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China Jilin and Russian Far East Customs Clearance Facilitation Seminar Was Held in Changchun
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Everything shows itself in cool autumn. On August 8, China Jilin and Russian Far East customs clearance facilitation seminar was held in Changchun Shangri-La Hotel, in which people from the Russian Federation Far East Customs Bureau, Changchun Customs, Jilin Province and Changchun City and Yanbian Prefecture’s relevant government departments, and the province’s development zones and enterprises gathered together to express their views on issues concerned by themselves, commonly seek to boost China’s Jilin and the Russian Far East to deepen pragmatic cooperation and promote economic and trade development’s ideas and countermeasures.

Jilin Province and the Russian Far East are connected with waters and mountains and have a distant origin and a long development in history and culture. Jilin Province’s Yanbian is an important channel for the province to carry out economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with Russia. Over the years, the two customs have continuously deepened cooperation and exchanges and achieved positive results in transit goods supervision, trade statistics study and comparison, fighting against drugs and special commodity smuggling, etc.

During the 18th regular meeting between the Chinese and Russian Prime Ministers on October 22, 2013, the two customs directors, under the joint witness of the two prime ministers, signed the outline between the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation Customs Administration on deepening border customs cooperation between northeast China’s border customs and the Far East customs bureau and the Siberian customs bureau, which fully reflects the two countries’ strong will in promoting bilateral trade development, law enforcement cooperation and other aspects. With the joint efforts of both sides, the customs of the two countries have continuously expanded their areas, scope and degree of cooperation and exchanges, injecting new impetus and bringing new power to Jilin Province’s foreign trade and economic cooperation.

In his speech, Changchun Customs director Yang Zhenqing said Jilin Province is located in the important node of "Sino-Russian-Mongolia" international transport channel and is an important area for China's "One Belt and One Road" initiative to dock with the Eurasian economic alliance. Currently, Jilin Province is in the critical period of the new round of revitalization and development, the Far East is also in the important node of implementing the leap-forward development strategy, the two places’ exchanges become more frequent and their economic and trade cooperation becomes closer, and the customs of the two countries, as the vanguard of foreign trade and economic development, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, which is of great significance for promoting opening up and improving the level of export-oriented economic development.

In his speech, Sun Guohua, deputy director of Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce, said Jilin Province’s highway and railway ports to Russia currently play an increasingly apparent role in the province’s export-oriented economic development strategy and the social influence has been expanding. In the first half of this year, the throughput of ports to Russia reached 1.772 million tons, growing 48.1% year on year; people entering and exiting numbered 161,459 person times, growing 13.2% year on year. He believed Jilin Province should be in accordance with the requirements of the State Port Office, fully learn from Manzhouli and Heishantou’s experience of taking the first to allow small vehicles to pass, and quickly do the work of allowing small vehicles to pass through Hunchun (China) - Kraskino (Russia) port well, providing efficient and convenient customs clearance guarantee for bilateral personnel exchanges.

When talking about the Sino-Russian "Changchun-Hunchun-Hasan" special function area linkage construction situation, Jilin Province Changchun-Jilin-Tumen office deputy director Chen Yunwu said "China is implementing the new round of northeast region and other old industrial bases revitalization strategy, Russia is promoting the implementation of the Far East region great development strategy, and the construction of Vladivostok International Freeport provides a rare development opportunity for the two places to strengthen cooperation." He also proposed the Sino-Russian "Changchun-Hunchun-Hasan" special function area linkage construction’s framework thinking is selecting Changchun-Jilin-Tumen cross-border e-commerce logistics park (bonded warehouse) and Slavyanka port and Zarubino port’s bonded port area, using their bonded logistics, bonded processing, international trade and other special policy advantages, taking a mode and path of "regional linkage" (between the special functional areas) and "port and area linkage" (between the special functional areas and bonded port areas), and achieving efficient and convenient circulation of Jilin Province and the Russian Far East’s goods trade between the special functional areas through implementing and promoting trade facilitation and other measures.

Developing the Far East Freeport and Binhai Line 2 is a major strategic decision of the Russian Federation. Zarubino port with excellent natural conditions and excellent geographical location is the first choice for the province’s port cooperation with Russia. The co-development of Zarubino port promotes the province’s land and sea transport route construction, builds east China’s sea transport corridor linking the province with Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States, builds the northeast region’s "Maritime Silk Road", and will play an active role in further promoting China and Russia’s joint development in the Far East logistics and economic and trade cooperation.

Northeast Asia Marine Silk Road International Shipping Co., Ltd. General Manager Gao Ming told reporters that China’s large grain circulation pattern has formed and the country's annual grain circulation is close to 200 million tons, including about half “transported from north to south”. With the opening of China's Hunchun – Russia’s Zarubino Port – China’s southern port cross-border transport route of domestic goods, the province will truly achieve "borrowing a port to go to the sea”, cutting transportation costs and enhancing transport efficiency for foreign trade enterprises.

Russian Far East Customs director Radekin also said supporting the international transport corridor "Binhai 2" is an important work of the Far East Customs Bureau although this channel’s current transport capacity is not yet large, but there are statistics showing the potential is rising. In the first half of this year, the quantity of goods transported via "Binhai 2" grew 24% year on year, mainly for China (contractors)’s domestic trade transit cargo transport and partly for Sino-South Korean two-way transit goods transport.

It can be seen China’s Jilin and Russia’s Far East have great potential to further expand bilateral economic and trade cooperation under the active participation in the construction of the Silk Road economic zone and the Eurasian economic alliance.

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