai

The 11th China - Northeast Asia Expo (CNAE) entered the fourth exhibition day. On the morning of September 4, provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu and Governor Liu Guozhong came to Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center with great interest to inspect the pavilions and exhibition areas and visit and send condolences to the frontline staff, volunteers and police officers on duty.

Bayanqolu and Liu Guozhong came to inspect the mobile Internet life pavilion, Hong Kong commodity pavilion, Taiwan commodity pavilion, international commodity pavilion, intelligent manufacturing pavilion, open-up cooperation exhibition pavilion, food and drug pavilion and cultural tourism pavilion in succession. Once reaching an exhibition area, they cordially talked with merchants and asked in detail about product features and sales. Knowing many merchants have attended CNAE for consecutive years, Bayanqolu and Liu Guozhong were very pleased and welcomed domestic and foreign merchants to come to Jilin to expand the market, invest and start an undertaking and encouraged them to make full use of this platform CNAE to actively expand the fields of cooperation and explore more business opportunities.

This CNAE for the first time set up intelligent manufacturing pavilion that focuses on displaying intelligent equipment manufacturing, intelligent robots, intelligent technology applications, 3D printing and other advanced industries and products at home and abroad. Bayanqolu and Liu Guozhong congratulated enterprises and researchers on the spirit of innovation and the achievements of innovation and encouraged them to seize the opportunity to master key technologies and develop projects to be bigger and stronger as soon as possible. Bayanqolu pointed out innovative development is the driving force for Jilin to revitalize. Need to actively promote traditional manufacturing industries’ intelligent transformation, explore the development of new modes, Internet + collaborative manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing, and speed up "Jilin manufacturing" to change to "Jilin intelligent manufacturing".

The open-up cooperation exhibition pavilion mainly displays the development results of the province's cities (states), power-expansion and county-strengthening pilot cities and development zones. Bayanqolu hoped the province’s exhibitors to actively "go out" to develop quality to be good, brands to be strong and market to be big. He hoped all localities across the province to take this CNAE as a new starting point, seize the development opportunity of “One Belt and One Road”, close economic and trade exchanges with Northeast Asian countries, actively participate in international economic and trade cooperation, enhance the ability of participating in international competitiveness and provide a solid support for the province’s new round of revitalization and development.

In the cultural tourism pavilion’s “colorful Jilin culture" exhibition area, the province's 12 cultural units, through modern sound, light and electricity technologies, made all-round display of Jilin’s unique cultural products and cultural industry development results. Seeing the province's three major news units for the first time moved the new media integration technology to CNAE, Bayanqolu and Liu Guozhong gave a smile. In Jilin Daily’s "Central Kitchen" command center, Bayanqolu made live connection with the reporter interviewing post-disaster reconstruction in Jilin City’s Fengmu District’s Wangqi Town to learn about the local post-disaster reconstruction, praised the "Central Kitchen" construction has characteristics, and hoped Jilin Daily to play the mainstream media role in innovative development. In front of Jilin People's Broadcasting Station’s booth, Bayanqolu experienced the newly-launched Muer FM mobile client-produced 3D stereo playback function for CNAE; in Jilin TV Tianchi cloud full media integration production platform, Bayanqolu experienced Jishi Media’s coordinated mobile command and dispatch system and connected with Jishitong mobile client end’s live broadcast reporter. Bayanqolu required them to continue to do a good job in the publicity and propaganda of CNAE, constantly expand the influence and reputation of CNAE and show Jilin’s good image to the world.

During the tour inspection, Bayanqolu and Liu Guozhong specially visited the frontline staff, volunteers and police officers on duty, expressed greetings to them on behalf of the provincial Party committee and government, and told them to carry forward the tradition, do each work well with a full mental state and ensure the successful completion of this CNAE. Meanwhile, need to show a good spirit and good style of work to allow domestic and foreign guests to feel Jilin’s hospitality and high-level service quality and make CNAE a window for Chinese and foreign guests to know and understand Jilin.

Bayanqolu pointed out CNAE has been held for 11 terms and played an important platform role in promoting Jilin and Northeast Asian countries’ economic and trade exchanges. All localities and departments should, in accordance with the "safe, innovative, pragmatic, high-quality and enhanced" purpose of holding CNAE and the concept of holding “national, international and high-end" CNAE, focus on the market-oriented and commercial operation mode, further expand CNAE’s appeal, influence and radiation power and build CNAE to be more successful and splendid.

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