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Jilin Province Law Society’s Ecological Environment Rule of Law Board Was Established
Date:2017/09/04 13:59:00 Author: Source:

On August 31, the provincial law society’s ecological environment rule of law board founding ceremony & ecological environment law construction report meeting was held in Jilin Provincial Political Consultative Conference’s Tongxin Hotel’s conference center. Jilin Province Law Society President Li Shenxue attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The founding ceremony elected the provincial procuratorate procuratorial committee member and administrative procuratorial department head Zhang Shouhua to be chairman of the board and hired four people, including UNEP-China University of Political Science and Law environmental law research base Professor Wang Canfa, to be consultants of the board.

The meeting stressed the board should take carefully learning General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important instructions on building ecological civilization and strengthening supervision on environmental protection as a driving force and further promote the use of rule-of-law thinking and way to govern and develop Jilin's ecological environment well and serve the province’s overall development situation through deeply studying ecological environment protection’s legal theory, system and work practice. Need to be based on the forefront of theoretical research to promote theoretical innovation. Need to link theory with practice, serve rule-of-law practice, be based on Jilin and study Jilin, seize key points, overcome difficulties, and generate more results and good results. Need to improve the working mechanism, strengthen own construction, strengthen the organization capacity building, strengthen the operation mechanism construction, innovate in communication and cooperation channels and forms and do the coordination and communication work well. Need to strive to act as theoretical innovation’s pathfinder and law-based Jilin building’s vanguard and contribute own wisdom and strength to building beautiful, healthy and green Jilin.

Approved by the provincial Party committee’s leaders, an ecological environment law construction report meeting was held. The meeting was hosted by the provincial law society, the provincial procuratorate, the provincial environmental protection department and Jilin University’s school of law, in which Professor Wang Canfa made an academic report and mainly introduced the country’s new progresses and new achievements in environmental legislation, law enforcement and justice since the 18th NPC.

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